How to use the Artist’s power – Dead by Daylight

How to use the Artist’s power – Dead by Daylight 1 -
How to use the Artist’s power – Dead by Daylight 1 -

The newest Killer coming to Dead by Daylight is the Artist, and her power is looking quite strong. There is so much you can do with it during a game. If you want to take a look at her perks, I have a complete guide going over everything you need to know. Now let’s take a look at how the Artist’s power works, how you can use it, and what perks go with it.

Birds of Torment

Birds of Torment is a complex and fun power, and the Artist is looking to be one of the strongest Killers introduced to Dead by Daylight because of it. To use Birds of Tormers, you press and hold the ability button to charge it; while charging you will see a special effect that shows the flight path. Once fully charged you can tap the attack button to summon a Dire Crow. The summoned Dire Crow will look like a giant crow’s head and hovers in place. You can quickly put down multiple Dire Crows by holding the power button and pressing the attack button. The Artist can place up to three Dire Crows at a time.
While a Dire Crow is summoned it will stay in place idly for a limited amount of time. You can tell when it will despawn by looking at your power icon. There will be a red bar that slowly depletes around the power icon. However, if you summon another Dire Crow, this timer will be reset. If you properly time your Dire Crow placements they can stay up for a long time. When the timer runs out all Dire Crows respawn, and the power takes a second to recharge.
Survivors can make Dire Crows despawn by lighting them up with flashlights, firecrackers, or flash grenades. If a Survivor runs into a Dire Crow it will despawn, and the Survivor will be swarmed by crows.
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When you look at the Dire Crows you summoned, there will be a special effect line displayed. This represents the Dire Crow’s flight path when launched. You can press the ability button to instantly launch all Dire Crows down their paths. If any Survivors are in the special effect line when launched, they will deal damage to them. If a Dire Crow hits a Survivor, the Artist’s power takes slightly longer to recharge.
Dire Crows cannot double-hit a Survivor though, so you cannot down someone by launching two Dire Crows at the same time. The strongest part of this power is this next part: when a Dire Crow reaches the end of its path, it turns into a flock of crows and continues flying in a straight line. This flock of crows will pa*s through all obstacles, and keep going until they go out of the map’s boundaries.
If this flock of crows pa*ses through a Survivor, they stop flying and swarm the Survivor, and then reveal the killer instinct effect. You can see the aura of the swarm for as long as they are on the Survivor. Survivors will have access to a new action called Repel when they are being swarmed.
The Repel action can be used while moving or standing still. When completed the Survivor will return to normal, and the flock of crows will disappear. Alternatively, the Survivor can enter a locker to instantly get rid of the swarm. While the Survivor is performing the Repel action or is in a locker, you will not see the swarm’s aura.
If the Survivor runs into a Dire Crow, it will put a swarm on them; if there is already a swarm on them it will deal one health state of damage.
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Now for the best part of the Artist’s power: if a Survivor is swarmed and they get hit by a Dire Crow, regardless if the Dire Crow is past its flight path, it will deal damage. This means the Artist can snipe Survivors from across the map with her crows.

How to use Birds of Torment

What makes the Artist’s power so strong in Dead by Daylight is that it gives her total map control. That is, if you can learn how to master this power. She can down Survivors without having to be near them, something no other Killer can do. She just needs to predict Survivor movements and have a precise aim.
Another advantage of her power is the ability to down multiple Survivors quickly, though she can only do this when Survivors group up in the same area.
Not only that, but she does not have to waste a bunch of time searching for Survivors. She can just aim three crows at three different generators and send them off. If no Survivors get swarmed, then she can send some Dire Crows to different generators until she finds someone.
The Artist’s power is also great for locking down strong looping areas. She can place her Dire Crows around the loop and force the Survivor into a dangerous situation.
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Another advantage of her Dire Crows is that they can take Survivors by surprise. The Artist can place a crow right next to the corner of a wall, and if the Survivor is not paying attention, they will run right into it. If that Survivor is being swarmed when they run into the Dire Crow, they will take one health state of damage.

Perks to use with Birds of Torment

Since her power is a ranged ability, any aura reading perks will be a huge plus for her, especially BBQ & Chili, I’m all Ears, Bitter Murmur, and Lethal Pursuer. The aura reading provided by these perks will allow the Artist to aim her crows at unsuspecting Survivors.
The Artist also benefits from perks that can tell her Survivor locations, such as Discordance and Tinkerer. These perks can give her Dire Crows a target to swarm. It can also be worth using Monitor & Abuse to reduce your terror radius outside of chase. This will allow you to sneak up on Survivors, and also combines well with the perk A Nurse’s Calling, since you will be able to see Survivors healing, but they will not know you are nearby.
Infectious Fright is another good perk to run on the Artist. This perk gives you a lot of information about Survivor locations, and if there are Survivors around you can slug and try to down the other Survivors. As the Artist you can gain a lot of value by just putting swarms on Survivors, so you should always be able to get good value out of Infectious Fright.
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Generator delay perks are also a great option for the Artist. These perks help keep up pressure by delaying generator progress. They are also helpful as you learn to use the Artist’s power. Once you’ve mastered her you can start exploring other perk builds.
Now for perks that you should not use. Since the Artist deals damage with her power, you do not need to use any perks that trigger off of basic attacks. Putting anything like Sloppy Butcher on would be a wasted perk slot. You also should not run any anti-pallet perks such as Brutal Strength, Enduring, and Spirit Fury. I also do not recommend the anti-window perk Bamboozle.
The Artist can respect every single pallet because of her power, so there is no need to try and counter pallets with perks. Survivors that vault pallets or windows are also not a big deal for her because she has a ranged power that can get free hits on Survivors who are locked into vault animations.
One perk that can be useful for the Artist in Dead by Daylight is Hex: Blood Favour, because it triggers off basic and special attacks, so it can catch Survivors by surprise.
This is how you can use the Artist’s power in Dead by Daylight. Her Killer power is exciting to use but will take time to master. Investing the time to learn her will be well worth it because she will be one of the strongest Killers in the game. Let’s just hope she does not see any significant nerfs before she is released.

Written by baba⁧⁧yaga

This is all we can share for How to use the Artist’s power – Dead by Daylight for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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