Maximizing Available Money – PowerWash Simulator

Maximizing Available Money – PowerWash Simulator 1 -
Maximizing Available Money – PowerWash Simulator 1 -

How to maximize your available money to be able to buy the Prime Vista Pro as well as customizations.


While there may be other ways of doing this, this is how I went about maximizing my available money in game. I just thought I’d share in case this helps anyone.
I have been playing Power Wash Simulator for a while (love it!) so I had completed all of the maps, and would complete new maps as they were released. I was excited for customizations (e.g., gloves, washers) but ended up spending too much money on those and washer attachments to afford everything for the Prime Vista PRO. I also ran out of money for the outfits when I bought the Vista PRO.
I’ll go over how I went about redoing the game and ending with $4,435 currency leftover even after buying the Vista PRO and all its attachments. What I did purchase:

  • Prime Vista PRO and all its attachments
  • Prime Vista 3000 with long extension
  • Pink Gloves
  • Purple Outfit


Level Progression

Most of the early levels are easy to do with just the basic sprayer without an attachment. I mostly used the yellow or green heads, and just had to get up closer for a stronger spray. Red was only when I had rust, bird poop, or grafitti to get off. Once you have enough money for the Vista 3000, buy it. You can then use it without an attachment until you have enough money for the long attachment. Use this until you can afford the Vista PRO. Again, buy the long extension for it once you have enough money.
Without extensions, just get in closer to make the spray stronger (this includes crouching to be lower to the floor). I find a vertical spray while crouched, back and forth, works really well on floors. You have ladders and scaffolding to get closer to surfaces, as well as just jumping around and climbing up on things.
Maximizing Available Money - PowerWash Simulator - Level Progression - 299C67DD3
This should do well for you until you get to the Mayor’s Mansion level. You need the extra long extension to be able to finish this level. By the time I got here I had the PRO already with long extension. I finished everything outside the gate with the long extension, then a new level notification popped up. I went to the new level and finishing that gave me enough money for the extra long PRO extension. I did not purchase this for the Vista 3000.
Maximizing Available Money - PowerWash Simulator - Level Progression - 37851EE63
Once you have the extra long extension you can save your money to get the rest of the attachments, or you can go buy whatever else you want. I personally love the Vista 3000 skins and hope they release some for the PRO. I hope this helps some of you. ^-^

Written by NickyCat

This is all we can share for Maximizing Available Money – PowerWash Simulator for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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