How to Fix Lag (Mostly) – NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM

How to Fix Lag (Mostly) – NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM 1 -
How to Fix Lag (Mostly) – NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM 1 -

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm may be a decent game, but is notorious for its terrible optimisation, especially on PCs and Laptops. However, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it to its fullest, even on the vegetables of computers.
(Some of these fixes may not work well together, try them individually and see how it goes).

Fix 1: Config.ini File (Main)

Go to the Ninja Storm Folder (Probaby SteamLibrary > steamapps > common > QWANT).
Right-click on the file titled ‘config.ini‘ and select ‘open with’ and select NotePad.
Make sure that the file is not set to ‘read only’.
Copy and paste the following (Low resolution is ideal for performance, change it how you want):
After this, you may set the file to read-only if necessary (prevents the game from resetting your video settings.

Fix 2: High Performance

Right-click on your desktop and go on ‘Display Settings‘.
Scroll down and go on ‘Graphics Settings‘.
Click on ‘Browse‘.
Select the file location of Ninja Storm (Shown earlier).
Set it to ‘High Performance‘.

Fix 3: High Priority

This only matters if there are other programs running at the same time. Programs with higher priority get computer resources (CPU, GPU, RAM…) while other that demand them and the same time don’t. This does not save and has to be done manually each time.
Open Ninja Storm.
Tab out of the game and open the Task Manager.
Go on ‘Details‘ tab.
Find Ninja Storm (Should be ‘NSUNS1.exe‘).
Right click on it and Set the Priority to High.

Fix 4: Check In-Game Settings

Once you launch the game, go on the ‘Options‘ tab in the main menu.
Change the options to the lowest ones for best performance (maybe not for the resolution).

Last hope 1: Verify the Integrity of the Game Files

This will reset the config file’s settings.
Go on your Steam Library.
Right click on Ninja Storm and select ‘Properties‘.
Go to ‘Local Files‘.
Then ‘Verify the Integrity of the Game Files

Last Hope 2: General Performance Boosts.

By this point, search for tips and tricks to get any extra FPS/Performance. Be careful to not get too deep with obscure system settings, as this might do more harm than good.
Find tutorials, try not to download random files, free-up hard drive space and so-on.


In conclusion, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm is a game full of errors as it was intended to be mostly exclusive to consoles – similarly to other Ninja Storm games. Try to enjoy games the most that you can even if you might run into severe performance issues. This guide will not fix all problems in the game related to performance, but I hope that it at least helped.

Written by Rumblefudge

This is all we can share for How to Fix Lag (Mostly) – NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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