Lava Chakram/Lightning Fist: Easy Runs – Neophyte

Lava Chakram/Lightning Fist: Easy Runs – Neophyte 1 -
Lava Chakram/Lightning Fist: Easy Runs – Neophyte 1 -

Easy Run wins


This guide will focus on Lava Chakram (also known as Chakram). It is used to defeat Neophyte for all difficulties, including Victory Laps.
Tomes: Anything found in [brackets] means tomes. These are the little square powerups (. Bookworm).
Lava Chakram/Lightning Fist: Easy Runs - Neophyte - Introduction - 4E811D3
Skills: These are the actual items that can be used. Remember that if you don’t have the right skills (especially Lightning Fist and Lavachakram), just hit Esc -> Restart to get them.
Lava Chakram/Lightning Fist: Easy Runs - Neophyte - Introduction - 1369B26

Skill Selection

In this section, we will discuss the skills we need. Note that skills are listed from the best to the worst. Notable is the fact that Arcane is not used. It can be acquired through the tome [Hail of Blades], however, it is not useful nor necessary.
Basic Skill – Power Fist
Power Fist is a lightning skill that will do very little damage to our overall damage. Power Fist, a lightning skill, will allow us to gain some good tomb synergy. It has a very fast attack speed which is also advantageous. Chakram can be used in conjunction with it to give you a decent damage boost compared to other Basic Skills.
Primary Skill Lava Chakram
Chakram may be the most broken skill of all. It does amazing damage, has a high rate of damage, is quick to cast, and is a fire skill. This will be our main damage supplier and will melt bosses. I used it on Victory Lap 2+ with little to no problems.
Defensive Skill. Drain Soul/Stone.

  • Drain Soul: Although this defensive skill is my favorite, it is not ideal. The main advantage is that it can restore a bit more health immediately, and unlike Stone Skin, does not require skill completion for the cooldown to begin. This is especially useful when using [Emergency Supply].
  • Stone Skin: Stone is useful for getting big health or big mana builds. The cool down begins after the buff expires. This cool-down can be quite lengthy.

Expert Skill

  • Invigorate: This is the skill that replenishes your mana. If it is not obvious, the greater our mana supply, the more damage we will do. Chakram's duration is 6 seconds, costing 30 mana per spell. Because we are very mana starved, this skill will help us to have enough mana whenever we need. not should not use this skill when you are almost full. Although it will increase your attack speed, it will not be useful or necessary.
  • Meteor Formula: This is the equivalent to Invigorate. It will give you a lot mobility, but it does cost 40 mana for each cast. It's also nice to have stun. You can use it for jumping on the laser enemies in Act 3
  • Grasping vines: This is the Tier 3 option. This requires at least 150% cooldown to be effective. However, it can prove to be quite useful as it gives the root effect approximately the same duration as cool down. This means one could chain root the boss to make it easier. It is not the most useful, but it doesn't cost you any mana.


General Game

Start by using Chakram. You can actually hold down both buttons so it will use Chakram when mana is available, while still using Lightning Fist. Lightning Fist is a great way to gain mana or stacks. Maintain Chakram as much and as often as possible.
Bosses: Here, the goal is to stick with the bosses as closely possible. Chakram or Lightning Fist to bosses. After Act 1, one must always be looking out for dangerous enemies, kill them, and then return to damaging bosses with Laser Fist or Chakram.

  • Act 1 – Stay between the lock & the bosses. It will start slamming the lock () big red circle.
  • Act 2 – Follow the boss closely. This boss is probably the easiest as it summons things nearby that can then be used for potions. This fight can be aided by Grasping Vines.
  • Act 3: The boss isn't particularly dangerous. Although it might take some time to kill, you should quickly eliminate all the other enemies. Be on the lookout for the boss attacking; to avoid this, save the dash to get out.


Tome Guide

There are many tomes out there, but there are some that, when paired together, create amazing synergies. These are the ones we need to be aware of. I have broken down the great tomes by synergies. Higher tier groups are preferred, but not all the tomes within that group must be acquired in order. Remember that you can only get 15 tomes for the entire run. Which tomes you get/pick up is crucial if you want to complete the Victory Lap Challenge.
Potions: this group may be the best. If one manages to get all of these, the run should be guaranteed to go the full distance. This goes well with Big Life, Big Mana.

