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Lycanthropy and You – Gedonia 1 -
Lycanthropy and You – Gedonia 1 -

Get the most out of your werewolf form

Lycanthropy, You and You

I feel that the Werewolf Form is an underrated skill. This guide will show you how it can be used to attain incredible sustained DPS while being nearly invulnerable.
Lycanthropy and You - Gedonia - Lycanthropy and You - 90A02E9

Character Stats

2 Strength
3 Agility
3 Intellect
0 Charisma
Lycanthropy and You - Gedonia - Character Stats - 4F50DA1
Intellect is a more beneficial werewolf form than Strength, and we won’t be needing any heavy weapons and metal armor in this build. Agility is also very beneficial because it gives an all important boost to attack speeds and enables dual-wielding knives, which we'll discuss in the next section. Charisma is made the dump stat by something. It's a shame because who wants to make friends with a frightening, slightly unhinged Wolf-Man?


Lycanthropy and You - Gedonia - Equipment - A4B8B8D

  • Beastmaster armor set All Items hardened, patched and with +2% crit chance/+0.1m/s attack speed/+3% move speed, and embroided with 100 health [Source Source: Citadel of Evil]
  • Arch shaman necklace Enchanted with +100% damage/+60mana [Source Barbarians faction seller]
  • Archshaman ring A x2, both enchanted, with +100% magic damage/+60mana [Source Barbarians faction market]
  • Cloak from arch shaman Source: Barbarians faction Merchant
  • Weird living plant
  • Venomous fang both hardened and enchanted, with +30% damage/+20 marma [Source: Seers faction seller]
  • Maneater Enchanted with +30% Magic Damage/+20 Mana [Source Source: Lava Filled Cave]
  • Herbcrafted torch Source: Enchanted Forest

Venomous fans are used instead of (Eternalgreataxe or) living mace. Their attack speed increase is more beneficial to the build’s DPS. The Weird live plant is used in place of any nature magic trinkets. However, the build's (rune of animal pack is terrible. Also spells are extremely underpowered in werewolf form as you can't apply magical overload).
Although Maneater may seem like an odd choice for secondary loadout, most of the spells used for fighting with human form scale with both magic AND attack strength — you'll get better average DPS using these melee-focused armours than you would from Astral fire and Living mace (.
Poison does not serve any purpose. You can add some poison if you want, but it's not going be of any benefit.


Lycanthropy and You - Gedonia - Skills - 1A4937D
This section will provide information about the skills that Werewolf Form needs to shine. You can also find some extra skill points that are not too important but may be helpful. Skills that aren't related to werewolf forms will not be covered here. They will be discussed in (Skills Pt.2 instead.


Lycanthropy and You - Gedonia - Skills - 4D25DC8

  • Rage Rage – Despite not allowing you to build any stacks in werewolf forms, it will increase your damage output a bit. Angry Strike (or Killing Frenzy) will have no effect so don’t bother.
  • Critical Strike Level 2
  • Melee Damage Level 5 Skill sink; its effect will be barely perceptible on your DPS. If you are looking to improve your human-form skills and want to skip this one, or future skills marked skill point sinks), then you can skip it.
  • One-Handed Weapons Level 2


Combat Mastery

Lycanthropy and You - Gedonia - Skills - AD5870D

  • Rend Level 4 Skillpoint sink.
  • Fencing This is only for access to the next skill.
  • Piercing Strikes Level 2 level 1 is a decent DPS increase that gets better the longer a battle lasts. Level 2 is a skill-point sink.

Notice: Although Piercing strike is the only skill in this area that we are interested in, you should still dedicate 15 points to Combat Mastery for an increase in attack speed.

Blood Magic

Lycanthropy and You - Gedonia - Skills - AC906D2

  • Tap into Blood This's what we're here for, a quick and easy way to replenish mana once it's gone. Tap into Blood is my preference. You can put on Bark and Thorns to absorb all the self damage, but there are also other options (potions, conjure-food, and more).


Arcane Magic

Lycanthropy and You - Gedonia - Skills - CFA7A63

  • Mana Bonus Level 3 Skillpoint sink; we have sufficient mana from the equipment.
  • Mana Replenishment Skills point sink; Tap in Blood ((or an alternative of choice)) will be the primary way to recover mana.
  • Magic Resistance Level 3 Skillpoint sink; Bark and Thorns is protecting us anyway, and it does its work well.

Note: Yep, all skill point sinks. Arcane Magic is almost certain to be required for your human form abilities. Therefore, investing in pa*sives doesn't seem like a huge waste.


Lycanthropy and You - Gedonia - Skills - 2211673

  • Survivability Level 2 Skillpoint sink; is only a small increase to max Health
  • Mastery skill: Defense Master Skill points sink. This is a more powerful way to increase max health, but it's not necessary.

Note: Another skill tree made entirely up skill point sinks. You don't need to worry about Immovability. Your Beastmaster armor set gives full immunity to knock (, werewolf form).

Nature Magic

Lycanthropy and You - Gedonia - Skills - 3B5CAE0

  • Beast Element Level 2 It's only used to access the next skill. But it will see action in human form.

