KARL WOULD BE PROUD Achievement Guide – Deep Rock Galactic

KARL WOULD BE PROUD Achievement Guide – Deep Rock Galactic 1 - steamclue.com
KARL WOULD BE PROUD Achievement Guide – Deep Rock Galactic 1 - steamclue.com

This guide provides what I consider the easiest way to get Karl Would Be Proud, the achievement for completing a Haz 5 mission with no one dying or needing a resupply.

Things You Will Need

For this mission, you will need 3 things.
1. You will need Scout.
2. You will need to know how the laser pointer works, especially with controlling Bosco.
3. You will need to be good at running and using the grappling gun.
To optimize your chances, you should have a promoted scout and fully upgraded Dash and Second Wind. I would also recommend Hover Boots if you have access to the second active, but I think Dash is more important. The other two pa*sives don’t really matter, I take Thorns just because. The Grapple Gun should also be upgraded, I take Max Range, Max Speed, and then the cooldown reduction.

How To Do It

The mission requires you to complete a Haz 5 mission without dying or needing a resupply. What you’re going to want to do is select the 7 Aquarqs Point Extraction mission, and the easiest one is in the ice caves, but other ones are doable.
Once you’re queued up to play, make sure you’re going on a Solo mission. Bosco is necessary.
The tactic is basically to find a circle you can follow around the map. If you are running fast enough, the ma*sive swarm of bugs will not be able to catch you. While you’re running around this circle, you will want to point Bosco to the Aquarqs in the wall, letting him mine them. Once he has them, you will want to keep an eye on him as he follows you, trying to get his position as close to the mine head as possible. Once he’s close, press the button to call him back (X on PC) and he will drop the Aquarq below him.
The next step is the most difficult. You’re going to want to draw as many bugs to you as you can (and away from the mine head), and then quickly grapple to the platform, then pick up and deposit the Aquarq, grappling out back to your circle path as soon as you do so. If you do it quickly, they shouldn’t break your shield and you should be good to point Bosco to another Aquarq. If you take a bit of damage, it’s alright, but just keep in mind if you die, you will have to restart, so try to keep your HP loss minimal and use Red Sugar where you can find it.
Once you find all 7, you will need to jump to the platform again to press and hold the launch button. It’s a quicker process than depositing the Aquarqs, but it’s still dangerous to do, so be careful and don’t try and immediately push the button after you deposit the last Aquarq.
After that, it’s just waiting until the drop pod arrives.

How Not To Do It

What not to do:
Don’t waste time shooting at the bugs. Your ammo will wear out, and there are going to be too many for it to make a difference. Bosco can kill bugs with infinite ammo, and you’ll be moving fast enough that any dangerous bugs will not be able to hit you. If a Dreadnaught, Detonator, Menace, or Oppressor spawn, just keep running from them. The only bug I would recommend you shoot at or have Bosco target are the Naedocyte ones and any other flying bugs, since they can be annoyingly quick.
Don’t go for any side objectives, loot, or machine events. Anything you are actively trying to do besides run from the bugs is a waste of ammo and a chance you die. For collectible objectives like Boolo Caps, it’s your discretion if you want to try and collect them, but things like Dystrum or Gunk Seeds are a bad idea to try and get. Same with backpacks or cargo crates, it’s too dangerous to try and interact with the things to make them work. Do those at your own discretion.
Don’t stop moving. If you stop moving, you die.
Don’t turn around. Unless something weird happens, you will always want to go in the same direction. Hopefully a path is easy to follow and doesn’t have a lot of jumps or ledges you can accidentally miss, but if they do, try and get yourself going in the same direction you were. Turning around runs the risk of you running into the swarm of bugs.
Don’t rush things. If you aren’t quite sure if you can make the Aquarq pickup in time, don’t go for it. Stay cautious and remember you aren’t on a time limit. You are on a health limit, so that’s much more valuable than saving a couple seconds by staying longer than you should in the swarm.
Don’t panic if you run out of ammo. You probably will, and your mine head cannons will as well. Bosco has infinite ammo, so you can tell him to focus fire on any flying bugs that may be a threat to you. If there are threats, prioritize them over Aquarqs, then once they are dead, have Bosco go back to mining.
Don’t relax once the mine head is launched. You still need to stay alive until you are in the drop pod. On that note, don’t immediately go and wait by the door of the drop pod as soon as it arrives. Give it a second to open, just to make sure you can get in as smoothly as possible.

Should I Scrap The Run?

There are some circumstances where you may need to scrap a run because of things that make the game difficult. I recommend you try for it as hard as you can, but if you encounter any things that make the game harder, feel free to quit and retry.
If you see a BET-C or a Korlok Tyrant Weed, your best bet is probably to restart. You’ll have to run around the path while avoiding activating them, or you will have to fight them while you are running. There’s no harm in trying to have Bosco take out BET-C if you see it, but it’s probably easiest to reset.
If the map has any negative effects, you may want to wait for the map to refresh. While you won’t necessarily be fighting the bugs, the modifiers to them will still make things more difficult (an Elite Menace hurts). Do not under any circumstance do a Haunted Cave or Low Oxygen.
If the map is just poor for travel, you may want to restart and get a new one. You should have a map that lets you easily travel in a wide circle around the edge of the mine head pit. The ice cave is easiest for this, as there are few obstacles that spawn that can block the way or hurt you. Be careful of the cracks in the floor and the slippery ice, though.
This one is really up to you, but if you can’t see 3/4 Aquarqs from the mine head platform, you should probably restart, since it means you’ll be traveling down hallways and into caves, potentially, which gives the swarm a chance to corner you. You’ll have to do this regardless, but you want to minimize the total amount of Aquarqs you will need to hunt for.

If You Did It Right

If you complete the mission, congrats, Karl would be proud.

Written by aramlet

Here we come to an end for the KARL WOULD BE PROUD Achievement Guide – Deep Rock Galactic guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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