How to use Tarot Cards – Phasmophobia

How to use Tarot Cards – Phasmophobia 1 -
How to use Tarot Cards – Phasmophobia 1 -

Every Tarot card and what they do.

Where to find Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards can be found on any table or shelf. For example, in Tanglewood Street House they can be found in the Dining room at the table.

Meaning of every card

There are only 10 cards in a deck, and all effects are randomized.
Every time you pull a card (Right mouse click) it will be a random card that will effect you, your teammates or a ghost.
Meaning of the cards:

  • Death: Triggers the ghost’s hunt
  • Devil: Manifestation of the ghost
  • Fool: Repeats the previous card
  • Hangman: Kills you immediately
  • Hermit: Prevents ghost activity for a short amount of time
  • Moon: Lowers everyone’s sanity
  • Priestess: Resurrects a dead teammate
  • Sun: Increases everyone’s sanity
  • Tower: Forces ghost activity in the house
  • Wheel of Fortune: If it burns red, you lose 25 sanity, if it burns green it grants you 25 sanity


Written by Mykolay

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