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Lee’s Ability Guide – The Benza RPG 1 - steamclue.com

Lee is a fine character. His moves are all luck-related. His moves are all written in Korean. This guide will help you understand each move.

Introduction to Lee

Lee's Ability Guide - The Benza RPG - Introduction to Lee - 21D95D1
Lee is a character who appears in "The Benza", "Benza English" as a regular. Lee is the only member of the cast who speaks Japanese. He also speaks all his lines in Korean, even though the rest of them speak Japanese. His words are usually very helpful, but his advice is ignored by the other characters because they don't understand him.
Lee's dialogue in "The Benza RPG", is all in Korean. You can verify what he is saying using translation software. Lee's commentary often contains helpful tips about boss fights or funny comments about what's occurring. It's worth having an application that can translate his words. Lee's comments can be enjoyed without translation.
Lee has a wide range of interesting abilities. Apart from the fact that they all have some element of luck, all of his abilities can be used in Korean. While it can be confusing at first, you'll soon learn that Lee is strong and quite easy to use.
This guide will detail each ability and discuss random effects.

"mujagwi ceryeog hoebog" Random Heal

Lee's Ability Guide - The Benza RPG -
Level 3
Description: "Leeneun tagyeogeul ibeun hue jadongjeogeuro ciyudoenda.i neungryeogeul hanbeon \nsayonghago naseoneun agunege mujagwiro sayongdoenda."
Lee receives a status symbol that looks like an arrow after casting. Lee will be healed when he is hit. After being hit, they'll be healed and their status will change to another character. This will occur four times.
This ability can only be used once, as long Lee does not have the status effects. This ability has no downsides, and it can be very useful in boss fights for emergency healing support.

"mujagwi neungryeog" Random Negative Status Effect

Learned at: Level 5.
Lee's Ability Guide - The Benza RPG -
Description: "Leeneun monseuteoege mujagwiro neungryeogeul sayonghanda. \ndoumi doel sudo anil sudo issda."
Lee uses a random effect on the creatures. This could be anything ranging from Silence or Death Toll. This is extremely useful, as Lee is not allowed to use any negative status effects while in the party. The only possible ones are sleep via Chris, flare via Alena, and flare via Alena. Lee's negative status effects can be hard to predict. It is possible for him not to use effects that the Monsters are immune to.
Lee's Ability Guide - The Benza RPG -
This ability actually allows Tamura the ability to learn "Death Toll". It's an interesting way to learn hauntings long before they appear from a monster. It's a great method to cheese some matches, as many of the opponents to The Benza battle Arena aren't immune to "Death Toll".
Possible effects: Sleeplessness, poisoning, death toll.

Lucky Number 7: "haengunyi Neodbeo7"

Lee's Ability Guide - The Benza RPG -
Level 7
Description: "Leeneun jeogeul ganghage gonggyeoghageona ciyuhaneun \nwihyeobjeogin gonggyeogeul gahanda."
Lee will either do 7 77 or 777 damage to any monster three times. There is a possibility that he could heal a monster to recover 77 HP.
Why would anyone risk healing a monster. Lee can proc777 several times. This will end most boss fights quickly and save you time. It can cause more damage than any other abilities at the moment Lee is in the group.
Is the risk worth taking? It's up you to decide.

"mujagwi heugmabeob" Random Elemental Damage

Lee's Ability Guide - The Benza RPG -
Level 9
Description: "Leeneun mujagwiro heugmabeob jumuneul sayonghanda. \nama igeoseun gibondemijiboda hweolssin gangryeoghal geosida"
Lee casts an elemental spell of random damage. It could be either earth, wind, and/or water element. There is a small chance that he can use "Gravity 1", "Gravity2", which both remove a fixed amount of the monster’s remaining HP. This is useful in conjunction with Tamura’s “Etheral Balance” as Lee’s magic damage will heal all of the party.
Lee's Ability Guide - The Benza RPG -
This ability deals magical damage. If you plan on using this ability often, make sure to equip Lee.
The only risk with this ability is the possibility that Lee may use an element that the monster does not have. However, Lee can use this ability against the party to cause damage. There's very little risk.
Possible Magic: Wind 1, Wind 2, Earth 1 and Earth 2, Water 1, Water 2 and Gravity 1

"tagyeog hogeun bisnagam" Random Attack (Weapon Skill)

Lee's Ability Guide - The Benza RPG -
Level 10
Description: "Leeneun 4beon geocilge gonggyeoghanda. igeoseun ganghage tagyeoghageona bisnaganda"
Lee attacks four time with a high hit rate. A random character will get a boost to their critical hit percentage for the next attack if Lee hits. Lee is unlikely to be able hit on any of the attacks.

Lucky Strike: "haengunyigonggyeog."

Lee's Ability Guide - The Benza RPG - “행운의 공격” Lucky Strike - 357B495
Level 12
Description: "Leeneun jasinege haenguneul jugeona buluneul juneun gonggyeogeul handa"
Lee will attack and hit, giving him an extra boost to his luck. He doesn't have to hit the target, and there is no penalty for his failure. I believe there are better things than Lee that you could do, and luck doesn’t really add enough value to a fight to spend a round trying this move out.
It's better to skip it and use his random elements attack instead.

"bansageoul Copy Move

Lee's Ability Guide - The Benza RPG -
Level 14
Description: "Leeneun jeogyi majimag teugsu gonggyeogeul bansahanda"
Once you understand the mechanics of this move, there's no chance of luck. Lee mimics the last used attack of the selected monster. This means paying attention and using the ability at the right time is important.
If the first creature uses "Heal 1" while the second uses the "Wind 1", Lee will select the first monster to use this move and then use it on the party. Lee will use Wind 1 if Lee selects the second beast.
This basically allows Lee the ability to use any move within the game that the monsters may use. If it is timed correctly, it can be very potent.


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