Lore & Gameplay Challenges! – WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition

Lore & Gameplay Challenges! – WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition 1 - steamclue.com
Lore & Gameplay Challenges! – WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition 1 - steamclue.com

This guide is full of lore, and some gameplay challenges. Some may be difficult. Some may prove difficult and you might not be able to complete Slough creek. Also. Some may have common challenges but more hardship. (Ex. Deaf, but you can't hear a prey.)


Except when hunting or protecting your pups' pups, you cannot exit from scent view. This also means that you cannot use emotes, such as Roll or playbow. You can only use voice and tail emoticons. No body emotes. (Therefore, wooing wolves is more challenging.) Also, you must make your wolves eyes the grey-ish color. This makes your wolf appear bildy. (If it is a wolf born from one of you wolves.) If it is one your pups, you cannot edit its eyes or coat.)


You cant howl. Woof or any other voice emotives are not allowed. If a predator is threatening, you cannot woof your puppies. It is easier to play with little litter (1-3 puppies).
(It's not easy to play without woofing. You might be able to play where you don't know how to woof.)


You can't even hear what is going on. To interact with other Wolves, you will need to use your body. A den raid is not a time when predators can be heard so you can turn off your HUD to only hear the music. You cannot tell if you're in danger or near prey with your hearing senses. It is important to turn off music while hunting. All you have to do is turn off the nature sounds


Lore: You and the pack live off fish, beavers, and other small animals. Your pack considers them blessings. You live in gra*slands close to logdes and beaver dams. Prey close to water is another way you live. (Elks, for example, live near water.) An old blessing that runs deep in the genes of your pack. "When water is available, there is life. Water is life. Water gives us life. You have the blessings of the water. This means that everyone will have a great year.
You can live in the rock-mcbirde den until your pups are born. Living in the rendezvous area is near the Mcbride rock den and beaver dam. Your pups will not need to be moved until they are 15 lbs. And make a pile to beavers or fish. The pile is for your and your mate.
Extra! :
Give your pack a water or ocean and aquaitc nickname.
Also. How to "Fish!"
Step 1:Find an adult eagle who is diving or cricling on a body. This is called actitvely fishing.
Step 2:Sleep if there is a fish. If it made an slpash to find out if it has a fish, it will be able to tell you. You'll be able to see it in its talons. It disappears when you sleep, then wake up when you awaken.
Step 3:Enter your scent view and locate the fish. Once you find it, take it back into the den.
Now you know how fish can be caught!
Lore & Gameplay Challenges! - WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition - Water-Eaters - 8FCA9C7
Note: Only the bald eagles may fish. Golden eagles can only hunt hares as well as your pups. Ravens only eat small amounts of carca*ses.

The newborn murderers.

Lore: Your pack constantly murders newborn ungulates. The pups have a full day from morning to bedtime.
If there haven't been ungulates born, you can only live off calfs/fawns.
Hunting an adult moose is not permitted.
Extra! :
You may not live off the newborn moose calves.
You can only live on small prey and newborns. (Hares. Also, fish)

Bad parents… (. Or not?)

Never let your pups go out of the den. You should also not leave them alone in the den during an attack.
This can be done with a coin toss and dice. You can also use an Internet wheel.

Night walkers

Only hunt at night. Your pack believes pups are more at risk of dying so they hunt during the day. The pups should be woken up by the sun. Unless they are hungry. If they are hungry, you can feed them then and bring them back.

Forever travelling

Based on the longest family roadtrip challenge.
(If you aren't happy with your chosen den, move on! (Don't choose a location until your pups are at least 20-21 lbs.
There is a perk for never choosing a Den! Bears will never attack! (But other predators might. Don't expect to have a stress-free, care-free experience.)
Also! You can also choose an area (with gra*s patches for your pups,), and live there until your pups are between 20 and 21 pounds. This game is for you if you love plants and flowers. You can live anywhere with beautiful flowers & plants. (As long as there are gra*s patches…)
Also. You can finish all quests by going to slough creek. Re-join the game to start it again and move on.
Extra! :
You have to travel the entire map. (Be a tourist!) Search for all human items. Additionally, landmarks can be used to identify impacts. (for stranger wolf turf. Get out and take your pups to a gra*sy patch. You can then add another 3-5 hexes to it.)


You can't survive without bison or moose throughout the entire game.
If hunting bulls is too difficult for you, you might hunt moose calves and cow-moose.

The smallest to the largest.

Take a runt, and then a pup that is bigger and more powerful than the rest. Keep them alive.

"Is your NPC-approved coat?"

Choose a mate with an NPC coat. It will be much more difficult to complete amethyst without a mate.
Lore & Gameplay Challenges! - WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition -


Written by ^^Honey^^

I hope you enjoy the Lore & Gameplay Challenges! – WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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