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Maximizing Points – OlliOlli World 1 -
Maximizing Points – OlliOlli World 1 -

How to get smooth combos and a lot of points.


Hi, welcome to my first Steam guide! I wanted to share some tips to help people get some extra points in their runs on OlliOlli World. Whether you’re trying to beat the local heroes, or climb the global leaderboards, this guide will go over everything I know on how you can score big. I a*sume you know the basics already, so this won’t be much as a tutorial more than is a “tips and tricks” sort of guide.

Scoring Points, Multiplier, and Bailing


Almost everything you do in your run will net you points. These include tricks, grabs, grinds, and landings. If you do any of these, you will see above your character how many points it is worth.
Maximizing Points - OlliOlli World - Scoring Points, Multiplier, and Bailing - 0836CA208
Every repeat trick you do earns you less and less points the more you repeat it, so make sure you add some variety to your runs by doing different tricks.

Multiplier and Combos

Multiplier, or your combo, is shown on the top left of your screen, next to your points counter.
Maximizing Points - OlliOlli World - Scoring Points, Multiplier, and Bailing - 69B1B9765
The blue bubble indicates the points you have banked. The pink bubble indicates the amount of points you have earned in your current combo, and the reddish-pink bubble shows your multiplier. When you land, your points in the combo are multiplied and added to your banked points. If you bail during a combo, you lose it, so try not to fall!
Quick tip: Pa*sing through a checkpoint will keep all of your current banked points, but not your combo, so if there’s a tricky section coming up it may be wise to bank your points in case you bail.


To maximize your points you want to avoid bailing during a run. Crashing into an obstacle or hitting a set of stairs are examples of bailing. If you do bail, you can hold down the Y button (on XBOX controllers) to restart the level from the very beginning, or tap it to restart from the last checkpoint.
Basically, just don’t end up like this and you’ll be fine.
Maximizing Points - OlliOlli World - Scoring Points, Multiplier, and Bailing - C01FF8605


Doing tricks is the most important part of OlliOlli World. You use them to clear gaps and obstacles for the entire game, and you also earn points by doing them.
The harder the trick is to do, the more points you get from it, and they are divided into three categories: Basic tricks, Advanced tricks, and Special tricks. If you fully complete a trick you also earn more points.
Maximizing Points - OlliOlli World - Tricks - 0EE3A81EAYou earn 100-240 points from a basic trick, 140-280 from an advanced trick, and 180-360 from a special trick. You lose points overtime from repeating the same trick, so try to shake up the tricks you do if you seem to lose points.
Basic tricks are shown in white text on the bottom left of your screen. Advanced tricks are shown in blue text, and Special tricks are shown in yellow text.
Maximizing Points - OlliOlli World - Tricks - C92EAED1A
Maximizing Points - OlliOlli World - Tricks - 080FB4307
Maximizing Points - OlliOlli World - Tricks - F152E8560
Quick tip: Remember that you can check the tricktionary in the main menu or in-game by pausing and going to settings.

Grinds and Grind Switches

Grinds are the foundation to combos. You’ll use grinds to gain speed and multiplier.
Maximizing Points - OlliOlli World - Grinds and Grind Switches - FE64C8688
Grinds will gives you points, and, if you hold them for long enough, add to your multiplier. You can also do grind switches by pressing A (XBOX Controller) to change the direction of your grind. You can also do special grinds, similar to special tricks, which give you even more points! To do a special grind, pull the RIGHT stick on your controller in the same direction you pulled the left stick. Same with tricks, regular grinds are shown in white text, and special grinds are shown in yellow. There are no advanced grinds however, only regular and special.
Maximizing Points - OlliOlli World - Grinds and Grind Switches - 4A6B3175F
In this picture, I pulled the LEFT stick to the left, doing a 5-0 grind (shown in the first picture). Pressing the RIGHT stick in the same direction does a Backside Layback 5-0, shown here.
The momentum for grinds if a bit wonky. If you get on a grind earlier, I’ve found that you earn more speed than if you get on it later, so try to hop on grinds ASAP to get the most speed so you can clear gaps easier. Aswell, make sure you jump off the grind as late as possible if there’s a gap coming up so you don’t fall short and crash.

