How to get all crafting materials and ammo in one command – Fallout 4

How to get all crafting materials and ammo in one command – Fallout 4 1 -
How to get all crafting materials and ammo in one command – Fallout 4 1 -

I just wanted to share this quick tip on how to add all crafting material and ammo to your inventory in just one command.
It only needs a little bit of set up. Once it is set up, it will save you a lot of time and headache when testing your mods or if you just want to cheat.

Step One

Navigate to your Fallout 4 installation folder.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4

Step Two

Create two new text files and name them whatever you want (just remember which one is which). In the example below is what I call mine.
For crafting materials: mat.txt
For ammo: am.txt

Step Three

In the crafting materials text file, paste this and save.

player.additem 001bf72e 5000
player.additem 0006907a 5000
player.additem 000aec5c 5000
;Ballistic Fiber
player.additem 000aec5b 5000
player.additem 000aec5e 5000
player.additem 0006907b 5000
player.additem 000aec5f 5000
player.additem 00106d99 5000
player.additem 0006907c 5000
player.additem 000aec60 5000
player.additem 0006907d 5000
;Fiber Optics
player.additem 00069087 5000
player.additem 000aec61 5000
player.additem 0006907e 5000
player.additem 00069085 5000
player.additem 000aec62 5000
player.additem 000aec63 5000
player.additem 000aec64 5000
;Nuke Material
player.additem 00069086 5000
player.additem 001bf732 5000
player.additem 0006907f 5000
player.additem 00106d98 5000
player.additem 00069081 5000
player.additem 000aec66 5000
player.additem 00069082 5000
player.additem 000731a4 5000
player.additem 000731a3 5000

and for the ammo text file, paste this and save.

;Fusion Core
player.additem 00075FE4 1000
;.308 Round
player.additem 0001F66B 1000 
;.38 Round
player.additem 0004CE87 1000 
;.44 Round
player.additem 0009221C 1000
;.45 Round
player.additem 0001F66A 1000 
;.50 Caliber
player.additem 0001F279 1000 
;5mm Round
player.additem 0001F66C 1000 
;5.56 Round
player.additem 0001F278 1000 
;10mm Round
player.additem 0001F276 1000 
Shotgun Shell
player.additem 0001F673 1000 
;Railway Spike
player.additem 000FE269 1000 
;2mm Electromag Cartridge
player.additem 0018ABDF 1000 
;Plasma Cartridge
player.additem 0001DBB7 1000 
;Cryo Cell
player.additem 0018ABE2 1000 
;Fusion Cell
player.additem 000C1897 1000 
;Flamer Fuel
player.additem 000CAC78 1000 
;Alien Blaster Rounds
player.additem 001025AA 1000
;Gamma Rounds
player.additem 000DF279 1000
player.additem 000FD11C 1000
player.additem 000CABA3 1000
;Mini Nuke
player.additem 000e6b2e 1000


Step Four (Final Step)

When in game, open up your console and enter this for each text file without quotations:

bat "text file name"

If my crafting materials text file is called mat.txt, I type:

bat mat

If my ammo text file is called am.txt, I type:

bat am


This is all we can share for How to get all crafting materials and ammo in one command – Fallout 4 for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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