Independent Contractors Guide – Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Independent Contractors Guide – Stormworks: Build and Rescue 1 -
Independent Contractors Guide – Stormworks: Build and Rescue 1 -

This guide will a*sist both players, and server hosts in setting up and using the Independent Contractors mod. These instructions include descriptions of commands as well as how to get started and other features.


Independent Contractors script is designed to give players many features that can enhance the Stormworks Career, Cla*sic Career experience, and other Stormworks Careers.
These features include:

  • Personal Money
  • Loans & Debit
  • Player-to–player Payments
  • Enhanced Administrator Commands
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Vehicle and Spawn Protection
  • Permissions & Purchasing on the Island
  • All of it!

Link to the addon – []



  • Simply start the map by selecting the add-on.
  • Be sure to use "?savegame?" occasionally in chat. It will show a message that it isn’t saving because it is not on a dedicated host, but it is actually saving the required variables for this addon. Before saving this menu, ensure you use "??savegame". The "?" command saves money, vehicle and island information.

Dedicated Server

  • Subscribe to Independent Contractors on Workshop.
  • Add the playlist into the config. If you are unsure how to do this, there is a lot of tutorials online. Search for "Add custom Spotify playlists to Stormworks dedicated Server".
  • Make sure the server's Save Game Name is "Career" and edit Independent Contractor’s script to change your save filename to match your server’s save file. This is needed for the server save and auto-save to function properly.

A list of parameters is located at the top and bottom of the script. These can be modified to fit your playing style. Several options include adjusting hospital bills cost, debt interests, starting cash, recovery expenses, and more. To increase compatibility, you may add additional or modified island tiles to the bottom of this script. Feel free to modify all settings for personal or server use. Do not reupload the script.


You have $50,000 (configurable,) and no debt when you join a server These funds can then be used to pay players and buy vehicles. When you bench vehicles, the vehicle's cost is credited to your personal account.
Do you need more cash? To borrow money, use the "?loan (amount)?" button! Be aware, interest is added to your current debt every day at 0.025% (configurable). To pay it back, you can use "?payloan" (amount). You can only borrow a maximum of $200,000 (). You will not be allowed to spawn vehicles if your debt exceeds $250,000 (configured). Lenders cannot charge interest above $300,000.
You might notice that your "b" key has been disabled. If you own the vehicle, you can use the "?bench?" option to get a refund. This system was created to prevent other players from working on vehicles. If you're going to be working on your car a lot, I suggest saving every change and working in singleplayer. If you accidentally make changes and it spawns without saving, an admin might unlock it for you by using "?" This will allow it to be used the bkey again. The bkey will add the money to the shared bank account and not to your personal bank account. You must "?claim ()" the money back.
Currently, fuel and coal can only be obtained from the shared bank account. To add money into the shared account, you can use "?deposit(amount)". I'm currently investigating ways to integrate it into the personal account system.
You can sell fuel/coal and finish missions or collect a container. The money goes into your shared account.
Otherwise, the money will not be sent to you! This is a result of the vanilla money system. After the money has been deposited into the shared account use "?claim amount)?" to transfer it to your personal account.
If you can't spawn your vehicle or the money on the bottom is in the negatives then simply enter "??deposit 1" and it'll set it back to the billions. This is yet another consequence of vanilla currency and is meant to protect players from receiving free fuel/coal if $1 billion is in their bank account.
Everything below is for Real Estate Mode only. Unless disabled by your server settings, this mode is automatically on.
Do you want to ama*s a fortune. You might be interested in purchasing an island. First, add island cost to the shared bank account using "?deposit()". Next, purchase an island and use the "?claimisland?" command to claim the island as yours! The teleporting point for the island will be located wherever the command is used. This island is now yours. Nobody can teleport there. If you wish to grant these permissions to other users, you can use "setteleport", or "setspawn" and/or "setbench". Need someone to manage your island? To add a new co-owner, use "setcoowner". This allows the player in question to teleport or spawn and to bench. It also allows them take and revoke permissions from other users. Do not worry, co-owners are not allowed to change the permissions or unclaim the island.
You need to get back home? To instantly teleport home use "?teleport Island) island name" or "??p (islands name)". If you don’t know the name or location of the island, you can use "?access” to find out! Usually, the name is the same as what the map shows. For example, "CoastguardTT" might be "Camodo".
Are your island visitors becoming nuisances? To remove their permissions, you may use "setteleport",?setspawn",?setbench or?setcoowner. Want to find out who has permissions Use "?access?" to find the names and permissions on all islands that you have access to. Use "?islandaccess" (islandname to find out who holds permissions on an Island you own or co-own.


Standard Commands:
?help provides a list of all commands.
?bank displays a pop-up showing current bank details, debt and shared banks.
?deposit (amount)– Deposits money from a personal account to a shared bank account
?claim (amount)– Claims money transferred from a shared bank account into your personal account.
?pay(player id) (amount) – Transfer money from your account to another player's account.
?loan (amount) is a way to add money to your account. Paying a small amount in interest every day will make you cautious. If you accumulate too much debt, you will be unable spawn new vehicles until your debt is lower.
?payloan (amount) – Pays back money to your loans
?bench Despawns or refunds the nearest vehicle, (, if it's owned by you). This command cannot be used on islands you have bench access to or that you own.
?recover– If the vehicle is yours, it will be despawned and refunded a percent. This command can also be used anywhere.
?buyfuel (diesel/jetfuel) (amount) – You can purchase fuel for the vehicle you're sitting in. Warning: This command can sometimes fail to work and is buggy. It only works with vehicles with a small/medium/large-sized tank. It is not designed to work with dynamic tanks.
?savegame– Saves the script and all variables. This is better than "?save".
Island Commands:
?teleport (island name)– Teleports you onto an island that you own, or have teleport accessibility to.
?tp (island name)– Same as above, with less typing
?access Displays which islands you have teleport/spawn/bench acces to.
?islandaccess (island name)– Displays who can teleport/spawn/bench to the island. You can only view this if you have ownership/co-ownership to the island. If you need to know the name of the Island, you can use "?" access.
?claimisland– Claims an isle. This will make you the owner. The teleport point will be set to where you are at while using this command. This command only works if the island has been purchased and isn't the starting island.
?unclaimisland is a claim to the island you stand on. This is only possible if the owner has permission.
?setcoowner(player id) (,) island name e17Y – Adds a player as a coowner. This grants them teleport/spawn/bench permission and allows them grant or revoke teleport/spawn/benchaccess to other players. They are not allowed to modify the permissions of an owner or unclaim the islands.
?setteleport(player id) (, island name) – Toggles permission to allow the specified player teleport the specified island.
?setspawn (player id) (isle name) – Toggles permission to the specified player spawn vehicles at the designated island.
?setbench player id), (island number) – Toggles permission allows the specified player bench vehicles at the specified islands.
Admin Commands:
?addbank (player id) amount) – Adds money directly to the player's personal accounts.
?setbank (player id) (amount) – Sets the money in the player's account.
?addsharedbank (amount)– Adds money the shared bank account.
?adddebt player id), (amount) – Adds a debt to the player's personal bank account.
?setdebt player id), (amount) – Sets a player's personal credit.
?bring (player id)– Teleports the selected player to you.
?goto (player id)– Teleports players to you
?lock: Locks the nearest automobile.
?unlock Unlocks the nearest vehicle.
?resetisland– Unclaims your island and takes all permissions.
Coming Next Update:
?addresearch (amount) Adds the specified number research points.
?setresearch (amount) Sets research points to a specified amount.


Written by GCodeman

Here we come to an end for the Independent Contractors Guide – Stormworks: Build and Rescue guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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