  • [Invigorating Brew] – This is the key for this entire group. This group is not very effective without it. This is a always pick and always first choice. This converts health potions to mana potions. However it only recovers 50% max mana. This consistently boosts mana regeneration, even though we are mana-starved.
  • [Potion master]: This increases drop rates of potions by 25%. This doesn't sound like much but when combined with the [Invigorating Blend], it makes it so we can have infinite mana. This is combined with [Boiling Blood] and it also provides a good increase of damage.
  • [Boiling Water]: This makes our potions into bombs which can deal 400% or more of the maximum healing power, or 400% of our entire life. This is good as we will often find ourselves in the company of enemies. This allows us quickly to make some space while we recover our health. This is great for bosses.
  • [Emergency supply]: This means that when using our defensive spells we can drop a potions which heals for half of what a big potion would. It is basically a potion available on demand but it is not the best by itself. To be any good, it needs [Invigorating Blend]. The potion cannot be obtained unless it falls, which can also make it less effective in tight situations. This is the one that can be skipped with no loss.

Mana Recovery:: This group is a key ingredient and will help to sustain our Chakram.

  • [Lightning Elemental]- This is the main reason we want Lightning Fist. 5 casts will give you max mana and mana regen. You don't have to hit an opponent to gain the buff. You can use it prior the round to gain maximum charges and maintain it throughout the round.
  • [Dark Thirst] turns each kill into a mana regen. This is a great option and can result in a lot mana being recovered over the course a round.
  • [Invigorating Straike]: This makes our Lightning Fist "recover six mana". This is a good pick, due to Lightning Fist's quick attack speed. This skill can be stacked and if there are at least two of them, it will become a god tier tome. This ability can be activated by simply attacking the air. For easy mana, press the basic attack button whenever in doubt.
  • Berserker – This increases attack speed, movement speed, and healing after killing a certain number of enemies. This will greatly increase your clear speed so you can move around quickly. This combined with [Invigorating Stike] can give you a lot more mana regen.
  • [Blessings Of Voracity] This is the "tome", that is just one ton of mana-regen, decent pick, but I would rather have the others in this group.
  • [Blessings in Excess] This is the "tome", max mana. It's not the best. Having a lot of mana doesn't make it useful. However, it is much more beneficial to have a Big Life, Big Mana building.

Fire/Damage: These groups are about increasing the damage. One only needs a few tomes if one has good mana endurance.

  • [Fire Elemental]: This gives stacks crit chance per recent fire spell and with the speed Chakram is cast this means a lot damage.
  • [Unshackled]- Increased chance of crit with reduced mana. This is a top tier pick for damage. This combo, along with [Fire Elemental], will give you a high chance of crit.
  • [Hail and Blades]: After casting three spells, this produces blades. This can quickly add up with the quick casting of our spells. This can also count towards [Elemental Attack]'s arcane debuff.
  • [Elemental Attack]: This lowers enemies' resistances depend on the damage (Fire and Arcane, Lightning). This is a great debuff because we already have Fire and Lightning.
  • [Fire Alliance]: This increases fire damage. It's a nice feature to have, but doesn't make it any more valuable than the others.
  • [Frenzy] gives you an extra attack speed boost once you cast the basic spells. It works well with [Invigorating Strike] and is god-like when you have two stacks. However, it is not required.

There are many great talents out there, but this should be enough to get you started.

Challenge Levels

Currently, there is 6 Challenge Levels.
1. Bigger Waves
2. Elite Enemies
3. Tougher Enemies
4. Stronger Enemies
5. More Elites
6. Invasion (Enemies spawn halfway through the round of)
These do increase the difficulty, but they don't change the build. Chakram can be too strong. But, it is important to remember that as the levels rise, one should be more cautious about which starting tomes you pick up early. Bad or incorrect tomes could result in early losses. Around halfway through Act 2, you should be ready to go.


Written by Deester

This is all we can share for today’s Lava Chakram/Lightning Fist: Easy Runs – Neophyte. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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