List of good Relics – Hero Siege

List of good Relics – Hero Siege 1 -
List of good Relics – Hero Siege 1 -

This list is for Ranged builds.

Active – Choose one

Book of Belial
Holy Water
Rotten Apple


Basilisk’s Totth
Bonsai tree
Butterfly Knife
Charmed Blood
Commander’s Sword
Devil Horn
Frozen Orb
Guardian Angel
Golden Cube
Helm of Chaos
Hand Scythe
Homing Shots
Horned Mask
Holy Grail
Light Katana
Magic Mushroom
Ogre Club
Rice & Chopsticks
Razer Blade
Shattered Katana
Silver Cube
Spectral Arrow
Templar Shield
The Glove
The Spoon
Titan’s Gladius
Twin Blade
Witch Claw

Flight – Get only one

Arcane boots
Amputation Kit
Golden Fleece
Holy Bible
Monkey King bar
Shield of El Cid

Item generation

Da box
Fortune Card
Lotto Ticket
Skeleton Key

Written by Mercurion

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