How to Unlock Age of Wonders 4 Console Commands and Cheat Codes

How to Unlock Age of Wonders 4 Console Commands and Cheat Codes 1 -
How to Unlock Age of Wonders 4 Console Commands and Cheat Codes 1 -

How to Unlock Age of Wonders 4 Console Commands and Cheat Codes

Hey there, gaming buddies! Ready to level up your Age of Wonders 4 gameplay? I’ve got your back with the coolest Console Commands and Cheat Codes to turn you into an unstoppable force. Let’s dive in and unlock some gaming magic!

World Map Wizardry: Console Commands and Cheat Codes

Wanna be a map master? Just press Ctrl + Alt + C and bam! You’re ready to enter these awesome Single Player World Map Cheat Codes:

  • cruijff: Unlimited moves? Yes, please! Roam around the map like you own it.
  • allheroes: Grab any hero you want, no matter the map. Talk about squad goals!
  • barentz: Reveal all secrets with complete map vision. It’s like having a gaming GPS!
  • coehoorn: Bust through city walls instantly. Who has time for sieges anyway?
  • demonen: Make an empire your enemy by decreasing alignment. Drama alert!
  • dokterwie: Get an extra turn by increasing your turn counter. More playtime, folks!
  • eendracht: Speed up your Expansion Victory with the Beacons of Unity boost.
  • eenheid: Nail all Occupy Provinces Objectives for that sweet Expansion Victory.
  • engelen: Increase alignment and make friends in high places for long-term wins.
  • forge: Craft a random item and mix up your hero’s style.
  • forgeall: Get a random item for every type, because why not?
  • forgeallchannels: Forge items for every damage type and be the envy of your enemies.
  • freepop: Add +1 population to your city and watch it thrive.
  • gainforgeresources: Score 100,000 gold, mana, and essence to boost your empire.
  • genhero: Welcome a random new hero to your squad for some fresh tactics.
  • gencrypthero: Summon a crypt hero and spook your enemies with unique skills.
  • genprisonhero: Free a hero from captivity and make them your ally.
  • hauer: Level up your entire army, because everyone deserves a boost.
  • hein: Win instantly for a quick ego boost. Sometimes, you just need a win!
  • huygens: Level up your empire in a snap and get a leg up on the competition.
  • iamgod: Always win in auto-combat. Feel the power!
  • ikbedoelalles: Unlock all spells and become a magical mastermind.
  • improverelation: Make your city more loyal and strengthen those alliances.
  • instantskills: Instantly learn new skills because who likes waiting?
  • instantforge: Forge items in a flash. Time is gold, after all.
  • leeuwenhoek: Finish all research projects at once and be a tech wizard.
  • makeally: Instantly buddy up with another empire for those sweet alliances.

These cheats will totally transform your Age of Wonders 4 experience. Have fun, be strategic, and remember, it’s all about enjoying the game!

Decrease relations with a target empire for 20 turns using the “makeangry” cheat. It’s like “demonen” but with a time limit. Survive an onslaught and then back to normal.

Instantly form a Pact of Cooperation with a selected free city using the “makecoop” cheat. It’s all about making friends in the right places!

Level Up with Enhanced Cheats for Age of Wonders 4:

Here are some supercharged cheats to give you that extra edge:

Empire Relations Power Plays:

  • “makehappy” – Boost relations with an empire by 100 for 20 turns. Time to make some allies!
  • “makeangry” – Flip the script and get an empire to go against you. Spice things up!

City Control Like a Boss:

  • “makeintegrated” – Instantly make a city part of your empire. Talk about expansion!
  • “makeloyal” – Seal a Pact of Loyalty with any city. Loyalty is key!
  • “makeneutral” – End wars with a snap. Peace out!
  • “makeva*sal” – Turn a city into your va*sal. Expand your rule!

Empire Actions for the Win:

