How to get Ryan to side with Alex – Life is Strange: True Colors

How to get Ryan to side with Alex – Life is Strange: True Colors 1 -
How to get Ryan to side with Alex – Life is Strange: True Colors 1 -

In this guide I’ll go over the choices that’ll get Ryan to side with Alex in Chapter 5.
Even without romance


I’ve seen some people having trouble getting Ryan’s support and given that I got him to side with Alex in my playtrough thought might as well make a guide with the choices I made.
The guide contains choices that affect the outcome regarding Ryan siding with Alex and other choices some people wrongly believe will result in Ryan going against Alex. For example not choosing to pursue a romantic relationship with him or choosing to do so with Steph.
You don’t need to romance him to get this outcome.
I think I managed to avoid them but just in case
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Chapter 1

I didn’t keep Ethan’s secret.
Tell Jed the truth about having no experience.
Talking to Charlotte choose rising.
Get Diane and Duckie’s order right.
Duckie – Cheeseburger with mushrooms Diane – Pie special with fries
Find Duckie’s booze.
* You can find it by looking at the polaroid on the bar, doing that unlocks the option to search for it on the couch
Be honest with Riley about Mac.
I had a drink with Pike
Tell Gabe about her powers.
When searching for the missing person and Ryan asks I chose red wire.

Chapter 2

Starting the chapter at the wake side with Ryan.
I told Steph Alex is into girls. Dialogue option “Yep.”
I told Charlotte to take the money.
Help Eleanor retrace her steps and tell her the truth.
* Here you find something about Eleanor and you must keep her secret in order to get her support later on.
I told Ryan Gabe would forgive him and went with hug.

Chapter 3

For the plan when asked to choose the hotter distraction I chose Steph.
During the LARP after reading their emotions chose:
• Duckie’s drinks are on the house
• Offered Alex’s hand in marriage to Steph
Leave idiotic two faced b!atch Charlotte with her anger.

Chapter 4

I gave Steph a rose.
Help Duckie you can find him on the Black Lantern during the festival and need to help him deal with his sadness, dancing with him is the option that’ll do the trick
If you talk with Riley remember to keep your mouth shut.
Met with Steph on the roof and chose kiss.
When the choice comes up help Pike with his fear.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5
During chapter 5 told Ryan “I’m sorry”
The aftermath was everyone sided with Alex and Ryan tearfully pleads to Jed to come clean but Jed doesn’t give a f*ck…
If you follow this you should get Ryan on your side and the good ending.
Hope this helps!

Written by Nightshade

This is all we can share for How to get Ryan to side with Alex – Life is Strange: True Colors for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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