How to Not Starve – Don’t Starve Together

How to Not Starve – Don’t Starve Together 1 -
How to Not Starve – Don’t Starve Together 1 -

This guide will walk you through how to not starve to death. It’s pretty hard.


This game is hard. If you manage to make a base, you’ll likely starve to death. If you manage to make a good base, the chances of starving are still pretty high. This guide will help you not starve.

The Basics

You may find a few different ways to avoid starving. If you’re playing as Wigfrid, you just made this much harder for yourself. There are a few easy ways to get food, such as mole worms, spiders, and berries. In order to plant a berry bush, you need to dig it up with a shovel. Then you can plant it or burn it. When you plant it, you need to fertilize it. Mole worms are those raised dirt mounds that move around the map. Drop a rock and it’ll pop up, or dig up a collapsed burrow with a shovel. Then murder it. You have a tasty little morsel now! Spiders are mean, and they only drop monster meat, so you need to decide between max health and max hunger. Webber can befriend spiders by feeding them any kind of meat, and then make them fight to the death. Free food!


Gardening is much more complex than living off the land, but it feeds you for longer. You need to make a Garden-Dig-amajig then deploy it. Okay, first part done. Then you need to use a hoe to plant the seed. Seeds are dropped by birds, so they’re basically infinite. Or you could eat the seeds, which is a bad idea for someone trying to farm. In order for the plants to grow you need to talk to them. When harvest time comes, you could cook your delicious crops or toss them in a crock pot and make an even tastier meal.


If you have chosen Wigfrid or Webber at this point, hunting would be a good idea for you. For Webber, hunting spiders consists of placing down a few traps and catching those spiders. Hunting with Wigfrid is a bit trickier. Wigfrid actually gains health by attacking, and using a Battle Helmet and Battle Spear you can fight some of the harder bosses. Which usually drop meat. An easy recipe for meat balls is Monster Meat and three Ice. Which counts as meat, which Wigfrid can consume. You may also find suspicious dirt piles, which if you follow the tracks lead you to a large animal. Which happens to drop a lot of meat.

Just Play as Wormwood

Wormwood is a DLC character, so you have to buy them first. But, it’s worth it. Wormwood can plant seeds without needing a garden plot. While you may be thinking if you just started playing this character, “Wait, doesn’t Wormwood lose sanity from destroying plants?” Wormwood actually only loses sanity from chopping down trees and digging up plants. But Wormwood gains sanity from planting Birchnuts, Pinecones, and Seeds. Harvesting plants has no detrimental effect on Wormwoods sanity. Which is useful. Eating plants also has no negative effect, which is odd, considering it’s basically a plant eating a plant.


Fishing is actually pretty easy to do. Just craft a fishing rod and find a pond. Go fishing during the evening because the frogs aren’t out. Fish can get you through a decent amount of time, during which plants can grow and other people can go out hunting for better food. So, fish is pretty good. The only downside is it does take a while to get a bite, and accidentally missing is likely, so don’t try it if you’re actively starving.

Written by TheHoundOfGreys

I hope you enjoy the How to Not Starve – Don’t Starve Together guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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