How to Win in ARK Survival Ascended: Top 5 Land Dinosaurs for PVP

How to Win in ARK Survival Ascended: Top 5 Land Dinosaurs for PVP 1 -
How to Win in ARK Survival Ascended: Top 5 Land Dinosaurs for PVP 1 -

How to Win in ARK Survival Ascended: Top 5 Land Dinosaurs for PVP

Have you ever found yourself lost in the wilds of ARK Survival Ascended and thinking, “If only I had the right dino buddy by my side”? Well, my friend, you’re in luck! Let’s dive into the top 5 land dinosaurs that will make you a PVP superstar. And trust me, some of these might just surprise you!

5. The Nimble Ninja: Therizinosaurus

Have you ever seen a dino that looks like a chicken’s distant cousin but fights like a gladiator? Enter the Therizinosaurus. Small, bird-like, and oh-so-agile, it’s your go-to guy for zipping through tight spots and catching enemies off-guard. Is base security a concern? This little guy is perfect for sneaky attacks and quick exits.

4. The Dino Juggernaut: Giganotosaurus

Imagine a T-Rex, but more ferocious. That’s the Giganotosaurus for you. It’s got the bite, the might, and the speed to give any opponent a run for their money. Just a heads up, though – keep it from taking too much damage or it might turn on you. A little wild but totally worth the adrenaline!

3. The Underestimated Warrior: Woolly Rhino

Looks can be deceiving, right? Who would’ve thought the seemingly calm Woolly Rhino could pack such a punch! With a horn that’s more like a battering ram, it can take down almost anyone. Ride it right, and those headbutts can be game-changers. Plus, being a herbivore has its perks – ever heard of the Veggie Cake for a quick health boost?

2. The Enhanced Beast: Carcharodontosaurus

Think of the Carcharodontosaurus as the Giganotosaurus 2.0. It’s got the bite, the might, and none of the tantrums. It’s like the Giganotosaurus went to Dino school and graduated with honors. Fast, ferocious, and tactical – what more could you ask for? Oh, and did I mention its cool pa*sive abilities? Yeah, it’s a keeper!

1. The PVP King: Thylaoleo

And now, for the pièce de résistance – the Thylaoleo. Imagine a dino that can climb walls and bleed out its enemies. Sounds like something out of a dino horror movie, right? But it’s real, and it’s here. Its ability to inflict damage over time makes it a menace to even the tankiest of foes. Whether you’re defending your base or venturing out, this guy’s got your back!

So, next time you’re out in the wild, gearing up for a PVP showdown, you know which dinos to have by your side. Ready to dominate the world of ARK Survival Ascended?

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