Manuals, Wallrides, and Firecrackers

Manuals and Firecrackers

Manuals and Firecrackers are very important to your combo. These let you land on the ground (Manuals) and stairs (Firecrackers) and keep going without banking your current combo. You can only pull three manuals in a row before you have to “reset” the manual counter by doing a grind, wallride, or firecracker. If you hold a manual for long enough, you’ll see a small burst of rays appear around your character and you’ll gain multiplier.
Maximizing Points - OlliOlli World - Manuals, Wallrides, and Firecrackers - 611B2C0DD


Wallrides are used to clear gaps that a trick otherwise wouldn’t. These also net you multiplier. Not much else to say about them, you just trick on them and then trick off them.
Maximizing Points - OlliOlli World - Manuals, Wallrides, and Firecrackers - 80CE0FD3B

Grabs and Spins


Grabs are the second most useful tool to getting lots of points.
If you hold a grab you’ll rapidly earn points until you tweak the grab, in which you’ll earn a point of multiplier, but you won’t earn any more points.
Doing a grab grants you 400 points max. Repeating the grab will earn you less each time.
If you’re skilled enough, you can tweak grabs on flat ground and then land in a manual. This is what most pros use to maximize points. Another method you can do is if you’re getting a lot of air time, is to pull one grab, and then pull another grab once you tweak the first. I call this “double grabbing.”Maximizing Points - OlliOlli World - Grabs and Spins - 22E4B04C0


Spins are a very cheap way to earn extra points. Just hold RT or LT for the whole run and you’ll get lots of bonus points each time you do a trick or grab. Spins are also useful for doing tricks that aren’t listed in the tricktionary, like biggerspin flips or body varials.
Maximizing Points - OlliOlli World - Grabs and Spins - AA13F2EAB
There is one thing you have to look out for if you’re doing spins, though.
Sometimes doing a spin, you may accidentally land side-on. That’s OK though, because you can still land side-on in a manual, and you can even do unique grinds if you land on a rail side-on. But you can’t land side-on in a firecracker. It just counts as landing on stairs normally, which will bank your points and ruin your whole combo. If you see a set of stairs coming up, stop spinning.

Perfect Landings and Grinds

Perfect landings and grinds give you extra points. That’s pretty much it.
The closer to the ground (or rail) you land (or grind) the more points you’ll get. Ranging from no bonus, to “Good” landings, to “Perfect” landings.
You can even land perfect manuals, but you won’t get any bonus if you land the manual side-on from a spin.
Maximizing Points - OlliOlli World - Perfect Landings and Grinds - 7A22BF47B

Chaining all this into your combo

Now that you know how each individual trick earns you points, all that’s left to do is chain them together.
First thing you need to know is that, to get high scores, you’ll need to do each level in a single combo. That means no bailing. If you do bail, restart the level from the beginning. The reason is you get a high score count and multiplier, which gets you more points than landing multiple small combos.
Secondly, if you’re having trouble, try and learn the level first. Go in doing nothing fancy and learn the best routes to take. Once you think you can reach the end without falling, then you can do your real run. It’s pretty unlikely you’ll do your run first try. You will bail a lot, and that’s fine. Just keep at it until you reach the end! If you’re finding you can’t get enough points, one thing I suggest is looking at the top people on the leaderboard and watch the routes they take. You don’t have to copy them exact, but it’s helped me on a lot of the levels.
However, in general, you’ll want to:

  • Use tricks to clear simple gaps, then use wallrides if available
  • Grind rails when available
  • Manual on flat ground to keep your combo
  • Do grabs on big ramps and half pipes, and remember to tweak each grab (if you’re skilled enough do them on flat ground too, just remember the manual limit)
  • Firecracker stairs, or, if a rail is present, grind the rail
  • Keep variety going! Doing the same tricks earn you less points
  • Don’t bail, or if you feel like you will, bank your points at the nearest checkpoint
  • Try to get perfect grinds and landings in for that sweet bonus



Thanks for checking out my guide! If you feel like there’s something I should change or add, let me know cuz I’m kinda new to making guides lol. I’d also appreciate it if you leave a rating! But I mean, you don’t have to. I’m not gonna force you.
Hope this helped you out, though. Have fun!
Maximizing Points - OlliOlli World - Closing - 1C630C65F

Written by Offi

This is all we can share for Maximizing Points – OlliOlli World for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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