  • Mastery Skill, Werewolf form
  • Mastery Skills: Powerful Thorns Never be taken out of your game again, especially as there is a bug that allows Bark and Thorns in werewolf form to last almost indefinitely.
  • Nature Power Level 5 Skill damage sink; does more than Rend Level 4 and Melee Level 5 but is still not enough to be considered a compulsory pick. You can use it at lower levels if you have a nature magic damage bonus that isn't already in quadruple digits.


Skills Pt. : Become Human

Lycanthropy and You - Gedonia - Skills Pt.2: Become Human - 82D51A0
So now your werewolf-form is set up and ready to go. But what if there's darkness in the cave and you need opposable thumbs for a torch? I wouldn't recommend using any purely physical skills as the melee damages bonuses on this build are at best mediocre. But there are enough nature magical spells and "spellblade”-style attacks to make this a functional skill bar in human forms.

Combat Mastery

Lycanthropy and You - Gedonia - Skills Pt.2: Become Human - 128FF29

  • Enchant Weapon A Adding the beast element to your weapons will give you a little bit more damage, but most importantly, the cleave attacking skill from the second Endchant Weapon skill is excellent for burst damage within a large cone area of effect.
  • Summon Weapon Good enough AoE, based on your equipped melee gun, and adds a touch crowd control from the runicforge.


Arcane Magic

Lycanthropy and You - Gedonia - Skills Pt.2: Become Human - F9952D4

  • Mastery skill: Maximum overload Mandatory, if you plan to use any spells late in the game. The damage increases are enormous owing to being multiplied multiplicatively by the specific types magic damage bonuses (. Nature magic damage).
  • Flying Level 3 A superior way to get around outside, better even than dragon riding. Pro tip: To reach continent-crossing speeds, you should use three stacks magical overload before flying.


Holy Magic

Lycanthropy and You - Gedonia - Skills Pt.2: Become Human - 8BBD0F2

  • Paladin Seal Level 3 Holy Magic's double jump was the reason I invested in Holy Magic. It's an expensive investment just to get the jump height. But once you get used it, it's almost impossible to play without being able to leap tall buildings in one bound. Although technically the melee bonus is useful, it's more of an added benefit.
  • Weak-Healing Prayer Level 3 This is just a convenience for when your Bark and Thorns runs low, but we're so high up in Holy Magic's skill tree that why not. It can also heal spirit bears if it's tanking.



Lycanthropy and You - Gedonia - Skills Pt.2: Become Human - 35A5111

  • Encouraging Speech Practically worthless at 0 Charisma. But the runic forge bonus for this skill is extremely high and doesn't scale with Charisma.


Nature Magic

Lycanthropy and You - Gedonia - Skills Pt.2: Become Human - EEE4FC7

  • Beast Attack Unpredictable target in a group, and not the greatest damage. But it's one skill level and easy to weave among other attacks (. Don't bother using this in werewolf form though; no magic overload = No damage)
  • Spirit of the Bear This guy will provide your best source of sustained DPS other than werewolf form, especially if he is buffed with a runicforge enhanced encouraging message.


Honorable Mentions

Skills that I didn't use, but would be okay to have in this build.

  • Elemental Attack – The beast element is a slightly superior ranged option to the basic melee a*sault in human form.
  • Drain Water provides a convenient combination health and mana recuperation that works even in werewolf form but suffers greatly due to a long cooldown.
  • Divine ProtectionA is an okay pa*sive for a bit more damage resist.


Early Game

The minimum requirements for a werewolf's build to run smoothly are:

  • Mastery Skills: Werewolf Form Obviously).
  • Bark and Thorns provides some emergency protection.
  • My preference for a quick and easy way to restore mana (is, as I mentioned previously, Tap into Blood).
  • You need at least 600 mana in order to remain in werewolf mode for the duration of the cooldown.

As such, this build is a bit slow and you won’t get it off the ground until about level 24. If you insist on using werewolf as your primary combat skills as soon as possible, I recommend that Bark and Thorns be used after you have obtained Werewolf Form. Tap into blood, Nature Power Level 5, Nature Power Level 5, and Mana Bonus Level 3. Equipment-wise your priorities should be divided between bonus mana as well as bonus nature magical damage. After you have at minimum 600 mana, load up on as much nature damage as possible. It's not worth trading nature magic destruction for attack speed until you reach higher levels.
One tip for early game that applies to any is to make a run for it. Once you have enough money to buy the 200-gold item and 1120 gold to construct the resource-generating structures, make sure to be there. This setup is easy to use and will make you some very pa*sable equipment.

A Brief Note about Ancient Runes

The following exhibition video shows how I used nine of each colored rune to invest into every skill (. That includes the single starting rane of each colors that you get on each skill for free). This is not really necessary. The only runic enhancements to this build's core functionality are the red and the yellow runes of Werewolf Form and Bark and Thorns.
Because it's the first occasion that runic forge benefits reach a whole amount, and they don’t again until a ridiculously ninety-nine, I chose nine runes per colour per skill as my cutoff. Nine can be considered the "soft limit."


Written by Koumori

This is all we can share for Lycanthropy and You – Gedonia for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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