How to obtain “supreme helper minion” – Terraria

How to obtain “supreme helper minion” – Terraria 1 -
How to obtain “supreme helper minion” – Terraria 1 -

What you need

you will need to have a world that has all the posible biomes and cave levels for fishing (i highly recomend this one if you already dont have a fishing world – – [] .
and a good rod and bait, also a chest or piggy bank.

Part 1

at the start of the day, talk with the angler for him to give you a quest.
after that, go to the correct location for the fish, and start fishing. duh.
once you get your first fish DONT GIVE IT TO HIM YET instead, store it in a chest or piggy bank (this tricks the game thinking you never caught the fish.
do this until the day is about to end (but make sure there is still alot of time).
after that just move all the fish to a chest at the spawn of your world (also have the angler there to speed things up).

Part 2

now, create about the amount of new characters as you have of fish (i recomend 10).
their names can be random but i prefer calling them “fishing X”.
and go inside the world, take a fish out of the chest and give it to the angler.
each time a character gives a fish to the angler steam will add one to the achievement.
and thats how you get the achievement quickley.

Written by mrpejoflan

I hope you enjoy the How to obtain “supreme helper minion” – Terraria guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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