How to repair a generators? – Dead by Daylight

How to repair a generators? – Dead by Daylight 1 -
How to repair a generators? – Dead by Daylight 1 -

After many years of never-ending fires between me and the chair, this guide was born. I hope you find it useful and that you are able to share some of the strategies that will increase your chances of a successful escape with your entire team.
A little about you:
Since the first killer nurse chapter was released, I've been playing Dead by Daylight. (Yes, I'm the one who has the legacy). Since then I've played around 4k hours. From one game to the next, I see the same stupid mistakes made by survivors. The rank, the hours spent, the prestige of the player, or the bright skin of Nea do not guarantee that your teammate knows how to play.


This manual is a translation I made with Google Translate, with some adjustments. It might be difficult to read for you. We're also ready to make changes to the text. Let us know the best example text in the comments so we can get started!


How to repair a generators? - Dead by Daylight - Introduction - 1F192CD
I don’t want to condense this guide into a thousand pages , so let’s just go through it (no):
Dead by Daylight is primarily a team game, so it's important to think as a team (details below). In some situations, even Any one of the four could change the outcome. . It is possible that his actions were not intentional.
What does it really mean to "think in a team"
The goal " Escape the gate without dying " is secondaryfor a team player. This logic is easily explained with the main goal. The main goal is win some time so that others can complete actions leading to the implementation a secondary objective. Despite the fact these statements contradict the slogan of "Death IS Not an Escape", your personal victory is to die for the escape of your comrades (and it is possible, that someone will sacrifice themselves next time).
How to repair a generators? - Dead by Daylight - Introduction - 0B71312
Agree, This goal setting modifies the actions can or should take. :
1. not "start 5 generators", а " Start generators in a manner that it doesn’t play a cruel game on the team's future "
2. not " Avoid a poke when a wounded comrade has brought an a*sa*sin. ", a:
2.1 Get a hit so your friend can drag you to a safer location. ",
or even
2.2 " You can try to lure the killer by giving him a hit ",
and sometimes
2.3 " To hang in place of a comrade threatened with the final stage, he will deliberately substitute himself ".
There are still many examples of oppositions. I hope you have captured its essence and we can go back to generators.
How to repair a generators? - Dead by Daylight - Introduction - DA7A85F
Consider this common mistake.
The fourth generator was created by the man. He was a great person and repaired all four. – repaired the most secure or all of the items in a row, which is fatal. And this mistake lies in the fact that the repair was carried out in such a way that the killer has a triangle of generators, each of which he can to go about 3-5 seconds. Alas, All members of the team are responsible for these actions But this is just one example. Sometimes, the whole team is involved.
Blue star: The generator is in operation.
Red triangle: remaining generators.
How to repair a generators? - Dead by Daylight - Introduction - 1B0BAF9
These tactics may be used by the killer in an intentional way, but they are not common in practice. The killers' triangles are actually given by the survivors. So how can you avoid this trap. Let's examine the simplest strategy to repair generators.

Basic repair strategy

RTO stands for "repair by one".
The essence lies in the implementation, but I will still explain how it works.
1. The game is over and you have discovered the first generator
2. Repair
3. If you get started, run further and ignore any generators that you come across. If the killer follows the survivor as he repairs it after breaking hot* gene, then simply touch it and move on to the next one.
4. After finding the next generator we return to point 2. Then we circle (2-3-4-2-3-4 ).
* Hot – With high repair progress
Tip: Don't ignore the generators at the corners. They are best left to the late game.
* Late Game – This refers to the time it is not possible to start any of the three generators on the map.
Pros: Simple to remember and easy in practice
Cons: situational strategy.

Universal repair strategy

This strategy is built on a system prioritizing. What it consists:
1. Generator located close to other generators (priority determined by the number of relations, details are below)
2. Generator closest the center
3. The generator is found in an unsafe area (open area or absence of pallets).
Accordingly, Priority of generator for you or the killer is determined by how many of the criteria it meets. .
Please note: This list contains no "repair Progress" criterion. This means that even if the generator is hot, it is not necessary or even fatal to repair it. Example:
You are repairing a useful generator. However, next to you is a neighboring Govnogen*. It would be more beneficial to leave for late game. Therefore, your generator's priority has fallen and you should abandon it and switch to the next one. It follows that the priority system for generator repair is dynamic and will change depending on the contribution of your group.
* Govnogen- A generator with which someone can alter the balance of current prioritization.
Blue star: The generator is in operation.
Green circle: you repaired.
Red circle: current priority.
How to repair a generators? - Dead by Daylight - Universal repair strategy - 4BFA01F
If you have a sober a*sessment of the situation and you find that repairing it in the current conditions doesn't create a difficult situation, you can then start it. However it is worth noting that your teammate could start an adjacent gene and create triangles. [/previewimg]
Pros: versatility, reliability.
Cons: complexity.

Priority determined by the number or relations

How to repair a generators? - Dead by Daylight - Priority by the number of relations - 573B528
As you can clearly see, the generators' relations are more important than their priority. If you start the generators marked with red circles, the killer will find it extremely difficult to patrol the remaining generators. Even though it is difficult to repair these generators, I can already find safer options. You would be too confused to draw them. So, capture the essence of the next drawing.
Safe triangles
How to repair a generators? - Dead by Daylight - Priority by the number of relations - 78024A4

Situational microtactics

If a killer won’t let anyone repair a certain gene, then someone else can provoke him about the one gene he’s "obsessed” over. Others will then go to fix other generators according the above schemes, without forgetting to consider possible priorities in case the first generator fails.
How to provoke?
The killer comes => run back => killer damages the generator => moves off => you continue repairing and so forth in a circular fashion. It's easier and more profitable to provoke in two.
The mechanics of repairing generators are not only an M1 space part of the gameplay. It is also a strategic part of each game. Priorities change dynamically during the game.

That's all!

If you find the guide to be useful or of potential use to someone else, please consider supporting it. Thank you so much for reading the entire guide and "Good luck next time!"
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