How to get the best out of The Scout – Deep Rock Galactic

How to get the best out of The Scout – Deep Rock Galactic 1 -
How to get the best out of The Scout – Deep Rock Galactic 1 -

This guide gives you the opportunity to look at the best scout set up and how to use the scout from the point of view of a player who has over 100 hours in the game. (DISCLAIMER: These are only preferences that benefit me in game play I would not say you have to copy my gun modifications but where I tell you what the scout is about is all factual).

How to get the most out of the Scout Cla*s:

What the Scout has to offer:
– Fun play style with easy access to little nooks and crannies around the map where most other characters cant get too with out lots of effort.
-a more active play style for people who like collecting minerals and zipping around the place helping complete objectives
The scouts role in missions:
The scout is a teams primary light source with a flare gun that is extremely useful to light up caves so you can easily spot minerals. As well as the flare gun the scout has a grappling hook that complements the Engineer’s platform gun. You mark the The minerals, engineer shoots a platform under them on the wall and you use the grappling hook and hey presto minerals acquired. Other than the Flare gun and The Grappling hook the Scout is equipped with primary and a secondary weapons which we will come to in the next section.

The Scout’s Loadout and my preferences:

The scout is equipped with:
3 Primaries which are:

  • The Deepcore GK2
  • The M1000 Cla*sic
  • The Drak-25 Plasma Carbine

2 Secondaries which are:

  • The Jury-Rigged Boomstick
  • The Zhukov Nuk17

3 Grenades which are:

  • IFG
  • Cryo Grenade
  • Pheromone Canister

I am going to share with you my personal favourite load out for the scout baring in mind I have unlocked all weapons for the scout.

The Deepcore GK2
Tier 1: Gyro Stabilisation
Tier 2: Increased Caliber Rounds
Tier 3: High capacity Magazine
Tier 4: Improved gas system
Tier 5: Battle Cool
No overclock: (simply because I haven’t got a decent one yet otherwise pick a clean overclock for yourself)
Why I use the Deepcore GK2:
I’ve always liked the Deepcore GK2 and thought it was great, it has good recoil and a moderate fire rate which is ideal for me. Many people choose the Drak-25 plasma carbine which in my opinion is the second best after the Deepcore because the Drak-25 doesn’t do enough damage or have enough range to be of significant help in any scenario. The reason why I don’t use the M1000 is because I don’t like semi-automatic weapons that much, I much prefer a controlled slower spray which is what the Deepcore GK2 gives.
The Jury-Rigged Boomstick
Tier 1: Double sized buckshot
Tier 2: Double Trigger
Tier 3: High capacity shells
Tier 4: Super Blowthrough rounds
Tier 5: Fear the boomstick or White Phosphorus shells (If i’m not using the Cryo grenades)
Overclock: Stuffed shells
Why I use the Jury-Rigged Boomstick:
I like to use the Jury Rigged Boomstick to deal with Praetorians, Oppressors and some other Medium sized Beasts as well as for crowd control especially with the penetration upgrade. I find it effectively matches the Cryo grenade and I like being able to easily get rid of beasts that pose a bigger threat. The reason why I don’t use the Zhukov Nuk17 is because I prefer the quick effective 1-2 hit kill Cryo grenade combo of the Boomstick.
Tier 1: Power Attack
Tier 2: Whatever you prefer
Flare gun:
Tier 1: Thicker core
Tier 2: High capacity magazine
Tier 3: Magnesium core
Grappling Hook:
Tier 1: Longer Cable
Tier 2: Greater Cable Stretch
Tier 3: High velocity ejection system
Tier 4: Bypa*sed integrity check
Cryo Grenade
Fox armour rig:
Tier 1: Improved generator
Tier 2: Healthy
Tier 3: Shock Absorbers
Tier 4: Shockwave
If I were to give you one piece of vital information from this section it would be to play around with the modification and chose what fits you best, the load out shown is my current scout load out which is my personal favourite but this is only my preferences so feel free to change modifications and if you really don’t like the guns I use feel free to change the guns around too.
I hope you found this Guide helpful and remember Rock and Stone!


I hope you enjoy the How to get the best out of The Scout – Deep Rock Galactic guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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