How to madness combat – MADNESS: Project Nexus

How to madness combat – MADNESS: Project Nexus 1 -
How to madness combat – MADNESS: Project Nexus 1 -

This will teach you how to madness combat

The Hazards of Madness Combating

So there’s always one thing I find people questioning me, and it’s “iS MAdnESs comBATtiNG SAfE?” and yes, as someone who has madness combated before and then went back again, I can safely say that you might experience a slight discomfort when in the process of madness combating, as well as a feeling like you’ve got arms or legs but its ok, it’s normal to feel that way when madness combating.

The Items you’ll need to madness combat

So, the thing about madness combating is that you need a specific deck of items to properly madness combat, and those Items are,
1. A plushy of a madness combat (any madness combat is fine)
2. A cardboard box strong enough to support the plushy
3. 4 Candles
4. A lighter
5. Blood (any blood is fine as long as it isn’t fake blood, unless you want to momentarily madness combat
6. An extremely creepy and dark school (preferably in the madness combat homeland, Nevada

The Ritual

So, first you need to go to the abandoned school on a night with a full moon, next, you have to follow these steps in this order or else you wont be able to madness combat
1. Place the box under an open window which lets enough moonlight cover the box
2. Place the madness combat plushy on top of the box
3. Draw an oval around the box, make sure it’s drawn in the blood
4. Place the 4 candles outside of the oval on all 4 diagonal sides
5. Light the candles
Congratulations! you have successfully performed the madness combat ritual! and keep in mind, if you do the ritual in Nevada, the effect of the ritual would be PERMANENT, and you gain an inability to leave Nevada for the rest of your life.


Written by Ham

This is all we can share for How to madness combat – MADNESS: Project Nexus for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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