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This is a guide to help people get something out of the crafting system, if anything ive missed, feel free to post and ill correct it, but ill post what i know so far.
my usual use is to enchant items i find into better items if they are just ordinary +1, or whatever.
the basics.
Your Crafting Skill of any type, Blacksmithing, Armor or Weapon making is always determined by your intelligence. (dont ask why here, im explaining the system not the decision making on this or the debate of it.)
then you have Magic Items, or Wonderous Magic Crafting.
Magic And Wonderous are broken basically into two catagories.
Magic “Crafting” actually will deal with upgrading your item,bonding silver to them if they are a metal base. or iron.. whatever. just not wood. ammo can be upgraded by +. i havent figured on that. but it probably follows the same rule. masterwork, or possibly darkwood.
an Adantium or Mithril can be upgraded to a magic item. Silver, CANNOT. Masterwork is the base for the creation of a new magical item in anycase. in case you want something you cant find or are having a hard time finding for loot.
illustrations will follow.


okay. so. you want that bada*s item right. well. everything has a beginning. so. im going to use in my first example. masterworks, and materials.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - Basics. - 2E6CD9429
as you can see. elf as i am. im not good at making masterwork equipment weapons or armor.
notice at the bottom of the shot my abilty and xp bar listed to it. i use blacksmithing,armor and weaponsmithing very rarely. Misao (Left.)has the highest skill. she is being aided by Yugi (Middle. hmm this one looks kinda familar.) and Majorita, Right. as you can see. Yugi dosent have a prayer in this. Majorita is a bit better off but not much. Misao seems the top here.any one of them tries this alone. this is a doomed affair, where i will lose money and materials.
so. lets use something i already have.
a masterwork short sword.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - Basics. - EEE17A5BA
yep. boring.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - Basics. - 3B1F72118
ah. that looks better. but… hey. i have an adanamite i did this to earlier. it kept it’s adm. propererties. sweet.
so lets have a look at that.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - Basics. - 73219CA3F
nah. that still looks boring. okay. im a perfectionist.
so lets go into to those star shaped icons, see what we can do here.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - Basics. - F91E9BB0E
this is a tier 1 upgrade. but its +3. making it harder. Misao and Majorita seem to have things handled. Yugi is still bad at this. shes just an addon for a little better shot, but its still 49%. i miss. i lose it, my money and materials.
i can lower it to +2 and get better odds if need be.
so. lets roll those dice.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - Basics. - D3ED19DB1
Yay! it worked. even though yugi tried to drop it into the forge. shes special. what can i say.
youll notice the odds improved for everyone becuase this is not smithing,armor craft or,weaponsmithing.
so. how do you go about bonding silver?
well. first off. only certain things can be silvered. staves are obviously out. being made of wood.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - Basics. - 8753628FD
heres an idea of what you can do it to.
but silver takes off a bit of damage for the bonus going through certain things Damage Reduction.
Now. Your Materials Basic Properties.
Adam. i have given up spelling this.
Darkwood and Masterwork.
thier Effects.
Adam. armor is good to enchant and upgrade. it keeps it damage resistance even on the random roll. its also a damage reduction weapon. not sure if its better then silver.
Silver is a damage reduction material. only works with weapons and not armor.
Darkwood decreases weight as well as Mithril. ive never used these arrows. if anyone can give insight to them, id appricate it. ive never found them. and i dont craft them.
im kind of dissapointed on the mithril. but maybe that will change later.
and an enchanted item will keep its base like an adam.
and you can silver items that are already enchanted like this.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - Basics. - CD6F28002
(Yes. anyone whos seen this stupid show formerly knows there should be a staff there, but a halberd was a much better choice. i do try my best to get as close possible to representing the characters i create, but im not impractical. besides the mental image is quite amusing.)
this is what tier 4 looks like as well.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - Basics. - 0B097FDA9

but this is always random once again.
this is basic upgrading dependant on your skill. good int scores, better results: most of the other big bonuses however are coming from boosted item stats.
Racial Bonuses will come into as well as the aid system. you can mesh up 3 characters skills making for better chances.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - Basics. - 92F927DDC
it is suggested you use the people with the highest skill of course. everything goes through all of em. DONT CRAFT ALONE! you will most likely fail.
as a side note. Characters can aid in trap disabling, and lockpicking.
this concludes the basics. now on to how to farm and grind the skills.

The Grind.

Now. for the part we dont like.
Grinding and Farming.
Ore and Lumber can easily be found in mines of various quality
Wisdom is the Modifer here, and Miners and Lumberjacks can Aid each other too.
this is my main Material Gather. (Ore and Lumber.)
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - The Grind. - 340FB3E3C
now i have a cleric too.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - The Grind. - 7FB49F468
so why am i not using her? the paladin a frontliner. and she wont pa*s many concentration checks. this is my healer. if she goes. no resses. in other words, Kikyo’s skills are tied up in Concentration and healing. Yugis not a good canditate either for the same reason.
and we are all wood,gray and drow elves. so our constitutions arnt pretty anyway, yugi and kikyo need concentration high as prime spell casters, in the event something gets to them.
i think Misao was an aid to the ore and lumber gathering but its not an extensivly used skill in my party.
as for the other materials…
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - The Grind. - D37FC6EED
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - The Grind. - 3908C5E30
The First Tab is what i get from ma*s disenchants from dungeon runs. i build them up and the ones not worth selling or upgrades, turn into those. you need a steady flow of this stuff to keep you enchanting,upgrading
2 is a mixup of mundane wood ignots and gems. but alot of the stuff there is gotten for the wonderous branch of crafting. you will usually see what it can make when you hold your tool tip.
most of the other stuff can be found as loot on monsters,or in barrels,backpacks and chests.
if you want to grind wonderous craft xp, the generally best way to go about it, is just disenchant items in that crafting skill. it will boost your points in either magic common or wonderous depending where you do it. but ma*s disenchants on items in wonderous will yield skill points until your compenent enough to try to craft something. and start small. this stuff is expansive. you can also disenchant things you create. but that method is quite expensive, and the more complex the item the more XP in it for doing so. REMEMBER:You will always lose cash even if you fail and keep some materials. and a failed disenchants gives nothing. so. onto the next topic.

When and when not to take risks.

This part covers percentages. which is always luck.
remember the 49% on that Adm. shortsword. i got lucky there.
if you are below 45% its not good odds. but theres nothing saying you wont fail at 75% either.
Luck is fickle.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - When and when not to take risks. - AD038FC4C
id say none of this is a good idea given my skill or price.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - When and when not to take risks. - 6F88EA6D2
looks a bit better.
easier items. also if i take the plus down, it gets even easier for ma*s production-disenchants, but thats not very good XP for the cost.
Risk vs reward.
take racial,skill modifers and everything into account. i know i said this in the first part.
but i cant stress it enough.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - When and when not to take risks. - F18A955BE
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - When and when not to take risks. - 503434CCC
Better Int+ Better Chance. Grey Elfs can get a nat 20 int. making them good crafters if you need a mule. you can hire substitutes you created in the adventurer guild. however. i cant go into this part. i only got one out of my entire list so i dont know what im doing wrong there.
and if you want dedicated crafters: do not forget this corrosponding feat.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Age - When and when not to take risks. - 9E8DFA53A
sorry if pictures got out of focus. first guide. hope it helps some. and i wouldent recommend even putting in crafting until at least level 8. Wizards and Rogues make good at this for the extra skill points,
although. there are no wizards here. all sorcs, a paladin and a rogue/sorc trickster.

Written by Devilchild

This is all we can share for Low Magic Age – Low Magic Age for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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