How To Install The Mod Launcher – 7 Days to Die

How To Install The Mod Launcher – 7 Days to Die 1 -
How To Install The Mod Launcher – 7 Days to Die 1 -

How to install mods in Mod Launcher 7 Days To Die

First of all, I want you to know that this is not . It's the only way to install mods during 7 Days To Die. This is a brief guide to installing 7D2D modlauncher from sphereii.

Install Mod Launcher to play

To get started go to – []
Go to the Download tab and click on Download for your preferred platform. This will automatically download the modlauncher. Extract the files and then open the.exe file (MODLauncher.exe.
To download mods, visit 'Install a overhaul' and click on your desired mod. You will see a description of each mod and the installation button. The settings section allows you to modify the default installation folder. Mods will be downloaded from this link. The mod launcher will create an extra folder for each mod. It will only access a copy of your vanilla file, which means that the mod can be removed from your vanilla. This allows you easily switch between modded and vanilla versions. Copying the game should take approximately 20 minutes, depending on your PC specs.
To play modded, always use the modlauncher. Click on installed overhauls to open the modlauncher and then click play. The launcher does not need to be open to play modded. You can click the Auto Close button from the Settings menu. When the game starts, the mod launcher will automatically close.


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