Light Tanks – World of Tanks Blitz

Light Tanks – World of Tanks Blitz 1 -
Light Tanks – World of Tanks Blitz 1 -

Don’t be fooled by their title! Light tanks can be some of the most powerful tanks in the game. This guide will show you how.


Many players have had bad experiences with light tanks and/or just like the sound of heavy tanks or tank destroyers better. Light tanks are probably the hardest tank type to play in the game, but the payoff is huge when you learn to play them well.
Note: Any new tank which you just bought is not going to do great since the tank has no upgrades and you have little experience with the tank.
P.S. Ignore the picture.

Light Tank Basics

Your biggest advantage is speed. Use it.
Light tanks can secure good positions on the map before any other tanks due to their speed which allows them to do tons of damage while taking little or no damage in return in the first minute and a half of the game.
Light tanks, I find, work best in open fields with a lot of rocks and other sporadic cover. This allows them to utilize their mobility while being able to find cover as well.
Light tanks do not have good health or armor so try not to get hit. I’ve seen light tanks get blown up by the KV-2 in one shot. That was not an ammo rack explosion, it was just the shell. Duck out from behind buildings or rocks, shoot your shot(s) and get out of there.
Your mobility also allows you to change positions after every shot. It is not fun knowing that there is an enemy tank out there, but not knowing exactly where it is.
Don’t worry if you don’t do a lot of damage. If you are the one keeping an enemy tank in view while your teammates shoot it, then you will get a reward for that.

Advanced Tips

You’re mobile. See which teammates need help and go to them.
Do you see a tank destroyer firing away from what he thinks is a safe position. Sneak up behind him and blast him, but get away before he can blast you.
Sneak up on heavy tanks which your allied heavies are keeping busy. They will be paying attention to your allies not you.
Change positions after firing. If a heavy finds out where you are then you’ll either take a lot of damage or die.
This isn’t the best strategy, but you could even use allied heavies for cover.
Use the mini map!
A tank destroyer and a light tank make a great team.
When you aren’t firing get behind cover.
Unsuspecting medium tanks are great prey for light tanks.
Note: Not all light tanks have bad firepower. The German Leopard has a three shot magazine which will do a combined damage of around 300 if you don’t ricochet or hit armor.

Light Tanks by Tier

Tier I: Most tanks at this stage are light tanks so your abilities won’t be that special. If you have good health and/or armor consider acting as a heavy. Watch out for the mediums though.
Tier II: There are a lot more medium tanks so ease into the role of playing a light tank. Don’t be too afraid to expose yourself if you need to though.
Tier III: Definitely start playing as a light tank. The first heavy has come out (French D2) and more mediums are available.
Tier IV: Fully grasp your role of playing a light tank. Heavies and Tank Destroyers are becoming more common.
Tier V: Light tanks are now rare. The main part of the team is made of heavies and mediums. You now have abilities which few other tanks have.
Tier VI: Tank Destroyers are making their big debut and even medium tanks are starting to disappear. Prepare yourself for a world of heavies and tank destroyers.
Tier VII: Tank Destroyers and Heavies make up the main body of the team. They are slow and usually have long reload times. Use your speed to drive circles around them, both figuratively and even literally when you see the need.
Tier VIII: The Heavies and tank destroyers start being able to do 500+ damage so DO NOT take a hit. You cannot beat a heavy one on one under any circumstances, but the tank destroyers are usually lacking health and sometimes armor.
Tiers IX and X: I haven’t played these tanks because they are so expensive, but the basic principles are still the same: Stay fast, stay low, stay alive.


My advice isn’t catch all. If you see a situation where my advice seems stupid then don’t take it. This is just what I do to help my light tank game play and it doesn’t apply to all situations. If you see any mistakes or think I should make additions then let me know in the comments.
I hope this guide helps you. Have fun!

Written by ethan.j.bremer

This is all we can share for Light Tanks – World of Tanks Blitz for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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