Infinite Iron and Steel – 7 Days to Die

Infinite Iron and Steel – 7 Days to Die 1 -
Infinite Iron and Steel – 7 Days to Die 1 -

First, it's unbelievable that this guide hasn’t been made (I tried searching for the Steam guides). TFP's are amazing at making the game more fun when we find a way to get around it. You can use it while you have it.
I have used this loophole to obtain infinite iron/steel for many servers, including PvP. It is much easier for you to stay in your base, making all the iron/steel needed, than to go outside and make all that noise mining.
Infinite Iron/Steel
1 – The Robotic Turret magazines must be read. It is my first collection of magazines that I finish because of its high drop rates. The set is usually completed by the moment I start using a forge or consider crafting steel.
2 – Craft robotic turret ammo containers, I use boxes of AP turbine ammo as it is the most versatile and also returns the most in the forge.
3 – Open the Robotic Turret ammo packages and place them in a forge. They must have been opened before the forge can cook them.
4 – Cook the scrap iron, then craft it into additional boxes with Robotic Turret Ammo. Repeat.
That's it. With each box you create, open, and melt, you will get more iron. The extra iron/steel can be used to make weapons or upgrade the fortress into steel. It performs well, and I usually have 4 forges to run this iron/turretammo operation. I have used as many as 6 to 12 forges and had enough steel to make a mess of my life.
Numbers: A Robotic Turret ammo box (AP) costs 4800 iron. This discount is after reading all the turret magazines. After it has been heated into the forge, you will get a total iron of 6000. You can place a stack up to 1000 in each slot, which gives you 1200 iron (or 2400, if each slot has an entire stack). While 1200 isn't a lot, it's a huge payout if you have 4, 6, 9, or 9 forges making it from your base.
Hint: How to find Robotic Turret magazines. They are usually found in the electric utility trucks and any POI where the truck is parked. Any utility building, like a station, will usually have a few power looking poles and power boxes on its walls. Also, there may be book stores if these haven't been scavenged. Always check the mailboxes, newspaper stands, and other areas in the city. If I'm in PvP, you will run nak*d through the city trying to find books. Once you've read the book, you are power.


Written by krazymantoast

This is all we can share for Infinite Iron and Steel – 7 Days to Die for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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