How to get all yellow monster descriptions – Undertale

How to get all yellow monster descriptions – Undertale 1 -
How to get all yellow monster descriptions – Undertale 1 -

how to act to get all yellow monster descriptions on the true pacifist credit scene.


Froggit: compliment + spare
Whimsun: console + spare
Moldsmal: flirt + spare
Loox: don’t pick on + spare
Migosp: talk (when it is alone) + spare
Vegetoid: dinner (make sure to touch the green attacks) + spare
Napstablook: cheer X4


Ice cap: ignore X2 + steal + compliment + spare
Snowdrake: check + laugh + spare
Doggo: check(do not get hit) + pet + spare
Gyftrot: undecorate X3 + spare
Lesser Dog: pet X6 + spare
Greater Dog: beckon + pet + play + pet X2 + spare
Dogamy and Dogaressa: roll around + re-sniff + pet Dogamy + pet Dogaressa + spare


Woshua: clean (touch green attacks) + spare
Aaron: when you leave from Napstablook’s house keep a CD playing, then you will come across Aaron and Woshua and a cutscene will play
Shyren: hum X5
Moldbygg: unhug + spare
Temmie: talk + spare
Mad Dummy: talk + (anything until Napstablook comes)


Vulkin: hug / encourage + spare
Tsunderplane: approach (make sure to touch four of the green attacks) + spare
Pyrope: heat up X2 + spare
Royal Guards: RG2 clean armor (clean RG2’s armor by touching the green attack) + RG1 whisper
Final Froggit: mystify + spare
Whimsalot: pray + spare
Astigmatism: (do anything for the first turn) + pick on / don’t pick on (do what Astigmatism tells you to do, not the opposite) + spare
Madjick: talk / stare X2 + spare
Knight Knight: sing X2 (if you did not act correctly with Shyren then sing X3) + spare (if you need to sing X3 then you have lost Shyren’s yellow description)


Memoryhead: cell + refuse + spare
Endogeny: beckon + pet + play + pet X2 + spare
Lemon Bread: unhug + flex + hum + spare
Snowdrake Parent: joke X3 + spare
Bird: mystify + pray + pick on + spare
And that’s all the monsters with obtainable yellow descriptions in the credits scene for the true pacifist ending, thank you for reading my first guide ever.

Written by dead blaze

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