How To Win Events – SAS: Zombie Assault 4

How To Win Events – SAS: Zombie Assault 4 1 -
How To Win Events – SAS: Zombie Assault 4 1 -

I didn’t want to make this guide public because it would have been too costly for my competitors.
I have published many guides over the years, but I realized that they are not being read or put into practice.
I decided to publish this book.
Now that you have read this guide, your chances of winning are high.
This guide is both useful and dangerous.
I have been ranked in top 1% at many events. I have put all my knowledge into this book.
Now, go through it and put it to work.


This guide will show you how to get to the top 1% of the event.
The Top 1% is less then 2% of all players. If there are 1,000 players you must be in the top 19.
The more you play, the higher your points.
But you also have other tasks to complete, such as work, hobbies or household chores. Therefore, you want to save time.
There are three types.

  • Last Man Standing
  • Samples of viruses
  • Apocalipse

The following rewards are available for the event:
[Diamond: Top1%]
20 SAS Cred packs, 3 Nantonium and 5 Promethium boxes. 10.0% Chance to receive a Black Key.
[Platinum Top 10%]
12 SAS Cred Packs. 2 Nantonium boxes. 4 Promethium boxes. 4.0% Chance to receive a Black Key
[Gold: Top-25]
9 SAS Cred Packs. 0.5% Chance to receive a Black Key.
[Silver Top Half-Off]
5 SAS Cred Packs with 1 Promethium Box and 2 Molybdenum Boxes.
[Bronze Top 15%]
3 SAS Cred Packs. 1 Neodynium container. 2 HVM Turrets.
Every Saturday and Sunday is special.
If you don’t feel the mission is complete and you need to end it quickly, you can turn off your computer.
If you do, you won’t lose strongboxes.
If you QUIT you will lose all your strongboxes.
Last Man Standing allows you to quickly lose points by killing yourself.

Last Man Standing

How To Win Events - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Last Man Standing - 07D4984
The more points that you earn the longer you survive than other players,
It takes 160 points to be ranked in the Top 1%.
There are many points to be accumulated.

  • 1st: 3
  • 2nd: 0


  • 3 players

    • 1st: 5
    • 2nd: 3
    • 3rd: 1
    • 4th: 0


  • 2 players

    • 1st: 3
    • 2nd: 1
    • 3rd: 0


    The following environmental settings should be used

    • 1st: 3
    • 2nd: 0

    You may be more able focus without sound.
    Screen Shake or Gore can also been turned off to make enemies, players, and floors acid more visible.
    How To Win Events - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Last Man Standing - AF110B3
    Your character should.

    • SFX – Off
    • Music off
    • Screen Shake: Off
    • Gore: Off

    How To Win Events - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Last Man Standing - 2EFC499
    How To Win Events - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Last Man Standing - 4F80878
    How To Win Events - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Last Man Standing - B36F1B9
    How To Win Events - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Last Man Standing - 7B9FE88
    How To Win Events - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Last Man Standing - CA14E31
    Particularly, the following applies for each piece of armor.

    • The character should have a low level. While Lvl 15 is the minimum requirement to participate in the event, it is desirable that the level quickly increases. Long battles are inefficient for high-level characters.
    • The cla*s of the character should be Medic because it can heal its own self with Medkit.
    • All of your skill points must be used in “Fast Movement”. If you run from enemies, you will be able to beat other players in this competition. Next, place all your skill point into “Medkit”.
    • If you tend to buy “High Roller”, you’ll get more and better armors and weapons.
    • Weapons should not slow down and increase Deadly and Overclocked as well as Biosynthesis to aid in HP recovery.
    • Armor increases HP. Energy and movement speed. Don’t increase defense. It is not worth trying to boost defense half-heartedly. Hardplate series are not useful because they slow down motion mod.

    Before the mission begins, purchase a Tank.
    It contains the following contents: It will make you more likely to live.

