Library Tile Puzzle Solution – GRAVEN

Library Tile Puzzle Solution – GRAVEN 1 -
Library Tile Puzzle Solution – GRAVEN 1 -

So you survived the horrible ghost and have now seen the puzzle in this abominable video game
This guide was made by me since, surprisingly, no one else has.

Tile Solution in greater detail then the guide preview

There's no need to fuss or be hornswogglin', here's the solution. You don't need to be stuck in that horrible library.
It's a bit odd that no one has created a guide, especially considering the annoying area it's in.
Library Tile Puzzle Solution - GRAVEN - Tile Solution in bigger detail than the guide preview - D3182DD

Alright, so I got my key. Where do they go?

I'm sorry. I lied earlier. You know those big doors that you opened that led back inside the library. You have to go in there. There will be enemies who repopulate the area. It's the huge hall. The door should have a phantom-key sticking out of it. This signifies where you need to use that key. It is located on the right after leaving the horrid ghost chamber.
And your reward? A weapon! Blue mana. Sorry. It is slow to deal with skeletons and also wastes mana quickly.
Do you want to get a new book weapon for your enjoyment? I would suggest keeping your old pack out.
My recommended loadout

  • 1. Big Stick
  • 2. Magic
  • 3. Wrist Crossbow
  • 4. Rock tossing shotty
  • 5. Explosive brick tosser
  • 6 Lastly, a remedy for healing.


Let me share with you my honest thoughts before I leave.

Sincerely, i'm just playing the game out of pure spite. If I could, i would have refunded it. It was difficult to load into the game from the same town, and then having to walk through confusing maps to reach other maps when you return days/weeks/months after. I was even locked in the bogs by this game. If you have less time, please leave.
Library Tile Puzzle Solution - GRAVEN - Before you go, my honest thoughts. - 297D69D


Written by Dr. Leon Sisk

I hope you enjoy the Library Tile Puzzle Solution – GRAVEN guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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