How To Progress Fast – Galaxy Life

How To Progress Fast – Galaxy Life 1 -
How To Progress Fast – Galaxy Life 1 -

There are good investments and there are bad investments in Galaxy Life. This guide will discuss the best way to play to maximize progress in the least amount of time. It will also demonstrate different ways to approach the game to suit your playstyle.


This guide a*sumes you have a basic knowledge of the game, as well as the units and building that most old players will be familiar with. Hotlinks to wiki i will be included for the new players. It is well worth your time to read the wiki for some useful tips.
This guide can always be updated. We welcome your suggestions. Please comment below.

Early Game

Starbase 1-3
The first few
Starbase – []
Levels are the fastest-paced in the game. There is little time for building and training and lots of things to do at the same time, including quests, building different types of buildings, looting main colonies and bases, and looting them.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 683EDA4
Follow the instructions at the beginning of the match.
Missions – []
They are an excellent resource of information
[] Coins and minerals
If you don’t have enough capacity when you start the games, then coins or minerals will be stored in the inventory to be used later.
Tight schedule?
If you don’t have the time or patience to play, it’s worth focusing your efforts on upgrading.
Compact Houses
This is the way to go. They create coins while your away so you don’t have spend hours looking for colonies in other galaxies to loot. You will need to login to your game to allow them to finish upgrading, so that the coin generation can start and your Starling citizens can be taxed.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - CEF60D4
The military route offers the highest risk-reward ratio. More time can be spent on your army or searching for colonies to loot. Looter and Flamethrower are better early-game units than Looter.
It is also the first game-breaking roadblock, and can be unlocked in 5 hours, slowing down your progress. Bazookas will be essential to destroying the enemy.
Firebit – []

They are better looters and have a longer range, which makes them more effective in missions. The unit of the same title has no range and is therefore less vulnerable to defenses. Training is a good idea in the interim.
Marines – []
Find easy colonies to plund the Banks/Silos of Starbase or destroy it. Get mallets (Hammers) to hire additional workers.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 1FB3CEE
Workers – []
They are essential because they can double the progress of your planet’s advancement by having a maximum number of 5 workers. They are required to be equipped with helmets, toolboxes, as well as mallets. In the beginning you'll likely be able to sit with 3 workers before moving into the mid game. It is best to keep this number at 3 for the entire game. Compact Houses provide helmets and toolboxes. Friends can help you build toolboxes. You also get mallets for destroying Star Bases.
NPC’s – []
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 136094A
Friends are the best factor for speeding up your games.
-Help 5 buildings you own on each planet per day
If you help a building, it will speed up its building by a certain amount. This is especially useful if the building is upgrading or constructing. If all your buildings are currently under construction, they may help a destroyed building (. Not recommended. They can also help Compact Houses and Mines with a certain percentage. (stacks for only once). You can also receive items such as a toolbox that allows you to hire more workers, parts to make crafted units in the inventory, or Star Batteries for upgrading Starbase.
-Getting Mystery Cubes
The best way to gain Coins or Minerals is with Mystery Cubes. You can receive 1 per person from each friend in your friends list. Each friend can have a set number of items you receive from each one.
Here –
. Cubes are most useful for the free strong soldiers you gain in the beginning of the game.
Starlinator – []
Colossus – []

Zeppelin – []
These can also been crafted and can be devastating early in the game before they become regular units.
-Receive items that are on your wishlist
This one is generally not recommended because it requires friends to send their own items to your account, which is something most players don’t want. Only one item can be obtained from this menu: Shoulder Pad. It is used to complete crafting recipes for the powerful.
Green Beret
. Friends can give parts for the 3 units you can also get from Mystery Cubes which can be crafted in the crafting menu, if your friends have colonies then they can give planet-type-exclusive crystals for the Skull Nuke.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - FCF7852
-Friends Bunker
Friends Bunker
This is the most powerful defense you can use in the early game. It allows friends to send units to this bunker and defend your planet from any attackers. Bazookas will be your standard unit in the Friends Bunker. If they are really nice, they may send a more powerful crafted unit. The Colossus will protect your base from being destroyed by 2 Missile Rain battle supporters.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - C713BF7
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 8BD4E3B
You don't have to worry about defenses in the early game. After a full day of play, you can upgrade Starbase level 4. If you have friends that are mid-progressed and near Starbase 4, you should put down a Friends Bunker for cheap defenses. After the tutorial, you are given a 6 day shield. It will expire after you attack.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 195FF12
You have 100 Galaxy Chips to start the game. What can you do? You can spend 10 of these to speed up the Bazooka activation. You should save them all for the midgame for colonies.

