How to release all spirit – Jester`s Theater Museum

How to release all spirit – Jester`s Theater Museum 1 -
How to release all spirit – Jester`s Theater Museum 1 -

Mine guide is my route which is go right first then left so the Exhibit look like this

Exhibit 1 : Take the girl to the left then go down and swap with the girl down there. ( GHOST KEY on the right of the bas*ment ).
Exhibit 3 : Took the very first key then give it to the patient. ( GHOST KEY on the very left in the room too + green potion to kill the clown, also not taking the first key will spawn the 2nd one in the same room as the ghost key which unlock another scene here and if u want the scene here just go to the room that was looked or the other room ).
Exhibit 7 : Take the village key on the right then go back to the first place, solve the puzzle then press enter to input the key and u free to go out the gate. ( GHOST KEY also at where the village key at, use the blue potion at the girl to unlock the scene).
Exhibit 6 : Take the figurine on the very right then interact with the pillar, after that flip the star up and go to bed.
Exhibit 10: Go in the room on the right and take the key, give it to invisible man. ( Also the gun in there for another scene).
After this go straight up and u back to Exhibit 1.
Exhibit 2 : Go to the very right then take the bullet and give it to Sebastian. ( I don’t know why the option steal the key there so i guess it from the other game ) . Use the green potion to kill the clown and get in the room for 2 other scene.
Exhibit 4 : Took the thing, type in number on the shirt, enter and E. ( GHOST KEY on the left of mid area and PUMPKIN on the right of bottom area ). sorry dev but the scene here suck
Exhibit 5 : Take the red potion, use on the circle and WALA tentacle fk him real good . ( PUMPKIN after u take to the man at grave yard on the right ).
Exhibit 9 : Go right until u saw the hammer and symbol then match it with mechanism and put the hammer in. ( PUMPKIN near the symbol ).
Exhibit 8 : Go to the right then return when u heard shooting.
Exhibit 12: Voltage 900, read how to do in the note and you good to go.
Exhibit 13: Light every light. just keep going right or left and spam ur enter button lul ( PUMPKIN lie between the gate on the left scene from where u start ).
Exhibit 14: Go right, bug->eye->the other thing. ( Go in Pharaoh room and bug->eye->bug for the scene, and if u wrong enough u got another scene ).


Written by It’s Me

Here we come to an end for the How to release all spirit – Jester`s Theater Museum guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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