    • Helmet: Revitalising, Body Fueling
    • Vest: Body Fueling, Energised
    • Globes: Nimble and Fortified
    • Pants Machine Assisted, Body fueling
    • Boots: Machine Assisted, Revitalising

    In the lobby, check out your rivals.
    MP Games must be more than MP Deaths. This means that the competitor is weak.
    If you don’t think you have a chance, press ESC to exit the lobby.
    Set Turrets up to Cryo before the mission begins. Cryo Turrets can be used at a moment’s notice.
    How To Win Events - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Last Man Standing - 61D027FIt may come as a surprise to you, but do not kill enemies. Rivals are driven by their enemies to their demise. It is time to make enemies with your rivals.
    How To Win Events - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Last Man Standing - C31EF5CWhen surrounded by enemies, throw Cryo granades to freeze them; it takes about one second for the granade to explode, so act quickly. Frozen enemies can be defeated or moved to safety.
    Cryo granade can be purchased again if you run low.
    How To Win Events - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Last Man Standing - F8E17F9Always keep your HP maxed out. Your medkit should always be ejected and picked-up by the wall. This will ensure that your HP is twice as high as usual.
    You can grab medkits from enemies at any time. So make sure to use the skill you are most familiar with first.
    Also, grab any medkits being thrown by other players. Do not allow your rivals’ to recover.
    How To Win Events - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Last Man Standing - 37B826E
    Move to a place that has no enemies. Put other players between your enemies and you.
    They will not attack you if your distance from the other players is even one millimeter.
    Reload when enemies are not around. So you can attack maximum targets at all times.
    Sometimes, a player has a higher HP than the others.
    This player may be able to defend themselves, heal with biosynthesis, and cheat. It may also have an asynchronous bug.
    You can’t win if you leave the scene.
    Sometimes players say “Help!” when they don’t understand. But don’t give medkit. Do not a*sist your rivals.
    Boss was seen 10 minutes into this mission.
    Damage scaling is applied at 18 min. Damage scaling means your defense ratio goes down.

    Samples of viruses

    How To Win Events - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Virus Samples - 46C42D9
    The more samples that you acquire, the more points.
    You can also collect samples from enemies defeated by players.
    It takes approximately 8000 points to rank in Top 1%.
    Percentage points obtained per sample

    • 1st:3.5%
    • 2nd:2.0%


  • 3 players

    • 1st:6.0%
    • 2nd:3.5%
    • 3rd:2.5%
    • 4th:2.5%


  • 2 players

    • 1st:5.0%
    • 2nd:3.0%
    • 3rd:2.5%


    As you can see, being 1st among 4 players is a great way to earn point.
    The percentage does NOT change if any other players leave in the middle or last mission.

    The faster you can move in order to collect more samples, then the better.
    The cla*s is Assault. 25 skill points will be awarded to Adrenaline.
    For skills, armors, and weapons, see Last Man Standing.
    Mastery 4: The globes
    Its effect is +50%.
    To quickly learn it, take off all armor, except gloves, and die immediately on Last Man Standing. You will earn 1 Game Worth of XP. Then, repeat the process.
    These are the things that must be confirmed in your lobby
    The team is made up of four players.
    You will be one of the fastest players.
    This map is very small. Powerout is a small map that allows you to pick up samples. Vaccine, Last Stand and Last Stand are large. To exit the lobby, press ESC key.
    Do not be misled. They are not allies; they are rivals.
    If you are a physician, don’t give them a medication kit. You will have an advantage over them if they are killed and you lose your time.
    The type and quantity of samples taken will affect the number of samples.

    • 1st:3.5%
    • 2nd:2.0%

    Worms should also be defeated. There is a maximum number of enemies you can have at the same moment. This number includes worms. A large number of worms will cause a decrease in enemies and decrease the chance of getting samples.
    Savage devastator appears in the middle of the scene as a boss about 30 minutes after the start.
    At 40 minutes, damage scaling.