Mid Game

Starbase 4-6
Now all options are open for you and your empire is free.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 683EDA4
If you plan to focus your efforts on improving your houses, you should make sure that all your houses are level. This will allow you to avoid being too focused on one house at a given time. The payoff is great, but you'll be late on other houses because you have other priorities than just collecting coins.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Mid Game - 776151B
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - CEF60D4
You now have a laboratory. You can now upgrade units with minerals. This is crucial for the attacking routes for (hopefully)) obvious reasons. However, each upgrade will increase the unit's price so be cautious. Bazookas, and others, are the best units to use in mid-game.
Beetle Tanks – []
So upgrade them when you can. If they aren't upgraded enough, go for S-Trikes. They become the meta-unit late in the game.
Bazooka Beetle combination is the best combo for mid-game. Because they essentially mirror a Colossus's behavior, the Bazooka and Beetle Tank have low damage and high health and the Bazooka high in health. Put the Bazookas behind the Beetle Tank for a high-health-high-damage combo which is extremely powerful until you unlock the Colossus itself. S-trike can be decent, but really starts to take off at higher levels. You should also unlock
Mender – []
This is great for healing Beetle Tanks as they are being bombarded.
Concerning battle support such as Missile Rains & Boulder Strikes: Save those for alliance wars later.
Starbase 5 is the level that unlocks Starbase
Falcons – []
These are great (but expensive) to attack, but they are amazing for defense so you should unlock them if possible.
A trick to make money Fill your Warp Gates with enough coins to allow you to upgrade a unit. When the upgrade is complete, you will receive a refund for the cost of the upgrade. You'll make a profit by reselling the units in your queue.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 1FB3CEE
I hope you have now 3 workers on you main planet and enough hammers to spare to have 3 workers for your colonies. This is necessary to ensure that you don't have certain planets 'overdeveloped.' (There are no upgrades too expensive for your current progress,), or other planets that are slowing down in their development.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Mid Game - DE27D6D
Colonies – []
Your expanding empire is only possible if you have a strong foundation. You can build one.
Observatory –
You can get another one with every upgrade. Do you build only military? What are your chances of getting attacked?
My personal recommendation would be to use your colonies for what you do not have. For example, if you have been focusing solely on military, you might be lacking in coins and minerals (. If this is the case, then get 3 workers with the hammers saved up. If you are afraid of attack, you can build defenses around your coin-colony or move it with 10 chips to another location. There isn't much you can loot with army-colonies other than experience points.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 136094A
I hope that you have managed to gather a few friends to give you items and units. There might be a colony or two that you don't have far. This means that friends could leak your planet coordinates.
Once you complete the Save the Starlings! mission chain! After completing the campaign mission chain, you can unlock the
Academy – []
This can be used for great rewards such as batteries and Friendship Stones, which can be used by new players to receive (free workers)
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Mid Game - 8BAE025
Invite a Steam friend as a student. You will receive rewards depending on your level (. Refer to the wiki page about).
Early levels are a great way to get the workers and batteries you need. If you already have friends, then make them your apprentice.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 195FF12
Spend all your chips speeding the upgrading process for your Observatory to get colonies quickly. This will accelerate your progress tremendously. Another option is to unlock additional training slots for your units, so you can have more units ready for when you go offline.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Mid Game - 02FE255
Alliances are an important feature of the game. They also provide the drive to play it. However it's not recommended to play in alliances after Starbase 5.6. If you want to make money and get items from attacking, you should stay online as much and have good defences, filled up bunkers, and avoid expensive armies.
One thing is for certain: if your colony is attacked with, its coordinates are visible to the enemy. Be sure to trust your friends. Any member of your friends list can reveal the coordinates to the enemy.
Even with the net profits wars, you can easily unlock a Marine unit medal which unlocks a last upgrade for Marines: Level 7, level7 Marines make great and quick looters for any poorly defended world (Atleast for those without Mortars.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 8BD4E3B
As your average level has made it easy for target spotters to target you, now you must focus on defenses. Your base layout is one of the most important aspects. Although there may be other guides for this, it is recommended that you keep your bunkers full Falcons.
It's important that you upgrade the base deepest to maximize their range.
Laser Towers

They are especially effective against Beetle Tanks. Bazookas. S-trikes. Falcons. This is why people use them mid-game.

