How to romance Ms. Shakedown – Yakuza 0

How to romance Ms. Shakedown – Yakuza 0 1 -
How to romance Ms. Shakedown – Yakuza 0 1 -

In this guide, I’ll be referencing the guide made here – []  and going a bit more in-depth in describing specifics on starting your shakedown grind, and specifying somethings regarding how to profit ma*sively off of shakedown. It’s very simple, but not everyone is fully aware of it, so I might as well cover it just in case.
I also have a video here that I’ll put for visual aid. I am not that great at yakuza 0, but I do know how to make things easier, faster.

Step 0 – What this guide will a*sume of you

This is just obligatory.
This guide will a*sume that you are at Chapter 10, and have already beaten all of the 5 billionaires, or at least up to the media king. There is only one core tool to our kit besides the DoD twist counter that is essential and is locked at media king, and it can be substituted by the guard version.
This guide will also a*sume that you’ve completed all of the training from Bacchus and the company.
This guide has a visual aid, here – [] 

Step 1 – Priority Abilities (Rush)

The sooner you get to these specific abilities, the easier things will get, and the less you will have to rely on resources or direct confrontation to keep your heat.
How to romance Ms. Shakedown - Yakuza 0 - Step 1 - Priority Abilities (Rush) - 2E353BE00
You should be getting this first. It’s invaluable and allows you to start a heat loop very easily. It’s also extremely cheap, being a mere 632k yen to reach. Dodge at the start when the enemy does an attack, and you’ll reach heat level 3.
How to romance Ms. Shakedown - Yakuza 0 - Step 1 - Priority Abilities (Rush) - 199413A1D
This is arguably the most useful and easiest to access the ability to start with. It’s also the only counter technique before DoD (and easier than Counter Hook) that covers all options against shakedown while being a low investment. You can very easily do a constant feedback loop of countering, kicking them/taunting to gain heat, dodging works too, and then repeating the cycle to cheese them this way.
The real downside to this is that it costs 3 billion yen total to reach.

Step 2 – Priority Abilities (Beast)

Bear Hug before DoD is arguably the best tool in Kiryu’s kit, besides Counter Hook and Elbow Counter.
It has two variants, being the aggressive version and the defensive version. Both deal the same damage, and both require heat 3 to execute.
The aggressive version is cheaper, with the drawback being that you can’t access it until you defeat the media king to fully unlock your beast set.
Pretty much whenever you hit Heat 3, I would try to let out a Bear Hug ASAP, because it’s 2nd best damage in the game for a low amount of effort on your part. I would highly suggest that you get Herculean Fortitude, because if you decide you want to defend, it makes shakedown’s hardest hits mere tickles, especially with Azure Dragon Spirit.
How to romance Ms. Shakedown - Yakuza 0 - Step 2 - Priority Abilities (Beast) - 1CD190D78

Step 3 – Priority Abilities (Brawler)

How to romance Ms. Shakedown - Yakuza 0 - Step 3 - Priority Abilities (Brawler) - 5C27EA0CF
This is pretty much the only useful move from Brawler specifically that you can use against shakedown. This is a great counter to use with practice, especially when you’re in the process of building heat and are not wanting to use Rush.

Step 4 – Shakedown Grind Method

The best thing you can do is work with your businesses as a means to feed shakedown money. The reason we feed shakedown money is that he will hold onto all of the cash that he’s stolen from us, and we won’t be fighting him for keeps until we get Mr.Shakedown’s Deep Pockets because that’s when we REALLY start to make money off him.
How to romance Ms. Shakedown - Yakuza 0 - Step 4 - Shakedown Grind Method - D8E4F0C50
Essentially, you’ll want to use your business to get cash and then feed ms. shakedown your money so that he can eventually regurgitate it back to us in bigger amounts. Never be upset when you lose to shakedown, because all that means is that now shakedown is going to hold onto that money (and other money you lost) and become a really ma*sive reward in the long run that will make your life way easier.
Since it works based on a multiplier, it snowballs and gets bigger and bigger and bigger as you go on and give shakedown more and more money.

Step 5 – Setting up Counters and Offenses

This is primarily going to focus on Elbow, Bear Hug (both aggressive and defensive), and Twist counter.
First off, we’ll identify times for Elbow and Twist counter.

  • Standard Attacks
  • Charge
  • Tackle

Now, we’ll bring up Bear Hug (Aggressive)

  • After dodging Charge
  • After dodging Tackle
  • After/during Standard Attacks

Now, we’ll bring up Bear Hug (Defensive)

  • Standard Attacks
  • Charge

If you see Tackle, do NOT use BHD. Use BHA, Elbow, or Twist Counter, or you will get grabbed and K.O.’d

Step 6 – Context Sensitive Methods

Do keep in mind that you can always cheese using Tauriner as well as a knife for a neutral standing heat action. The gutting heat action will cause your enemy to crumble onto the ground, and (normally) you can fit 3 kicks in before the enemy gets up, and by then you will have enough heat to slam another gutting heat action in. Sometimes you can only do two. If you see him reset into the stock wake-up animation from it, stop kicking or you will accidentally do the stomp heat action for significantly weaker damage and you’ll be forced to use a Tauriner if you want to be lazy and just stab loop.
You can also use tight areas (like alleyways), or areas with flat walls, to force the opponent into repeated leg breaker heat actions via Brawler stance. It does very sizable amounts of damage, and is extremely easy and accessible. This isn’t as powerful as the gut-loop, but it’s still very easy and strong.

Written by Tee Jay

This is all we can share for How to romance Ms. Shakedown – Yakuza 0 for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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