    How To Win Events - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Apocalypse - 558F92C
    The more points you earn, the higher your team’s wave score.
    The number of points required for ranking in the Top 1% is approximately 14000
    These are the waves and the points that you get. I confirmed up until wave 109. However, kill bosses as soon as possible.

    wave Total time Time per wave Total points Points per wave
    1 00:00:29 00:00:29 20 20
    2 00:00:49 00:00:20 40 20
    3 00:01:19 00:00:30 60 20
    4 00:01:39 00:00:20 80 20
    5 00:02:09 00:00:30 112 32
    6 00:02:29 00:00:20 144 32
    7 00:02:59 00:00:30 176 32
    8 00:03:29 00:00:30 208 32
    9 00:03:59 00:00:30 240 32
    10 00:04:39 00:00:40 280 40
    11 00:05:09 00:00:30 320 40
    12 00:05:32 00:00:23 360 40
    13 00:06:19 00:00:47 400 40
    14 00:06:32 00:00:13 440 40
    15 00:07:07 00:00:35 482 42
    16 00:07:38 00:00:31 524 42
    17 00:08:18 00:00:40 566 42
    18 00:08:53 00:00:35 608 42
    19 00:09:28 00:00:35 650 42
    20 00:10:33 00:01:05 692 42
    21 00:10:44 00:00:11 734 42
    22 00:11:36 00:00:52 776 42
    23 00:12:06 00:00:30 818 42
    24 00:12:44 00:00:38 860 42
    25 00:13:20 00:00:36 902 42
    26 00:14:01 00:00:41 944 42
    27 00:14:26 00:00:25 986 42
    28 00:15:14 00:00:48 1028 42
    29 00:15:43 00:00:29 1070 42
    30 00:16:37 00:00:54 1112 42
    31 00:16:57 00:00:20 1154 42
    32 00:17:42 00:00:45 1196 42
    33 00:18:39 00:00:57 1238 42
    34 00:19:13 00:00:34 1280 42
    35 00:20:16 00:01:03 1322 42
    36 00:21:23 00:01:07 1364 42
    37 00:22:17 00:00:54 1406 42
    38 00:23:35 00:01:18 1448 42
    39 00:24:51 00:01:16 1490 42
    40 00:25:56 00:01:05 1532 42


    wave Total time Time per wave Total points Points per wave
    101 01:32:01 00:01:05 4094 42
    102 01:33:06 00:01:05 4136 42
    103 01:34:11 00:01:05 4178 42
    104 01:35:16 00:01:05 4220 42
    105 01:36:21 00:01:05 4262 42
    106 01:37:26 00:01:05 4304 42
    107 01:38:31 00:01:05 4346 42
    108 01:39:36 00:01:05 4388 42
    109 01:40:41 00:01:05 4430 42

    How To Win Events - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Apocalypse - 47CDC0D
    See the graph and table below.
    At the beginning, there are only a few points per wave. After wave 15, this number is set at 42.
    Wave 35 will see a doubled time commitment.
    Wave 5, 10, 15, and 20 are the waves in which Bosses occur.
    If your team fails against the boss, you will waste time and not be able to move on to the next wave.
    If you have enough power, attack the boss first.
    Consider the above in light of which, and follow the steps to gain points efficiently.
    If you are unable or unwilling to kill your boss immediately, then leave immediately following wave 10, 15, 20, and 25.
    If you can kill the boss right away, you can leave immediately after wave 35 starts.
    You should make sure that your PC is offline when you leave.
    Wave 30 – Damage scaling

    The cla*s is Heavy. 25 skill points can be allocated to both “Hold The Line”, “Tough Body” and “Hold The Line”.
    You will only suffer very little damage if you have a defense of 99%.
    In the video above, I was wave 75.
    Before your mission begins, you must purchase “Tank”, “Killing Machine”, and “Tank”.
    You will live longer, and you will defeat bosses sooner.
    Match Turret to Cryo Turret imediat after start
    Cryoturret should be used only on bosses. Only use it with bosses.
    How To Win Events - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Apocalypse - 68A45FE
    Stop the boss with obstacles such cars and walls.
    How To Win Events - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Apocalypse - 2884B20Get behind the boss. This way, you won’t get attacked.
    Medkit is a great tool to help your teammates if you are a Medic.

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    Here we come to an end for the How To Win Events – SAS: Zombie Assault 4 guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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