Late Game

Starbase 7-8
You should have been playing for several months, have all the units unlocked and nearly all colonies, and be part of an alliance. You are now ready to take on the big leaderboards.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 683EDA4
You have most of your Compact Houses maxed-out on all your colonies and you have a lot friends (. However, if you're in an alliance that is competitive, then you might have few friends to help you protect your coordinates.
To ensure a steady income in wars, you should continue to max out your Compact Houses. These houses are safe from the enemy provided that you don't use them as an attack target.
You might not have enough minerals to spend on upgrading units. Keep collecting Mystery Cubes. Encourage your friends and family to send them every day.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - CEF60D4
Starbase level 7 will be the most exciting. Here you can see the top alliances fighting their wars. They are great at cleaning out enemies' bunkers and are the best unit for filling your own. Upgrade the Strike to level 6, and you can begin using them. Menders are pretty much designed for Colossi as they can only heal 1 unit at a time, so Menders work well with quality-above-quantity units. You can also unlock Zeppelin. It's too expensive to train and isn't very good.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 136094A
Same old deal as Mid-Game. You can only add friends to your competitive game and ask them to send Mystery Cubes each day, even if they aren't at war.
If you are nice, you might also recommend to your lower-level friends some powerful troops. Unless the bunker is destroyed entirely by Missiles/Boulder Strikes, then you can just kindly refill it.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 1FB3CEE
If you have three workers on all your colonies, it's a good idea for you to get four on your last few colonies. This will speed up their growth and help them catch up faster.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Mid Game - DE27D6D
All your colonies should now be spread throughout the galaxy.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 8BD4E3B
The bunkers should be stocked with a few Menders, Colossi, and Mortars) at all times. This is because they are the best defenses and it requires your enemy's to make more than one attempt to completely your base. Bunkers (and Mortars) should be deep inside your base covering every corner. They shouldn't be too close as they can all easily be destroyed by one Skull nuke. Freeze Turrets slow down the Strike tremendously and can be easily killed by Mortars.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Mid Game - 02FE255
If you've been playing in competitive alliances, you might have collected a few gold medals. While this is more difficult than casual alliances, it does save time and resources.
Now you're playing in the big games. It's time to ensure that your members are quality players. You need 10 members that are active online all the time and who know how to attack. This will prevent your members from leaking point to the enemy and reduce the chances of any bad players being granted free points.
You can ensure your units are protected when you go to bed by filling your Warp Gates the cheapest unit and then waiting for the army that you want the next day. Once your base has been destroyed, log back in and refresh your Warpgates. If your base is not destroyed, remove the Marines. Refresh and your units should be there.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 195FF12
You should spend more chips on unlocking slots for training unit training. This is because you can hide more money in them and have more units to train when you wake up the next morning.

End Game

Starbase 9 – Maxed Bases
You're almost at the end of the game, you've done it! Now what? These sections aren't going to take a lot of time as most of them are done. However, i'll include them in order to complete the guide and to help you if you need it.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 683EDA4
You have exhausted all your houses and mines. Maybe you even have some cubes left. These should be spent on wars. You probably have all of your units maxed and you have nothing to spend minerals on. There was a building specifically designed for this issue.
Use the Refinery. []

How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - CEF60D4
Now, you must have all the unit Medals. You can now use the level 7 Strike, which is the best unit and wipes out most bunkerless bases (. Even then, it does ma*sive damage).
Along with the S–trike, you also have the option to use the level 7.
Starlinators – []
So that the S'trikes can continue to operate, it is important for you to target the defenses as soon as possible. Colossus does not change from level 6-7, but Menders are more powerful and still a viable option. These are the only units available at the end.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 1FB3CEE
If your last colonies don't have enough workers, you can get 5 workers and get the job done.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 136094A
There's not much to report here. Just keep sending Mystery Cubes.
Maybe it's time for you to mentor and educate younger players. You can be a mentor more than the Academy.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Mid Game - DE27D6D
You have all colonies. The type of colonies that you have after you get 6 of each type will depend on what mineral is missing for the Skull Nukes. Alternately you can opt for purple colonies such Habuoyas(. These giant trees) make it nearly impossible to attack the enemy by strategically covering up your entire planet.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 8BD4E3B
Starbase 9 unlocks Starbase 9's final level for turrets. An extremely powerful Cannon Blast level 10-11 has the same range as a level 1-level 1 Sniper Tower.
You can get the most out your base layouts by using these guides.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Mid Game - 02FE255
It's time to move for 1 –, work to join the top alliances, and fight to keep the 1 position! This has been the driving force for Galaxy Life and Galaxy Life without alliance wars would be impossible. You can be the leader of your own alliance. Then recruit the best and learn the social skills, tricks, and strategies of the game.
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Early Game - 195FF12
Chips have limited use, other than to move colonies. But you can now use them on anything you don't want to use before, like speeding units up or buying premium shops or shields.


Thank you to the people who proofread my guide and helped me in certain departments while making this guide. It was published before the open beta.
You can also leave your suggestions in the comments.
Wiki Discord Flash and Pocket Adventures (Flash – []
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Closure - 7F65941
Covenant Imperium – (My Competitive Alliance Discord – []
How To Progress Fast - Galaxy Life - Closure - 4B7237B


This is all we can share for How To Progress Fast – Galaxy Life for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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