How to get cool gimmicky stuff without dying too much (for beginners) – Noita

How to get cool gimmicky stuff without dying too much (for beginners) – Noita 1 -
How to get cool gimmicky stuff without dying too much (for beginners) – Noita 1 -

How to get cool gimmicky stuff without dying too much.


When I watch Noita video tutorials, I’m always amazed at how easily these people are getting such amazing wand builds, while I know that sort of thing is outside of my skill level. However, I’ve done a couple of things in Noita that aren’t just “shoot monster and go to mountian”, so I’ve compiled them here.

Starting Loadout

Your starting loadout is what really starts this up. Some things you’ll want/need are:

  • Attack Wand: Energy Sphere or Spitter Bolt (optional)*
  • Bomb Wand: Magic Missile or Dynamite
  • Potion: Levitatium

*While not necessary, the few enemies you will find will be easier to kill with these spells.
Note: Wands with necessary spells and/or Levitatium potions can possibly be found in Mines, feel free to venture down there.

Beyond the Cliff

If you started with Levitatium, drink it to fly over the cliff. If not, enter the mines but try to stay as high up as possible while continuing forward. Feel free to explore the mines further for wands or items, but keep moving to the right until you see the surface. Using your explosive wand (Easier if you found a wand in the mines with either Bomb or Black Hole), blast through to the surface. You are now free to explore the east, comprised mostly of the desert. Continue going east until you reach the top of the pyramid. There, you should find a glowing blue Orb and an Emerald Tablet. Take them both (you will need inventory space for the tablet). Keep going east until you reach a solid wall of reddish-brown Extremely Dense Rock (EDR). Use the bumps and bits along the wall to scale the wall until you reach a strange cave-like area.

Essence of Earth

Using explosives mentioned above, blast through the darker corners of the brickwork diamond you’ll find in the cave area. There should be a Perk-like item sitting there. Pick it up and leave the diamond as quickly as possible. You should now periodically shoot magical projectiles in eight directions. Unfortunately, they will damage you and therefore you should stay away from walls and only touch the ground between bursts.Travel back through the desert until you reach a structure with a glowing blue dot labelled “Essence Eater”. Stand (or levitate) around it for a while until the essence is removed and a new item is created!


With your Essence of Earth eaten by whatever that glowing thing was, you are left with the Tannerkivi, the Earth Stone.holding it in your hand will turn all nearby solids (but not powders) into soil. In addition, kicking will create a very small earthquake (which is nice for finding ways downward, but bad for having an intact skull). With your prize in hand, return to the hole you dug out of the mines. Instead of going back into the mines, go up the mountain until you reach the peak. This would be a good time to put that earthquake power to some good use. Standing on the very tip and levitating, you should see a floating island and in a small pocket within: another orb. Remember, with every orb comes an Extra Max HP pickup. Fly up as high as you can and kick! And then run from the debris falling on you from the sky! If it doesn’t crumble right, blasting a hole in the bottom of the island will cause the orb to drop out. With 2 orbs and 150 Max HP (If you didn’t pick up any extra hearts), you should be set to go, right? No. Make your way West this time, toward the left side of the screen.

Journey to the West

As you head west, you should eventually find a giant tree. While it says “Wood” when you hover over the material, it’s not any kind of wood you’re likely to be familiar with. You can easily climb the tree using its natural curves up until after the first branch, when it suddenly gets much harder. That’s where Tannerkivi comes in. When you hold it in your hand, the “Wood” is transformed into soil, which will crumble at the edges and create tiny footholds for you to use. Continue up the tree in this way, but be wary of nests containing Wiggling eggs. Once you reach the top of the tree, feel free to check out your a-tree-vements. Now you simply jump off the tree and you’ll land in the snowy wasteland. Continue westward, and ignore anything that looks potentially dangerous (Except for the Paha Silma tower, definitely get that). Ignore the cave with lasers, and ignore the big creepy pit with a suspicious bridge hanging over it (the bridge is safe, don’t worry). Eventually, you’ll find yourself at the Lake.

Fishing Hut

On the right side of the lake (the side you should be on), there should be a small hut with a book inside. All you need now is to take the Emerald Tablet you got from either the Pyramid or the Mountain Island and throw it on the ground. This should open a green portal. Step inside and it should take you to a small room under the water containing some spells, an experimental wand, and Kadotettu alkemisti, a late game enemy. His only attack is melee, though, and I didn’t have too much trouble collecting the wand and the free spells, even with him tromping around. you can exit through the portal if you like, now, but the bunker lets you modify your wands, like in the holy mountain. The only problem is that the enemy is probably going to take some time to defeat, even with your new wand.


If all goes well, you should already have:

  • 2 Orbs of True Knowledge
  • +50 Maximum HP
  • Tannerkivi
  • Fairly good wand
  • “Glimmer” spells
  • Paha Silma (Optional)
  • 2 a-tree-vements

You can return to the mines and continue your run, see what other things you can find on the surface, or really anything. I can’t stop you.
It can be beneficial to drop the Tannerkivi after it has fulfilled its purpose. It shouldn’t be needed to get back up the tree, and kicking objects is far easier than pushing them.
While the spells you unlock are just a few color trails, they add personality and flavor to your wands. I say embrace it!
Please ignore the creepy sounds you’re likely to hear while walking across the surface. They can’t hurt you.

Written by Classic Quantum

I hope you enjoy the How to get cool gimmicky stuff without dying too much (for beginners) – Noita guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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