How to get and care for a pet Steeve – Deep Rock Galactic

How to get and care for a pet Steeve – Deep Rock Galactic 1 -
How to get and care for a pet Steeve – Deep Rock Galactic 1 -

In this guide I will be going over what the Beastmaster perk is, why you might want to use it, and how you should use it if you so decide to run it

What is the Beastmaster perk and why is it helpful

The Beastmaster perk allows you to “tame” a glyphid grunt who then becomes your ally, nicknamed Steeve
Steeve can serve 2 basic functions, a body guard or a meatshield. As in, they are really only useful for watching your back and killing smaller threats so you don’t have to worry about them, or delaying/holding off a horde for a long time and acting as a decoy of sorts for bugs keeping you more or less safe. Steeve is really good at both of these, making them convenient to have around and sometimes a lifesaver, especially during extraction. As an added bonus you can pet them by pressing the use button while nearby and looking at them causing the dwarf to say a voiceline regarding Steeve, which is coincidentally (or intentionally) the same input to tame a grunt in the first place

How can you use Beastmaster to it’s fullest?

Well, to start off you can also tame Slashers and Guards even though they aren’t technically grunts, and unless you’re in a pinch and need a Steeve right then so you can retreat without being chased those are the two you’re gonna wanna be taming
Slashers are very useful as bodyguards, given that they can kill a grunt in 2-3 hits and will also be able to stun them repeatedly, and with the lethal enemies warning this only becomes more pronounced, but also means Steeve will die faster, but either way still something to consider when in a mission with this mutator. Additionally, Steeve’s role as a bodyguard is especially helpful in modes like point extraction where carrying an aquarq around amidst the immense waves of enemies basically requires you to be defended by someone or something else, and this way you don’t need a teammate to watch your back.
Guards are extremely good meatshields due to their high health pool and being able to block projectile attacks from macteras and such. It’s almost never a bad idea to tame a guard incase you need one to sacrifice themself to keep you alive later, and in this case the warning that makes this variant of Steeve marginally better is regenerative bugs, where if you play your cards right they can survive for the entire mission all the way up to the point where you (sadly) need to leave them behind. It’s as the dwarves say, “If only bugs were allowed on the space rig”. Just make sure Steeve doesn’t die prematurely to friendly fire from standing too close to a praetorian and you’re good.


Beastmaster is a fun perk to use, even if Steeve’s deaths can feel pretty traumatic. Thank you for reading this far on a guide I decided to make on a whim, which also happens to be my first guide, and have a nice day.

I hope you enjoy the How to get and care for a pet Steeve – Deep Rock Galactic guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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