How to play as demoman to be MORE deadly with this tutorial – Team Fortress 2

How to play as demoman to be MORE deadly with this tutorial – Team Fortress 2 1 -
How to play as demoman to be MORE deadly with this tutorial – Team Fortress 2 1 -

This guide will help you learn how to play Demoman to beat Hard Mode and unlock the option to play as Pyro. Please note that this guide is only for PS3 and PS4 versions of the game.


In this guide I will tell you how to play as the Demoman in the game Team Fortress 2. We will learn how to get into the Demoman’s mindset, become more powerful, and become the defacto tank of TF2.
In this guide I will also cover my creation of the incredibly epic Demoman, Death’s Theme, which is a remix of Fallout Boy’s ‘Jawbreaker’. Check it out here.
Let’s take a look at how to get into the Demoman’s mind:
“My Precious!” (mimic the enemy grunt)
Loud and Foul.

Playing as the Demoman

The Demoman is an odd soldier, at least in the traditional sense of the word. The Demoman doesn’t necessarily have all the offensive weapons or high mobility of other soldiers. He is however, a soldier, and needs to fight.
The Demoman is a tank, and almost always picks the first tank when looking at the different classes. He has an on-hand shotgun and an on-hand grenade launcher (a two round, 12mm PPSh-41-style gun that fires “Billy Beans”) with ammo pickups to allow quick reloads and boosts to speed.
His role in the game is that of a self-sacrificing soldier who will die for his team if need be. He is not a gun slinger like the Sniper or a melee specialist like the Heavy. He will not risk his own life unless it means he can save someone else.

Leveling up:

I recommend that you choose not to level up with the Scout or Heavy, unless you like being on the low end of the spectrum in terms of effectiveness. The Demoman works best in the mid- to high-end of TF2. However, as far as I can tell, as long as your class or you have basic knowledge of the class, you should be able to succeed as long as you build your character properly.


The Demoman’s primary weapon is his ‘Billy Bean’, a 12mm hand-gun. The Bean is your primary weapon, but you can also upgrade it to either a 45mm Grenade Launcher or a 58mm Rocket Launcher. You can get the Bean upgrade in the inventory by using C-Bills (My advice is to save these for the weapons you want to spend C-Bills on)
-Billy Beans
-Billy Beans Ammo
-Billy Beans Critical
-Billy Bean Accuracy
-Billy Bean Rate of Fire
-Billy Bean Recoil
-Billy Bean Velocity
-Billy Bean Zoom
The Demoman also carries a shotgun, which you can upgrade to either a 44mm Minigun or a 5.56mm Sniper Rifle. The Minigun is very useful, allowing the Demoman to deal more damage.
-5.56mm Sniper Rifle
-44mm Minigun
-6.5mm Shotgun
-Minigun Ammo
-Minigun Critical
-Spare 44mm Minigun
-Infantry Grenade Launcher
-Infantry Frag Grenades
-Assault Carbine Ammo
-Assault Rifle Ammo
-Sniper Rifle Ammo
-Sniper Ammo
-Infantry Frag Grenades
-Bullets (5mm, 7.62mm, 9mm)
-Bullets (LMG)
-Assault Rifle Ammo (for both primary and secondary weapon upgrades)
-Secondary Ammo (for both primary and secondary weapon upgrades)
The Demoman also carries a first aid kit to heal himself and his teammates. It can be upgraded to heal 2 teammates at a time.
-First Aid Kit
-Infantry Grenades
-Infantry Frag Grenades
-Sniper Rifles
-Assault R

Character Build

I suggest that you level up first with either a Engineer, Soldier, or Demoman, as they are the top tiers of classes. At least that way you will be able to play as one of these classes, which will be easier for you to learn.
First choose a class and build for that class. Second, decide how much experience you want to gain in that class. Third, choose how many upgrades you want. Fourth, build yourself accordingly.
Since the Demoman’s stats and equipment are relatively the same, here are the specs for the Demoman that I use.
Similar to the Sniper, the Demoman’s shield has a high health pool, allowing him to absorb a great deal of damage from the front. This makes the Demoman very tanky, and allows him to be a big threat in close quarters combat.
The Demoman is also very agile, which makes him a good assaulter. This means that he will be able to sneak up on other players and ambush them with a headshot.
These abilities are important for the Demoman, as a ranged player could easily kill the Demoman. Since the Demoman needs to be close to his team mates, he is forced to close in.
In addition to all of this, the Demoman has a utility like the Medic, Specialist, Pyro, or Scout, with his carry item in the form of an extinguisher, or a dumpster. The Demoman has a higher ammo capacity, but lower starting health and speed, and is not very fast.

