How to get started on a high pop server – Rust

How to get started on a high pop server – Rust 1 -
How to get started on a high pop server – Rust 1 -

When it might be easier to start playing on empty servers to get to know all monuments and stuff, the draw to play this game on the high pop servers will get you eventually.
But you just can’t go there and think you can build a base wherever you like. You will get killed – a lot – and you will lose your loot. Multiple times. But when you finally get your TC down on a nice, calm location, it will get a lot easier.
This guide is helpful for beginners and advanced players when it comes to conquering the most popular servers of Rust!


Maps with bases all over the landscape are in that sense safer, that no one will just go raiding them and not get countered. And on that sea of bases, your base should be the one raider leave alone and go for something juicier. So, this is where the first bit of strategy comes in. Build something simple, fill it to the brim before going for more complex base or compound.
And do not put your workbench and research table outside, that is like a huge neon sign with ‘this base is so full I don’t have any room left’.

Living large

So how can you get to that point when there is 300 people online and everyone swarms you when you are cutting down a tree or make any other interesting noises? Let’s do a little list:

  • Go running around the map. Forget loot (unless you run into something super juicy)
  • Only gather hemp (or something you can turn into cloth) and make bags. Lots of sleeping bags.
  • Your aim is to go around the island, grid by grid, spreading these spawn points. You die, spawn to the previous one and continue.
  • Eventually you will have idea of the map. Where the clans live. Where the spawn beach is. Where it is quieter. Where it is busy.
  • Now you can spawn to those quieter areas and go for loot. Hide some stashes with the best stuff. Note that Safe Zone will make your body unlootable, so that is one spot where you can just F1 kill and come for your stuff later. Maxed out inventory with good stuff will stay there for quite a while before despawning.
  • Use the Outpost if it’s close. Buying wood with stone for example is super easy.
  • Now it is time to pick your starter base location. You don’t want to have these in your vicinity: Clan bases or Fresh Spawn beach. If the server is super busy, I’d even stay away from the monuments. You can get all the stuff you need from other places as well. Decaying bases, from the sea, shops and vendors etc.
  • Spawn to a bag in the quietest area you can find. Build, preferably somewhere hidden and just stick with 2×1 or 2×2 base. Maybe leave airlock wall wood, or make it seem not worth it some other way. You might not want to take it too far either, since that lone base in the back of arctic biome will get raided among the first.


Once you are settled

And when you finally have your starter running and you are filling it to the brim with hottest loot:

  • Try to be friendly with your neighbors
  • Do not draw attention by roof camping or door camping
  • Do not put up a store unless you have larger base with turrets running
  • Don’t let anyone see you running in to your 2×1 starter with your full metal AK kit


And remember…

Use darkness when needed. Also locked crates, heli crash sites and supply drops will draw some serious action and you can use these events as a distraction when moving around with loot.
And if you find a just raided base without TC, slap one on a random position and use that as a temporary storage. Passers by will think that the TC was put by the raiders and is empty, as long as the base around it is decaying.

Written by Space

I hope you enjoy the How to get started on a high pop server – Rust guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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