How to make the most of the resources you are given – Redout 2

How to make the most of the resources you are given – Redout 2 1 -
How to make the most of the resources you are given – Redout 2 1 -

A simple guide on how to make the most of the resources you are given. This is from my current experience in the game.
I will not be going over specific stats in this guide and is more just for a general driving strategy guide.

Boost Management

The most important tool you have for speed is your boost, and everything else in this guide revolves around this.
In short, boost both drastically improves your acceleration, and can push you beyond your ship’s top speed. As such, you will be wanting to use it as much as possible, whenever possible.
There are 3 boost types.
Your normal boost, you will be using this the most for general purposes.
The ideal places to use this boost is when coming out of corners to accelerate yourself back up to speed, and on short straights or long curves to maintain your speed.
As you can imagine, that’s why you will be using this boost the most.
This is a constant boost mode. It doesn’t do much on its own, and constantly builds heat while it is active. It can be cancelled by braking or pressing the Hyperboost button again.
This boost isn’t very useful by itself from what I’ve noticed, and you are better off saving and using it for Doubleboosting.
This is the most powerful boost you can do. This is when you activate Hyperboost, and then use your normal Boost at the same time, resulting in an incredibly ma*sive increase to acceleration and top speed.
This boost is what is going to take you from last place to first in one straightaway.
You will want to use this boost on long straightaways or long jumps.

Heat/Health Management

Whenever you use boost, it generates heat. This heat will build up, and eventually start draining health (called Overheating). When your health reaches zero, you explode
Overheating is a valuable mechanic that needs to be fully taken advantage of!
Think of it this way, your health bar is just another heat bar that drains instead of filling.
Ship Health
In order to manage your ship’s health, you simply need to refrain from crashing/wall grinding and your ships nanites will initiate a repair sequence automatically. This repair sequence will be interrupted if you take any damage (overheating, crashing, wall grinding, trading paint with other racers). You don’t want to do that, so make sure you don’t.
Take corners slow. Even though you will be getting around the corner relatively slower than using a wallbang, it is better in the long term as you will have more boost time available for you to use later on.
Ship Heat
Your ship’s heat level increases from both boost and environmental factors, and decreases at different rates depending on what you are doing, or what environment you are in. (heat decreases slower on hot maps than on cold maps)
The different ways you can actively control how much heat dissipates are as follows:
Braking – When you brake your heat will decrease faster. This is extremely useful for getting around corners without interrupting your repair sequence, and having some boost available to you to get back up to speed without overheating.
Water/Ice – When driving over water or ice, your cooling is greatly improved. In some circumstances, if you refrain from boosting over these surfaces you will have more boost available to you than if you continued boosting.
Water 2: Electric Boogaloo – There are tracks that are either partially, or entirely underwater. In these sections, cooling is greatly increased, but there is way more drag on your vehicle and your top speed and acceleration suffers. For the most part, you wont need to drive these parts any differently than you would normally, just keep in mind that you can maximize your cooling here for a longer and faster boost once you exit the water.


This section is just for general trivia as I discover it and to thank you for reading this far into the guide.
If I made any mistakes, or you have a revelation on boosting strategy/something I missed, be sure to comment it below. I’d be forever thankful.

Written by Savannah Banana

Here we come to an end for the How to make the most of the resources you are given – Redout 2 guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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