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JSAB Beatpoints coins/badges (in-game) – Just Shapes & Beats 1 - steamclue.com
JSAB Beatpoints coins/badges (in-game) – Just Shapes & Beats 1 - steamclue.com


What are beatpoints and how do they work?

Beatpoints, which are collectible points, can be obtained by a player in Online Mode and Playlist. They can be obtained by completing Feats. You can collect Beatpoints by getting any rank. They are used for unlocking levels. Hardcore challenge runs double your Beatpoints. You can unlock achievements if you reach certain amounts of Beatpoints (2,000; 7,500 or 15,000).

What are the beatpoints badges/coins that can be displayed in the game profile?

There are ten different coins that show how many beatpoints your have. Each coin comes with a different image for each point value/denomination.
* The 1 beatpoint currency has a small triangle.
* The 5 beatpoints Coin has a slightly larger Triangle on it.
* The 25 beatpoints coin comes with a music not.
* The 125 beatpoints Coin also has a music Note on it, but the background of the coin is blue.
* The 500 beatpoints Coin has a Blue Square.
* The 2,500 Beatpoints coin contains all 4 Player Characters.
* The 10,000 beatpoints coin bears a Plant's visage.
* The 50,000-beatpoints coin has The Boss’ default design.
* The 250,000 Beatpoints coin features The Boss’ two-eyed design.
* The 1,000,000 Beatpoints coin features one of the Big Triangles.
All beatpoint coin images have a background that is either blue, red or purple. The picture is white, except the last. The first one is a small, darker triangle. The last one has something like a gradient background, with the two main colors of this game, light and pinkish-red. Attached is an explanation picture.
JSAB Beatpoints coins/badges (in-game) - Just Shapes & Beats - Which are the beatpoints coins/badges that display in the in-game profile? - 1D75A6A
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