Getting into the Demoman’s Mind:

I will be following a fairly similar method for most of the classes, except the Engineer is fairly fast, and the Sniper has really high starting health and armor.
The first thing that the Demoman will need to get his head into his game is the ability to detect incoming fire. All players can track their teammates’ movement with a third mouse button click, but in order to get any damage on them, the Demoman will need to aim for the head. Once he has his gun up, the Demoman can use a Sling Shot, or simply use his foot to stomp the other players.
Here are some commands for this ability:
1) Zoom
2) Sling Shot
3) Free look
4) Back
5) Borrow the Medkit
Another important ability of the Demoman is the ability to dig, or set up a perimeter, around your team mates.
Dig, or alternatively, Lay a Dig, allows the Demoman to add a fire pit to a soft dirt area, and make it easier for other teammates to shoot at the enemies.
Using Dig also lets the Demoman to lay down area denial and obstacles like smoke or tripwires.
Also, these areas can be used to save teammates that are under fire, or heal them.
Here are some commands for the Dig ability:
1) Control
2) Sinkhole
3) Zone out
4) Buff
5) Dumpster

Item Build

+1 Sling Shot
+1 Rocket Launcher
+2 Smoke Grenades
+3 Bashing Hammer
+4 Suppressive Fire
+5 Repair Pack
+6 Molotov
+7 Repair Tool
+8 Torque Bow
+9 Reusable Explosive Warhead
+10 Heating Sledge
+11 Chemical Agent
+12 Mini Bomb
+13 Supply Drops
+14 Exhaust Pipe
+15 EOD Bot
+16 Incendiary Grenade
+17 Battery Shot
+18 Slapper
+19 Custom Mine
+20 Drop Pod


Dig: While holding down control, use the Mouse button to hold down the R1. Right-Click (use the mouse button to hold down the R1), followed by clicking on the ground. Do not hold down the R1 button while using Dig. It is advised to stand in the hole when using Dig.
Lay a Dig: While holding down control, use the mouse button to hold down the Left-Click. Right-Click (use the mouse button to hold down the Left-Click), followed by clicking on the ground.

Trait Builds

+Sling Shot: While holding down control, use the Left-Click to use Sling Shot. Hold Down Control, Right-Click, and Right-Click to use Sling Shot, then Right-Click the right mouse button.


When playing as the Demoman, it is very important to protect your team mates and focus on taking the enemies head off, if you don’t do so, it will be very hard for the Demoman to make much progress, and you will never be able to mine any mines.
Be careful not to use too many explosives, as they can turn a fair fight into a messy one.

Using your Heroes:

The Demoman is a pretty versatile hero, and has multiple builds that can be used for any given situation.
The first thing to consider is the ammo capacity of your weapons, and how much damage you can do with your ammo.
The Demoman has a low starting health and slower base movement speed. With a normal run and gun style, you will be helpless, and can only follow, do as much damage as you can, and run away.
If you want to be able to mine, shoot, and push enemies out of the Demoman’s way, you should play a style that allows you to take on the enemy with guns, and hold them down until you can get your teammates to help.
The demoman’s best map is Towns. The high starting health allows you to fight well, and the mines can get very difficult to pick up, especially in packs of enemies. You can do some crazy moves with mines, so try out mines against the Hunting Rifle if you like an action packed map.
If you want to use your healing skills and do some healing, you should use an area denial type of build that allows you to use your skills, and to create a tough boss for the enemy team to take down.
As a Demoman, you should be a little lighter on your feet, as pushing a full line of enemies across a map, can be difficult.
In maps with terrain that makes it hard to get around, such as Blocks, you can set traps, and then run around the trap to pick off enemies.
Be careful though, as you don’t want to expose your team to enemy traps, such as hanging bridges, spike pits, and other deadly features.
Just the same as any other hero, you can follow behind the enemy, and finish off wounded enemies, or push them out of your way.


– Woodstock Brawlers
-Whiteout Minesweeper
Remember as a Demoman that the smoke is your friend, and it is very important to be able to quickly throw a smoke down.

Gameplay Style

As the Demoman, your main goal is to survive, stay mobile, and score as many goals as you can.
You are mainly a sustained damage character, so use your Smoke Grenade when you are going to be out of vision, and when you need to set a trap to catch a group of enemies.
Try to use your rocket and shotgun to take out the enemy scouts and push them back before they are able to get back to your team mates.
Also, make sure to be a good support, and a strong defender for your team, always take the head off of any enemy player, as you will be able to mine the mines, and the head will stop their attack.
You are also good at driving through the opposing team and taking them down as you push them back.
Always know that the only way to get through your enemy team is to split up, and to make sure that you have your self fully extended and to run as fast as you can into their healthbars.
Having good equipment is very important, and to help you get the best equipment, make sure to use the auction house as often as you can.

Upgrades & Talents

[insert /r/cg2planner GIF here]
It is very important to know what types of weapons and abilities you are going to need in order to be able to win as the Demoman.
Skills are very important, as you can have 30+ kills with a gun, but if you are using it wrong, it doesn’t really matter.
You can also make powerful traps, such as the ‘Furnace’ or the ‘Slaughterhouse’.
Bridges are also a good choice, as they are very hard to get around, and if the enemy team does go through them, you can use them as a teleporter, or for a setup.


As the Demoman, you have a very strong suit as your main weapons are your Stickybomb Launcher and Smoke Grenades, but you also have very strong traps, and as mentioned before, can use your Rocket and Shotgun to take out the enemy.
Your goal as the Demoman is to survive, score as many goals as possible, and try to push the enemy team into their death’s way.
For quick tips and tricks, you can check out the YouTube Channel:
You can also be like me, and check out the Reddit Co-Ops, and discuss the game on there, and with other people.
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