How to Use a Recoilless Rifle from a Distance in HELLDIVERS 2

How to Use a Recoilless Rifle from a Distance in HELLDIVERS 2 1 -
How to Use a Recoilless Rifle from a Distance in HELLDIVERS 2 1 -

How to Use a Recoilless Rifle from a Distance in HELLDIVERS 2

Attention, Helldivers! While newer weapons like the railgun often steal the spotlight, let us not forget the enduring might of the GR-8 Recoilless Rifle, a true force in the arsenal of democracy. Unlike lock-on systems, this reliable weapon hits its mark with unwavering precision. With readily available ammunition and unmatched impact, it outperforms railguns and autocannons. A single shot can silence illegal broadcasts and obliterate spore spewers from a safe distance, even outside the spore cloud. In the hands of a skilled gunner-loader team, it can swiftly dispatch tanks and cannon towers, even when facing them head-on. Furthermore, it stands as one of the few weapons capable of neutralizing an Automaton dropship before it can unleash its tyrannical payload.

However, there is one peculiar aspect to using the recoilless rifle: its shells arc due to gravity. Thus, for long-range shots, you must adjust your aim accordingly. Allow me to demonstrate how.

Mastering the Art of Aiming

First, identify a suitable target. Perhaps you spot a distant cannon turret with exposed vents, or maybe the telltale glow of a spore spewer catches your eye. Most formidable targets you encounter will be sufficiently large and close, requiring minimal range adjustment—let’s say within 75 democratic units (or meters). However, for more distant adversaries…

Once you have located a distant target for your recoilless rifle, the next step is to determine the range. Focus your attention on the target and call it out (Default: Tap “Q” on PC, tap “RB” on PS5). After all, any target worthy of a recoilless shot deserves the attention of your entire squad. A marker will appear, indicating the range of your target.

To utilize your recoilless rifle’s gunsight, switch to a first-person view. While aiming, press the “Middle Mouse Button” on PC or tap the “right-stick” on PS5 to activate aiming mode.

Now, Let’s explore the details of your gunsight reticle. Imagine a line extending straight down from the center. The intersection of this line with the middle circle represents your 200-meter aimpoint. The outer circle corresponds to the 400-meter aim point. From there, you can deduce the aim point for other ranges.

Select the appropriate aimpoint based on your target’s distance. When you are ready, take your shot and illuminate your enemies with the radiant Light of Liberty.

Additional Tips for Maximizing the Recoilless Rifle’s Potential

As a team weapon, reloading the recoilless rifle alone can be a slow and arduous process. Whenever possible, coordinate with a teammate to form a formidable anti-armor duo!

When engaging Automaton tanks head-on, aim for the turret rather than the hull. Other vulnerable points include the glowing vents behind the turret and the engine bay at the rear of the hull.

When confronting Automaton cannon turrets, target the turret itself, ideally focusing on the vents at the rear. Attacking the tower beneath will yield minimal damage.

Destroying spore spewers and illegal broadcast towers can be accomplished with a single shot from the recoilless rifle, while the railgun requires multiple overcharged shots to destroy spore spewers and cannot destroy illegal broadcast towers. Additionally, the **autocannon** is capable of destroying both targets.

Unfortunately, the recoilless rifle is ineffective against automaton stratagem jammers, so alternative methods must be used to destroy them.

To render a Terminid charger vulnerable, the recoilless rifle can be used to s*rip armor from its front legs, leaving it susceptible to lighter weapons. The railgun can also achieve this.

A well-aimed shot to the face with a recoilless rifle or railgun can instantly kill an Automaton hulk, making the railgun a potentially easier option to aim.

it’s important to avoid standing behind a teammate using a recoilless rifle, as the backblast can cause you to be knocked over, although it will not cause significant damage.

Wishing you success in your endeavors.

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