How to get all endings – Dying Light 2

How to get all endings – Dying Light 2 1 -
How to get all endings – Dying Light 2 1 -

Want to know the Dying Light 2 Secret Ending? There will be many story-changing moments throughout your Dying Light 2 experience where you must make difficult decisions that could impact the ending. This guide will walk you through all the factors that can impact which of the eight (yes, eight!) Dying Light 2 endings. You can choose from eight Dying Light 2 endings. We'll go over each option and how they change in the Epilogue. Also, how to get the best endings.

How many endings are there in Dying Light 2?

There are several key decisions that affect the ending you get with Dying Light 2: These are some of the most important:

  • Will you kill Hakon or spare it?
  • Do you give VNC Tower Frank to Frank or to someone else;
  • It doesn't matter if you decide to save Mia oder Loana.

The Epilogue is your final choice. It will decide whether Villedor lives or dies.
Why 8 possible endings
Dying Light 2 technically has 8 endings. This is because you have 3 binary options. From these, you can get 8 possible configurations.


Dying Light 2 technically can have 8 endings. The differences between them are minor, but they still have significance. Below I will detail the changes that each option brings and how to get a better or worse ending.

What will happen to Hakon if you kill it or spare it?

If you spare Hakon you can save Mia and Loana by allowing him to appear at the end. Even if Hakon saves Miya's life, she will soon be dead.
If you kill Hakon you will not be able to save anyone else. They will die instantly in the explosion. You will need to leave the city if you choose this route.

What will you see if Frank is given the VNC Tower?

Frank can give Frank the VNC Tower. The Survivors will capture Villedor (if Villedor has not been destroyed – see next choice). Loan can also survive and will leave the city along with Aiden.
If Juan or Jack Matt are given the VNC Tower, Villedor will be taken over by the Peacekeepers. Loan will not return to the town, regardless of whether Loan dies or lives.

What will happen to your loan or mortgage?

If you save Mia's life, Willedor will also survive. Loan will detonate all charges and destroy the rockets in time to save Mia. Miya will still succumb to the injuries shortly after her rescue, and Loan will also succumb if you don’t save Hakon.
Villedor is almost destroyed if Loan is saved. Mia, the protagonist, and Loan all die together.

How to get Dying Light to its best end

The ending options for Dying Light 2, as well as the ones listed above, should make it clear how to get the best ending possible.

  • Spare Hakon and give Frank the VNC Tower to save Mia.

Mia's untimely death is certain. But Loan must sacrifice herself to save the city. Loan will still exist if Hakon was spared. Frank can also give the VNC Tower and Loan will join you on your journey. The game ends in a cutscene with the two of them leaving Villedor. This is the best way to save people. It's also the only ending where Loana can be taken with you.

How to get a negative ending in Dying Light 2.

For those who are true enthusiasts, here's how you can get the worst ending in Dying Light 2.

  • Kill Hakon, don’t leave Frank the VNC tower and save Loana

Saving Loana seems like the only thing that really matters. Mia dies even though the city is destroyed. Willedor, which is all that remains, is under the control Peacekeepers. Loana won't be coming with you, despite Loana being saved.

How to get Dying Light 2's Secret Ending

A second ending worth highlighting is the one that gives you a special cutscene at game's end.

  • Spare Hakon to save Loana

It doesn’t matter to whom you give this VNC Tower to. Only that it determines who has control of Villedor following the missiles struck the city. The city will be destroyed regardless of which option you choose. The loan will not join you. Instead, Hakon, the loan's holder, will be with your at the very end. So, you both leave together, as per the original agreement made at the start of the game.
This is not a good end because Villedor is destroyed and almost everyone (including Mia!) is dead. You will never see Loan again even though you saved her. Hakon is at least there!


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