Maps – Beta 0.8.2 – Lunacid

Maps – Beta 0.8.2 – Lunacid 1 -
Maps – Beta 0.8.2 – Lunacid 1 -

Currently the maps are very yucky and made in paint, and they’re in the process of a redesign, but until then, I wanted to post what I already have to aid those looking for a general direction.
I am working on this project almost daily, so yeah.
Some spots are exaggerated for the sake of easier readability.
Last update: March 20th 2022

= Foreword =

Before starting, please go to the options menu and set your compa*s to “KING” to get the King’s Field Compa*s! It’s by far the best type of compa*s this game has to offer, and the maps were done using that compa*s.
You can find this setting in the “MORE” Tab.
Maps - Beta 0.8.2 - Lunacid - = Foreword = - 99BDB9641
That being said, all the maps are drawn by Reniachii and will then be redesigned by PhantomRaptor.
Until then, please excuse the roughness of these maps. Hopefully they are able to help you out 🙂

~ Hollow Basin

Maps - Beta 0.8.2 - Lunacid - ~ Hollow Basin - F0BBAE835

~ Temple of Silence

Maps - Beta 0.8.2 - Lunacid - ~ Temple of Silence - 9C3DBC71D

~ The Fetid Mire

Maps - Beta 0.8.2 - Lunacid - ~ The Fetid Mire - 9A0D21CA0

~ The Sanguine Sea


~ Accursed Tomb


~ The Catacombs

Maps - Beta 0.8.2 - Lunacid - ~ The Catacombs - 55F84FB2B
This is by far my oldest map, therefore it might look a little weird, but it still works perfectly.

~ Mausoleum


~ Yosei Forest

Maps - Beta 0.8.2 - Lunacid - ~ Yosei Forest - 6E5396088

~ Forbidden Archives


This is all we can share for Maps – Beta 0.8.2 – Lunacid for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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