How to Tap Strafe like a pro – Apex Legends

How to Tap Strafe like a pro – Apex Legends 1 -
How to Tap Strafe like a pro – Apex Legends 1 -

This guide will help you perform a Tap Strafe within Apex Legends in four easy steps.

How to Tap Strafe In Apex Legends


What is Tap Strafing, in Apex Legends.


The Apex Legends development engine, which is used in other Valve games and Apex Legends, slightly alters a character's momentum vector when the forward key has been pressed. Modifying the player's momentum vector incrementally will result in a complete 180 degree hairpin turn. This is very helpful in Apex Legacy, as mobility is the key to this game.


How to Execute a Tap Crime in Apex Legends

After a slide jump in the air strafe beginning, quickly tap on the forward button. Although it may seem very simple, timing is extremely important in this move. Tap strafe, which is only possible with the mouse-and keyboard control scheme, can only be performed on PC players.
Tap strafe is a combination of bunny hop and air strafing. Tap strafe is only possible if you are familiar with these movement techniques. This technique also uses an exclusive keybind to accomplish it. To perform a Tap Strafe follow these steps.

  1. Change the move forward keybind for either scroll wheel
  2. To move quickly, flick the scroll wheel. Each tick of mouse wheel changes the vector.
  3. Slide jump and hold A, D (or your configuration of strafe keys) during the game.
  4. Scroll down after jumping and hold the strafe button.


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