How to – Lincoln Abbey’s Race – Rival Stars Horse Racing

How to – Lincoln Abbey’s Race – Rival Stars Horse Racing 1 -
How to – Lincoln Abbey’s Race – Rival Stars Horse Racing 1 -

This guide was made to help other players beat Lincoln Abbey’s Rival Race, any further information about RSHR’s race functions and how to beat Lvl18’s rival race is welcome and appreciated in the comments. This is a general summarization of what worked for me after ~3 attempts.

How to: Lincoln Abbey’s Race

Finding your Soul(horse)

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Everyone neighs that all you have to do in a race is hire a jockey and throw in your best horse to win a race. However, in rival races when you compete against Richard, you, the player has to ride a horse themselves which can be tough and tricky when NPC horses seem to have ungodly stats and endless stamina.

  • First, have money. You’ll probably need 2 – 3 Million coins if you plan on doing this quickly, so get your saddle on and begin accumulating money.
  • Observe Lincoln Abbey’s track stats: 2,800m and a ‘medium’ rating track surface. You will need this information later for breeding, so take a screenshot of the race’s stats and open up a tier 18 foal stall.
  • Take your level 8, best statted (63,63,63 – 60,60,60) mare and breed with a stud that has the following stats: 2,800m, Medium, Front
    If you cannot find a stud that matches those stats, keep refreshing until you do. Here, the studs stats don’t matter as long as he is level 8 because your mare’s stats will be enough to produce a champion foal. Make sure you breed and produce one, mare foal before the stud market refreshes itself.

    Learning to embrace your inner love… and Alabama.

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    Now that you have your filly, her stats will probably not be her father’s stats since opposing pedigree foals usually end up taking their mother’s genetics. Our goal here is to breed up a horse that has the same stats as the stud you found, so you will grow up the foal and they will become a mare.
    In RSHR, incest is wincest. This is good for us though, as we’ll take your new mare and breed her with her father (the same stud you bred your good-stat mare with) and produce a new foal.
    The resulting foals stats will now look a lot more similar to the stud’s, but if it is not the same, you will repeat this step over and over until you get that beautiful, incestuous horse.
    Then you will train up your wonky-looking champion to level 40, but before you sink your teeth into your wallet, double check that your new racehorse has the following stats:

    Distance: 2,800m
    Track Surface: Medium
    Position: Front


    Giddying it up with Richard

    How to - Lincoln Abbey's Race - Rival Stars Horse Racing - How to: Lincoln Abbey's Race - 1BFB163EA
    Time to throw your inbred racehorse into the tracks and hope for the best. Upon entering, you will instantly realize how much, much easier it is to race against other horses. This is because matching a race’s distance and track surface significantly increases how acclimated your horse is to racing, they will naturally feel smoother and faster as you run with your horse buddies.
    Pair your horse up with a skill like Second Wind, or stamina/sprint charge increasing skills, skills can be earned by completing your daily goals and are extremely useful for tricky races like this one.
    This may take you several attempts, or just one attempt, it all boils down to RNG and how you strategize the flow of the race. At the start, immediately speed up to Richard’s side and collect your stamina charge since you’re a front-liner horse, then hug the railings by holding D and hogging one of the arguably best spots to race at (as the game races for you, the bend of the railing helps you with positioning.). You will always want to be a space or two ahead of Richard, and if you have extra stamina to get even further ahead, use it. At 800 meters, hoard your stamina bars for the final stretch, good luck!


Written by HP

I hope you enjoy the How to – Lincoln Abbey’s Race – Rival Stars Horse Racing guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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