How to Kill The Elden Beast – ELDEN RING

How to Kill The Elden Beast – ELDEN RING 1 -
How to Kill The Elden Beast – ELDEN RING 1 -

For the best chance to beat the Elden Beast, your recommended level should be 120 and up, with weapons of +22 or higher. Keep in mind this is a “bare minimum” score, and it’s not going to be easy regardless.
The Elden Beast is actually healed by Holy damage, so for god’s sake, don’t use it! It’s also fairly robust against Magic, Fire and Lightning damage, though not to the point where you should entirely respect to avoid these. Standard weapon damage will do the most against the Beast, so work with that.
Speaking of which, the cracked, glowing area on the Beast’s belly is a weakness that takes extra damage from all attacks. It’s not a huge difference and it’ll put you right in the danger zone, but it’s worth keeping in mind should the opportunity arise.
It’s also, unfortunately, entirely immune to just about every status effect, including Bleed, Frostbite, Scarlet Rot, Poison and all the others. Don’t bother trying to apply these, they’ll never work.
You’ll start off in the arena some distance away from the Elden Beast – use this chance to heal, buff or summon before getting into the fight properly.
The Elden Beast isn’t just a tank with a ton of health, it’s also quite hard to get to. It leaps and flies through the air, “swims” through the ground, and can rapidly reposition itself to the entire opposite end of the battlefield in an instant. You’ll spend much of this boss fight just trying to catch the damn thing, even if you’re a ranged spell caster. Summons can help to distract it or pin it down, but there’s no real way around the fact that much of this is a chase.
Speaking of which, if you’re sprinting towards it – and you will be – make sure you have some Stamina ready by the time you reach it. There’s no point making a mad dash across the arena, only to be too tired to attack or evade when you get close.
For offensive strategy, spells with a wide AOE are always a good option, as the Elden Beast is a giant target (if you can get it to stop moving). Spells that fire multiple projectiles are even better, as something this big will get hit by most of them, if not all.
At 50% health or less, some of the Elden Beast’s attacks become a little more elaborate, usually by combining multiple attacks in some way. It’s not distinct enough to be a proper Phase 2, but it’ll be worth being on your guard once you’re past this threshold.
The Elden Beast can have its poise broken, but good luck – it’ll take a while to do and you’ll need to work on it constantly.
-Good Luck


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