How to Prep for Your Pacific Drive Adventure

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How to Prep for Your Pacific Drive Adventure

Let’s Get Rolling!

So, you’re diving into your first mission and wondering, “Where do I snag those handy blueprints?” Easy peasy! Once you’re back from your adventure, a room with a FABRICATOR will pop up. That’s your gold mine for blueprints and bits to jazz up your workshop (think cabinets, splitters, and more).

Flashlights? Oh, they’re essential, but guess what? There’s no “on” switch. Pack a bunch of flares instead – you can cram 20 in a single slot. Light up a room with a flare and get to sawing. Use the disa*sembler on everything from fences to computers. Keep an eye on that flare, though. If it’s still burning, grab it and give the place a once-over. You’ll find blueprints for various flashlights in the Fabricator later on.

Ever heard of the T key? It’s a lifesaver. It shifts all your goodies from one storage spot to another (like from your backpack to your vehicle) with a click. But first, you gotta activate item transfer mode by clicking on boxes or cabinets.

Now, about your ride. The trunk’s your door, the hood’s your panel, and bumpers? They’re on both ends. Post-mission, you’ll find some makeshift parts in a yellow cabinet. But hey, don’t rush to slap them on your vehicle.

Tires are a bit of a hierarchy – spare ones are the weakest. Check point 1 for the deets.

Got something that can be sawed? Saw it. For the rest, like that bulky handheld vacuum or shells, head to the Matter Splitter. Create a component in the Fabricator, and it’ll tell you where to hook it up. Shells, though, keep those. They’re worth a pretty penny at the Matter Splitter.

Extras from the community: The handheld vacuum isn’t just taking up space. It’s great for snagging lamps from sodium lights and hoovering up debris. But, it shines in the MID zone, scooping up resources like a pro.

Boosting your vehicle’s capacity is a breeze. Start with brackets on the rear sides. In the Fabricator, under the vehicle section, you’ll get a component for that. Attach it, then whip up some backpacks at the workbench and hook them to your ride. You’ll have loads of space in no time!

That rusty car by the garage? It’s got some gas and parts for you. And the garage column? Oddly enough, it’s got gasoline too.

Don’t skip the dumpster – the “glorious dump.” It’s a treasure trove of goodies after each trip. And those items with a heart? They’re freebies, just for you.

Fixing Up Your Ride

Tip: The best finds from the dump show up when your car’s body and elements are all patched up.

Wheel Talk

Next up, we dive into tires.

Keep It Chemical-Free with Repair Paste

Save those chemicals – repair paste will fix up almost any damage.

Backpack Boost

Upgrade your backpack at the Equipment Station, which looks just like a sewing machine, available through the Fabricator.

Color and Creativity

For paints and stencils, place them on the paint shelf first. Then, they’re all yours to pick up and use.

Extra Tips!

Heads-up from RaceLL – Paints go on the shelf by your car in the garage. Study it and you’ll also discover an accessory vending machine, documents, and audio for the fax machine, all through the Fabricator.

Converter-Transformer Confusion

That Converter-Transformer in houses? It’s a puzzle. Gave me just one chemical for four gears. Still trying to crack that one. If it spits out your gear, you’re not alone.

Digging Deeper

Hot tip from Voronavirus – Ever notice that blue disc with up to 5 segments? That’s your “exchange rate” guide.

How to Save Your Game

Looking to save? Base is the place. But hey, that’s just how the game is set up.

Clarifying Saves

Insight from Thomas G. KZ – Actually, you can save at each checkpoint, not just the base. So, it’s not all on the developers. Seems there’s a save point after every zone, not just a run-through.

Mastering the Anchor

Got the anchor? Head to the front pa*senger door to plug it into the computer. Ready to jet? Hop in, look right, pick a spot on the map (avoid the red-marked ones), hit the open gate button, and zoom into the light beam.

Anchor Locator Insights

Heads-up from hlex20 – The Anchor Locator can be a game-changer, especially for those sneaky hidden anchors.

More from hlex20 – The map not only shows your destination but also how far you need to drive to open the gate back home. Definitely worth checking if you’re pressed for time.

The Final Loot and Dash

After cleaning out the map and snagging all anchors, head to the last task point. You might need to make a quick getaway or leap.

Trucks Worth Their Weight

Keep an eye on trucks with roll-up rear doors. They’re usually packed with loot.

Anomalies and Bunnies: The Essentials

Don’t skip on scanning anomalies – it’s key for your progress. And bunnies? If you spot one, catch it!

On the Hunt for Bunnies

Curious case from etomarat – Bunnies? How do you catch them, and why? Seems there are a few types to look out for.

Insider joke from RaceLL – Anomalies are vital for the Fabricator. And there’s a cheeky achievement called “Ticketless” – give a bunny a ride for a spell.

More bunny facts from RaceLL – Turns out, not all bunnies are just for fun. They can be a ha*sle (think acid damage or interference), except for “Zaryazhka,” which you can strap to your roof and forget about battery woes on the location.

Final bunny tip from RaceLL – No need to chase the bunnies; they’ll come to you. Just get close, press E (or U for Russian keyboards) to grab them. Right-click to throw, and since they’re sticky, you can attach them to your car for a bit of fun.

Ever wonder about anomalies? Not all are bad news; some can heal or recharge your battery, especially with a lightning rod handy.

Here’s a trick against tourists and kidnappers – toss a signal flare their way. Tourists go boom, and kidnappers get distracted as long as the flare burns.

Thinking of clearing all Paradoxes? Hold up! Some actually come in handy, like auto-closing doors when you’re sprinting through.

Pro tip for Paradox Stations: Save your game, then dive in to snag properties with spheres. Reload if needed to keep all your gains. No limit on tries here.

Did you know? During storms, look for capsules dropping from the sky, marked as purple circles on the map. They’re resource goldmines.

Hit a snag with an electro-magnetic storm? You might face a softlock. Restarting’s a pain, but you won’t lose overall progress, thanks to the save at location entry.

Mid-Game Insights

About those wheels – yes, you can swipe them from other vehicles. Just need the right tool for the job.

Meet the Liberator – your go-to for s*ripping parts from vehicles. It even comes with a crafting recipe for the adventurous.

Lightning rod on your rig? Game changer. Protects against electrical storms and keeps your ride safe as you push through to new areas.

Wind Power and Beyond

Don’t overlook a wind turbine for your vehicle. Charges are on the go and pair well with a solar panel. Stick it on the rear seat once you get the large battery.

A scanner is a must-have. Great for spotting resources and loot-laden vehicles beyond the second wall. Worth its weight in gold.

And consider an automaker for the back. Saves heaps of time by skipping the handbrake hustle. Just a pity it doesn’t shut off the engine, but still a top tip for long hauls.

Reached the third wall? Tough break with those tourist trees. A little birdy said something like a bow or anomaly cleaner would do wonders against those menacing mannequins.

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