List of convicted war criminals – Bloons TD 6

List of convicted war criminals – Bloons TD 6 1 -
List of convicted war criminals – Bloons TD 6 1 -

A list of all the war crimes committed by monkeys in this video. It is recommended that viewers use discretion.

Overall war crimes

There are certain crimes that every unit commits, regardless of their intentions. This is because of the game's environment. These include, but don't limit to:

  • Ethnic Cleansing
  • Ma*s Genocide

  • Us*ment of minors on a battlefield
  • Killing without trial

  • Destructions of private civilian property


Dart Monkey

The dart monkey, as seen in its upgrades x4x & x5x, transforms other monkeys into slaughter plants, which can then be subverted Human monkey experimentation. Not to be missed is its paragon upgrade as a monkey experimentation agent of ma*s destruction.

Bomb Shooter

Evidently, the bomber is shooting cluster bombs. These are prohibited and their use is considered war crime.

Tack shooter

The top path is incinerates bloons alive. The two other paths are fine.

Glue Gunner

Biowarfare is a war crime of any kind. This includes the production, possession, and usage of toxins for weapons.

Monkey Sub

The environmental damage caused by the bloontonium and energizer is severe.

Monkey Ace

Explosive devices disguised here as edible objects (: pineapples are illegal to use.

Mortar Monkey

HUGE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ THERMONUCLEAR BOMBS. HUGE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ THERMONUCLEAR BOMBS also causing damage and destruction to everything around it, even innocent bystanders or to the environment.

Dartling Gunner

It is forbidden to use laser weapons or any other combat function to cause permanent blindness or unenhanced visual impairments to the nak*d or corrective eye.
Also, chemical warfare is the maximum amount of "bloontonium” used in rockets.

Wizard Monkey

Turns bloon PoWs on their own kind Forcing them to combat the hostile power .

Super Monkey

Sacrifices others monkeys for its power, plus uses plasma weaponry.


The most degenerate and abominable of all criminals. Even if he's upgraded once, he still has chemical warfare. And it only gets worse when you put more money in his hands. Intoxication, whether minor or major, of other combatants via alcohol, use of poisoned ammunition, and live experimentation using monkeys and bloons . Disgusting.

Spike Factory

Spike traps are strictly prohibited. However, spike factory's upgrades only make it more so. Suffering that is unnecessary and prolongable Flamming hot rock can cause this.

Engineer Monkey

Construction and use only of plasma weaponry. Their inevitable death delayed .


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