How to Multiple Save Points per Level – Supaplex

How to Multiple Save Points per Level – Supaplex 1 -
How to Multiple Save Points per Level – Supaplex 1 -

This guide explains how to manually create extra save points in addition to the “official” single save slot.

What is this guide about?

Supaplex allows you to save your progress in a particular level so that you can go back to that save point if you make a mistake.
However, you only get one save slot per level, which is overridden every time you save again – so you cannot keep multiple save points at different steps of the same level.
This guide explains how to manually create extra save points in addition to the “official” single save slot.
Note: This guide uses the Windows folder locations. On another OS, the procedure is likely to be the same but using a different folder path.

Why would you use multiple save points?

In Supaplex, a large number of levels make use of a “Gotcha!” design. That design makes it so you have to perform a specific, non-obvious step at some point in the level (usually early on), and if you don’t do it, you realize later on (usually near the end) that the level cannot be completed without having performed that step.
A single save point is rarely enough to counter this, as the distance between the specific step and the blocked pathway is usually quite long. It means you’ll likely have saved a few times in the meantime, making it so after realizing that mistake you’ll have to restart the whole level – and that can be frustrating.
Having multiple save points thus gives you two main new opportunities:

  1. You can create checkpoints at different steps of a long level, so that if you realize you made a mistake and need to go back, you can hopefully go back to an earlier checkpoint rather than restarting the whole level.
  2. You can more comfortably experiment by creating a checkpoint before you try a solution, allowing to save while going through your solution if it’s long and/or risky.


How to create multiple save points

The saved games for each level are stored under the following path:


Hint: you can easily reach your “AppData\Local” folder by opening the search bar next to the Start Menu, and typing


in the search field. This will open up you “AppData\Local folder.”
The saved games are structured as follow:

  1. ExitState.sav – this is the “save” that occurs when you close the game. The game will load that save automatically the next time you open it.
  2. GameStateNNN.sav – those are the actual saved games. Each file represents the save slot for level “NNN”+1 – so “GameState38.sav” is the save slot for level 39.

Knowing this, the method to create a manual save point is straightforward:

  1. Save the game.
  2. Find the .sav file that corresponds to your current level (Hint: ordering the files by “Date Modified” will make it easier to find the latest save)
  3. Duplicate it (e.g. CTRL+C / CTRL+V) and make sure its name is different than the original save (e.g. “GameState38 – Copy.sav”)
  4. Optional: you can rename it to describe the checkpoint (e.g. “GameState38 – After second room.sav”)

You can repeat the method for each checkpoint you want to create.
In order to load a manual save point, simply do the reverse:

  1. Delete the original .sav (e.g. delete “GameState38.sav”)
  2. Copy your checkpoint save file and rename it to match the original .sav (e.g. duplicate “GameState38 – Copy.sav” and rename it to “GameState38.sav”)
  3. Go back to the game and press Load – you are now back at your checkpoint.


Written by Futeko

I hope you enjoy the How to Multiple Save Points per Level – Supaplex guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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