How to summon Joey’s World Tour (OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE) – Terraria

How to summon Joey’s World Tour (OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE) – Terraria 1 -
How to summon Joey’s World Tour (OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE) – Terraria 1 -

There has been a guide before on how to summon Joey’s World Tour, but i found it vague and hard to follow, so allow me to save the day. Here is a detailed guide on how to summon JOEYS WORLD TOUR in Terraria!!!

How to summon

Joey’s World Tour is a post Moon Lord boss and kind of a dead meme, so he is pretty hard to find. In order to summon him, you need to craft the Hands Free Nutella Challenge at a demon/crimson altar. This item requires:
x10000 Nutella Ore (more on that later!)
x1 Gla*s Bottle
Once the player has crafted the Hands Free Nutella Challenge, one must use it during a Fat Moon, a special event that has about a 1/1000 chance of appearing in place of a Frost or Pumpkin Moon. The Fat Moon has no unique enemies other than Joey’s World Tour, so dont worry about creatures interrupting the fight. You will know when a Fat Moon occurs when the splash text “The air is filled with the smell of McDonalds” Appears

Obtaining Nutella Ore

Nutella Ore is the rarest material in the game. After the Moon Lord is defeated, every morning each Chlorophyte ore vein present in the world has a 1/10000 chance of becoming Nutella ore. The best and easiest way to obtain Nutellla Ore is to make a Chlorophyte farm as early as possible in order to maximize your chances.
Nutella Ore is not only used to craft the Hands Free Nutella Challenge but is also used to make weapons with materials that Joey’s World Tour drops, so keep a stockpile on hand in order to craft the best weapons in the game!

The Fight

Joeys World Tour has 75,000 HP, is immune to all status effects, and the same defense as a Dungeon Guardian, meaning that weapons with higher DPS are most effective against him, as every weapon only does 1 Damage.
Joey has 3 different attacks

  • Throw Nutella: Joey grabs a handful of Nutella and throws it at the player. With no armor this attack does 400 damage, so it is imperative that the player dodges this attack
  • Faceplant: Joey faceplants into a bowl of Nutella, anybody caught under him during this attack will take 1000 armor ignoring damage. Luckily this attack is highly choreographed, so dodging it is simple
  • Burp: Joey lets out a nasty burp, dealing low damage initially but also summons Nutella Tapeworms. The Nutella Tapeworms have the same A.I. as the Wall of Flesh’s Leeches, but are twice as fast and deal 10x more damage, but only have 10 HP due to being composed entirely of Nutella.

If he is not defeated by the end of the Fat Moon, he will despawn.

Recommended Gear

  • A high DPS Ranged Weapon like the Chaingun
  • Armor with bullet saving chances is useless as everything does 1 damage and Joey is immune to all status effects, so special ammo is a waste. Wear the most protective armor you can, and use an Endless Quiver/Musket Pouch
  • Fighting Joey with melee weapons is not advised, as it makes his attacks harder to dodge. A few exceptions include the Solar Eruption and Daybreak.
  • Magic Weapons are useful against Joey, as most are ranged and mana functions as regenerating ammo. Wear Nebula Armor to gain bonus mana and buff pickups from Nutella Tapeworms. Full mana regeneration buffs and the Last Prism can be very effective
  • The Stardust Dragon Staff can be helpful for continuous pa*sive damage.



Joey’s World Tour drops the following items

  • 10-50 Fat Chunks 100%
  • 10-50 Grease Globs 100%
  • 100 Nutella Ore 100%
  • Joey’s World Tour Treasure Bag (EXPERT ONLY)
  • Joey’s World Tour Relic (MASTER MODE ONLY)
  • Endless Stomach (EXPERT MODE)
  • The Fat Bat 1%

The fat chunks, grease globs and Nutella Ore can be used to craft various Nutella themed weapons, similar to other generic ores. (Nutella Broadsword, etc)
The Fat Bat is one of the weakest weapons in the game, it does about 5 damage, however it has a ma*sive knockback rating of 40, twice that of the Slap Hand.
The Endless Stomach is Joey’s expert mode drop, it allows the character to recieve enhanced effects when eating food (all food grants Exquisitely Stuffed buff instead of Well Fed or Plenty satisfied) at the cost of halving the duration the effects. It also eliminates the starving mechanic on The Constant world seeds when equipped.


Trying to summon Joey at any time other than the Fat Moon or before Moon Lord is defeated with instead summon Nikocado Avocado, who is invincible and will fall down and crush the player!

Here we come to an end for the How to summon Joey’s World Tour (OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE) – Terraria guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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