How to use the Icon Kit – Geometry Dash

How to use the Icon Kit – Geometry Dash 1 -
How to use the Icon Kit – Geometry Dash 1 -

Geometry Dash – Change your icon (PC ONLY).

Opening the Icon Kit

To open the icon set, you will need to launch the application exactly as in the last guide. Jumping . If you haven’t already, please read this guide. Once you are on the main menu, move your mouse cursor to the leftmost button between the three in central. Next, click on it with the mouse. Congratulations, Geometry Dieher! You are now viewing your icon inside its usual home.

Change the color of your icon

Click the coloured squares on your desktop screen to change the color of your icon. They are made using a special technology that is shipped worldwide by RobTop Manufacturing To add a layer vibrant, luminescent color to your profile page's icons (This guide does not provide steps for accessing your profile pages. . Side effects of this dye could include:

  • necrosis to the flesh
  • Headaches
  • nausea
  • Kidney failure / disruption
  • Yellow eyes

This technology puts your icon at-risk various health problems . If you put vanity ahead of the lives of the creatures on this beautiful planet, even if you believe that there is a God, then you will be sent to a location you will never see again. Not enjoy Regardless of whether you are in prison or at home, The fire of hell .

You can change the shape and size of your icon

Look slightly higher than your screen. You will see a range of Sins There are many shapes to choose from that will make your icon. morph into. This feature uses a lot more RobTop Manufacturing Technology that will allow your icons to take the shape of multiple marvellous structures.
This is a remarkable decision by RobTop You can harness the potential to create new opportunities by joining a team QuikGlo capabilities. This makes it possible for your icon to appear as if it has a stunning It will shine around you. This will certainly be remembered. Shock Show off your style and share it with your family and friends. Have fun with your icon kit!
We prohibit the use of these products at anytime. You are expanding bone structure in creatures and transmitting diseases to them through this game's functionality. You are a sinner. People like you are a sinner. You are the scum. We are watching you and will send you a warning.
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