  • “makewar” – Start a war on a whim. Because why not?
  • “martin” – Raise your hero cap to 999. The more, the merrier!
  • “masterskills” – Research all skills instantly. Be a know-it-all!
  • “oldenbarnevelt” – Bag 100,000 imperium. That’s a lot of power!
  • “optimalprime” – Free and instant spell casts. Unleash chaos!
  • “philips” – Instantly produce resources. Time saver alert!
  • “questmaster” – Toggle quests on or off. Customize your adventure!
  • “rallythelieges” – Start the Rally of the Lieges in a flash.
  • “rembrandt” – Get 100,000 gold and mana. Riches galore!
  • “reuvens” – Excavate every diggable area. Treasure hunting time!
  • “ruijter” – Equip your heroes with new items. Gear up!
  • “spaargaren” – Unlock empire development. Grow your reign!
  • “spinoza” – Gain 100,000 souls. Soul power!
  • “tasman” – Explore the entire map. No stone unturned!
  • “unexplore” – Hide the map again. Keep some mystery!
  • “unlockforgeupgrades” – Unlock all forge infusions. Upgrade time!
  • “verdoemenis” – Boost your Magic Victory efforts. Cast away!
  • “voorhees” – Infinite skill points. Skill up!
  • “warlord” – Declare wars on everyone. Let the games begin!
  • “willem” – Trigger instant defeat. Sometimes, you just gotta restart.
  • “demo” – Combine “masterskills,” “philips,” and “rembrandt” for ultimate power.
  • “flyingdutchman” – Mix “barentz,” “crujiff,” and “rembrandt” for a fun combo.
  • “forgemaster” – Activate all the forging cheats at once. Forge frenzy!
  • “defeat1” – Instant loss for Player 1. Ouch!
  • “defeat2” – Player 2 loses instantly. Better luck next time!
  • “defeat3” – Instant defeat for Player 3. Game over!
  • “defeat4” – Player 4 takes the L.
  • “victory1” – Instant win for Player 1. Champion!
  • “victory2” – Player 2 wins on the spot. Victory dance!
  • “victory3” – Player 3 snags a quick win. Score!
  • “victory4” – Player 4 grabs an easy win. Woohoo!

Tactical Combat Tricks: Cheats to Master the Battlefield

Alright warriors, ready to dominate in Tactical Combat? These cheats are like your secret weapons:

  • “cruijff” – Move your units around like they’ve got turbo boosters!
  • “exhaust” – Zap all action points from an enemy unit. Gotcha!
  • “wakeup” – Give your units a full recharge. Back in the game!
  • “happy” – Boost your unit’s morale. Keep ’em smiling!
  • “sad” – Bring down an enemy unit’s morale. A little mood swing!
  • “medic” – Max out your unit’s HP. Instant health potion!
  • “weaken” – Drop an enemy unit’s HP. Take that!
  • “winnow” – Instant win! Because sometimes you just need that victory.
  • “runaway” – Quick exit stage left with an instant loss. Retreat!

Have a blast with these, but remember, they’re for solo play against AI. No sneaky moves against your human pals!

Become a Combat Pro with These Awesome Cheats

Struggling with the fights in Age of Wonders 4? No worries! Check out these game-changing cheats:

Move It or Lose It: Movement and Action Point Cheats

  • “cruijff” – Unlimited unit moves. Dance around your enemies!
  • “exhaust” – Drain a unit’s action points. Slow them down!
  • “wakeup” – Refill your unit’s action points. Get back in the fight!

Boost or Bust: Morale and Health Cheats

  • “happy” – Morale up by 20 for your troops. Keep spirits high!
  • “sad” – Drop enemy morale by 20. A little demoralizer!
  • “medic” – Heal your unit to full HP. Doctor’s in the house!
  • “weaken” – Reduce an enemy’s HP to the minimum. Ouch!

Win or Flee: Combat Result Cheats

  • “winnow” – Secure an instant win. Claim your victory!
  • “runaway” – Opt for an instant loss. Live to fight another day!

Use these tricks wisely and transform your tactical battles into epic wins (or strategic retreats)!

Supercharge Your Age of Wonders 4 Experience with These Cheats

In Age of Wonders 4, you can totally spice up your game with these cool cheats. Whether you’re in combat, managing units, or just want to shake things up, these cheats have got you covered:

  • alwayshit – Make sure every attack hits its mark and watch those status effects fly!
  • killerbunny – Scare off any selected units with ease. Boo!
  • getout – Caught in a bind? Poof! Remove all selected units and start anew.
  • levelup – Boost your units’ levels instantly. Level up!
  • nolimit – Forget turn limits and play at your own pace. Take your time!
  • refresh – Reset all those ability cooldowns for your unit. Ready, set, go again!
  • restart – Redo combat from the start. Practice makes perfect!
  • runaway – Things looking grim? Retreat and regroup. Strategic withdrawal!
  • konings – Refresh abilities and wake up units all at once. Double the fun!
  • normalhits – Turn off all those hit modifiers and go back to basics.

These cheats are your ticket to an even more fun and exciting Age of Wonders 4 experience. Dive in and enjoy every twist and turn!

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