How to raid a vault – Sea of Thieves

How to raid a vault – Sea of Thieves 1 -
How to raid a vault – Sea of Thieves 1 -

This guide will teach you how you can raid a vault if it is difficult!

Step one

First, you will need the quest. It should contain information about a golden routefinder. After that, you can place it in your ship and then vote on it.

Step 2!

Now it is time to set sail. Now you need to set sail.

Step three

Once you have found the key, you can read it.

Step four

Once you get inside, you will find piles and chests of gold as well as a table in the middle.
You can find keys up on the platforms. They are circular/ hexagonal and have a picture. Once they are in the slot, you can see symbols. Move the blocks around the room until they all match. And press the button. Make sure you have them in the right orientation

Final step

Once you have done so, start moving everything out of your room.
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