How to Obtain “Saviour of the Planet” if you Collected all 7 Time Stones by Mistake – Sonic CD

How to Obtain “Saviour of the Planet” if you Collected all 7 Time Stones by Mistake – Sonic CD 1 -
How to Obtain “Saviour of the Planet” if you Collected all 7 Time Stones by Mistake – Sonic CD 1 -

Trying to obtain the “Saviour of the Planet” Achievement, but collected all 7 Time Stones before destroying all robot generators (teleporters) in game? Then this is the guide for you.

Intro – Getting Started

This guide will involve editing your sonic CD Save file, it may feel intimidating but will require 0 coding knowledge.
If you feel overwhelmed, I recommend copying this guide into read out-loud software like Natural Reader. – [] 

The Oversight

Okay Back to the guide! There is an oversight when obtaining the achievement “Saviour of the Planet” in Sonic CD.
How to Obtain
“Destroy all the robot teleporters and Metal Sonic holograms in the past.”
This means the Robot Generators (Teleporters) & Metal Sonic Holograms must be destroyed by Sonic himself to obtain “Saviour of the Planet”.
The Problem: Collecting all the Time Stones automatically destroys the Robot Generators, making the achievement impossible to obtain.
NOTE: This does not affect the Metal Sonic Holograms. Also just a tip Metal Sonic is not in Metallic Madness.
How to Obtain
The goal of this guide is to modify your save file to remove the Time Stones as if they were never collected.

The Solution – Hex Editing

1. First We need to find your save file. It’s in the following directory separate from the game files.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\YourSeamID\200940\local
The file is named Sdata.bin.
Make 2 copies of this file to your desktop in case this goes wrong.
Have the Following Before you Begin

  • Sdata.bin -> Save file location
  • Sdata Original.bin -> Desktop
  • Sdata Copy.bin -> Desktop


Downloading A Hex Editor

2. Now download a Hex Editor to modify your save file.
Download for HxD: – [] 

Editing your Save File in a Hex Editor

3. Open Sdata Copy.bin inside HxD.
You will see a large list of numbers, do not worry we only need to edit 1 tiny section of it.
Find the section of code tied to your save file.

  • 00000000
  • 00000010 File 1
  • 00000020
  • 00000030 File 2
  • 00000040
  • 00000050 File 3
  • 00000060
  • 00000070 File 4

Visual Aid

How to Obtain
Your data will not match the Visual aid 1:1 as it an empty sample
The black highlighted 00 is the data for the Time Stones that everyone has. It will look different depending on how many time Stones you have collected. You only need to change this one section.
Use the Visual Aid and find the same spot as the black highlighted 00 for your file.
Now change whatever binary it’s showing to 00.


7F = 7 Time Stones
00 = 0 Time Stones
7F -> 00 = 0 Time Stones
4. Now save your work and replace the old Sdata.bin with Sdata Copy.bin in the save file directory. Make sure to rename the copy Sdata.bin like the original.
If all goes well you will have collected 0 Time Stones, and will be able to complete the achievement as if nothing happened.
If something goes wrong, you made a backup of your save file and will be able to try again. Make sure to always keep a backup when messing with hex files.
Thanks for reading, I hope you found this guide helpful 🙂

I hope you enjoy the How to Obtain “Saviour of the Planet” if you Collected all 7 Time Stones by Mistake – Sonic CD guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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